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gag- milkmaid tea

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ICK. I stink. I am off to get some fenugreek and blessed thistle, the same ingredients that are in my milkmaid tea (from earth mama angel baby). I can't stand myself! Even my lochia smells like maple syrup. It is really knocking me out. Once my milk supply is built up do I have to keep taking the herbs/ tea?
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Fenugreek does have that lovely side effect. UGH! I can't stand smelling like maple syrup either. You may or may not have to keep taking it after your milk supply is up and well established. Helpful, huh? How's your pumping going?
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Are strangers licking you in public yet?
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Originally Posted by Curlita View Post
Are strangers licking you in public yet?
Oh muh gawd that was just so wrong and so funny. I snorted.
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You know, you'll still smell that way with the capsules. I actually really enjoy the tea. You'll probably be able to quit taking it for awhile, but you may end up needing to take more eventually, just depends.
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You'll probably smell more with the capsules. There is probably more fenugreek in them than the tea.
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