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Nice, non-offensive sound bytes about why you hs

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This has been coming up more and more. My close friends and family know why we're homeschooling but I just don't know what to say in one sentence when people ask us why (I'm not talking about strangers, but people we know on an acquaintance level). I once heard a mother say that she homeschools because she likes her kids to much to send them away all day and I thought it was kind of rude. I'm sure public schooling families don't dislike their children, and it's clueless to imply that they do.

So, what can I say that doesn't disparage another's choices, but still give a little positive insight into what we're doing?
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It works for our family!

DD2's needs weren't being met at any school- so she's doing best at home with me. (This is especially useful for me because I have 2 other children in school.)
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We like the lifestyle.

I like this response because it leaves the door open for more questions if they're interested, but doesn't knock school.

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To maintain a flexible lifestyle and to be able to set our own schedule.
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My stock response is : "Because we like it and it works well for us."

Keeps things very neutral, and leaves open questions for those who might actually be interested (sadly, very few people are interested in what we actually do, all they want to know is why, and is it legal. After that, they don't seem to care much.
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It allows Dh to work any hours he needs to without sacrificing family time.

I'm trying to find a "nicer" way to say "because school was a waste of time" I guess something like "We find homeschooling more time efficient."
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"We like it! " Reason enough, I think.
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Because I can.
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"We have found it be a nice alternative."

Which is true-- it has been a very nice alternative to public school But it also sounds like it is "alternative education" (which were we live is BIG-- we like alternative education-- alternative public school, waldorf, montessori, etc.-- around here ;-) )
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If I have just one line to say, I say we like it.

I've also said that it's a greater lifestyle choice for us.

I've sometimes said that I have vastly different views on education, than most of the schools, and/or that the educational experience I want for my kids just can't be replicated in a traditional schooling environment.
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Originally Posted by frogguruami View Post
Because I can.

Sometimes I say, "We like the freedom it gives us to customize our children's education." This can make it sound kind of official, high-end and schoolish to those who are looking to criticize.

Usually, it's the "because it's what works best for us" standard.

What I really mean is what frogguruami said.
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Wow, I am not sure I could list all the reasons.


Look how happy they are.
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honestly, it's the only option i ever considered. i'm not anti school really, but my kids have always been with me and learned from me. i don't understand why that should change just because they turned 5, ykwim? if other parents don't understand that, it's not for me to explain it further.
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Well, I'm nasty and confrontational, so I'd probably say something like 'Yikes, that's a big issue... more reasons than I can quickly explain', and let them lead me into a debate if they wanted to.

And while I'm sure MOST public-schooling families don't dislike their children, my sister's Pilates class was discussing homeschooling the other day, and the mothers unanimously agreed that they just wouldn't want to be around their children all day... My (homeschooled) sister was rather taken aback, to say the least!
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I've heard that one quite a bit -- "I couldn't stand being around my children all day"
When I'm feeling REALLY nasty I just nod my head in agreement
"Yeah, I couldn't stand being around your children all day either":
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My line is .... because it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys
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I pretty much say "Because we're hippie nuts", or "Because we're crazy hippies" etc People just end up laughing and it difuses any tension. If they have other questions, they usually ask them in a friendly way. I have no point to make to others about ourhsing, and I don't care what other people choose, and I think my answer takes away any chip they might have on their shoulder. We've never gotton any negative remarks that I can recall.
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"We like not having to follow the school's schedule"

"With homeschooling, our kids can learn at their own pace. Ds, for example, is in 2nd and 3rd grade, depending on the subject"
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Originally Posted by chfriend View Post
My line is .... because it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys
: I think I'll ammend my standard response: "Because we crazy hippies are having more fun than a barrel of monekys".

I mean nobody wants to hear "We like our freedom" because the unsaid is "You obviously don't care about yours". And the other person has to think "Well, I like my freedom, but I have to work"...or whatever. Really, just as hsers have no desire to hear good things about school, "My friend was talking about how her kid had a Japanese food cooking series in social studies, and I just didn't want to tell her 'Well, we had a Japanese friend come to cook at our house, so obviously our experience was more bettah' " schoolers don't really want to be put on the spot, either, to think they have to defend their children's happiness.

Schoolers aren't really interested in hearing "I homeschool because I love spending time with my kids". Because of course that means you don't. It's easier to just not get into the 'how can I prove our way is better' sound bytes, imo. Unless the person is mean...then all bets are off.

ETA-- Another thought. It helps me to think about who is asking. Is it another family considering hsing? If it is, I would share things like freedom etc. If the person asking is genuine...and more importantly... searchihng...I would not just laugh it off with 'crazy hippies'.
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It is what works best for my child.

And we DID try him in school for a semester, so I can back this up as a fact if necessary. LOL

My oldest is doing awesome in his school, he goes 2 days a week. We love it.

My youngest son will be 5 in a few weeks and keeps saying when he is 5 he starts school, he wants to go to the school my older two went to last year. I say no to that, but I'll probably pull out the Reader Rabbit Software (we have some full deluxe version we got from a relative) and tell him that is his school. He can do it at his own pace and I won't get any pressure to "officially" start Kindergarten from my husband until the fall anyway.
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