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Hiccups and babies position??

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Can you tell how baby is positioned by location of hiccups. I feel the hiccups mostly very low on the right side. I also *think* baby is head down, with the backon the right, facing my left. But I really honestly don't know. I just know it's harder on my right, hiccups are low on the right. I have smaller movements down low (hands?) and larger movements/parts higher up (feet?)

I wish I could take a peek in there!!
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I wish I could peek in there, too!

My MW told me that he was head down, before she said this the hiccups were high, then I noticed them on my low left side and then she said he had turned, so I'm guessing they do tell of the position somewhat. My question is, when I feel my belly and the hiccups is that his head or his chest, or throat maybe?? hope that makes sense...
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I was thinking it was the upper chest. Because my midwife said she thought the baby was head down, she was feeling the head tucked in behind my pubic bone, so if the head is down there, i'm definitely feeling it at babies upper back/chest.

I can feel it all over, but that's where it's concentrated.
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My midwife says this baby is head down and when she hiccups I feel it low, sometimes very low like she's really bonking her head down there. I also feel the small movements down low (hands?) and harder pushes and kicks up high.
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My little one is head down with her feet up to my right (her feet play gently (luckily!) under my rib cage). I feel her hiccups either just to the right of my pubic bone area or straight down toward it.
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Sounds right to me. This baby is head up and I feel the hiccups high on my left side or right under my sternum.
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I know the babe is head down, with his/her back on my left side. I can feel the back and bottom...the hiccups are always where it makes sense that the upper back would be. Sometimes I even feel tiny hands down IN my pelvis. Very odd feeling indeed. All my really strong movements are on the right midline or above. Sometimes I feel elbows and shoulders on the left.
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This babe is head down (confirmed by my mw yesterday), and I always feel the hiccups down in my pelvis.

I can feel his bumpy butt right near my bellybutton, and when I press on it, I feel movement down in my pelvis. I believe that when you press on the head, often only the head moves, but when you press on the butt, the whole body moves...If you can locate any large bumps maybe try pressing it down and see if other body parts move...
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Babe is head down here and I'm feeling hiccups down low. I can also tell the difference in movement. The movements down low are much smaller (hands?) whereas the movements up higher are much stronger.
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My little one is head down, and I feel the hiccups low too. I only feel movement low though. We did a couple u/s a few weeks a go, two weeks apart from one another and in both he had his feet in his mouth. I think that is basically how he hangs out in there, so I feel his feet and hands all in the same place.
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Sounds right to me!

My midwife checked my baby's position last week and he was indeed head down and facing my back. When he gets hiccups it feels exactly as you described.
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I feel hiccups way down low. I mean way down low! Like nowhere that anyone else but dp would be allowed to feel!! I sure hope baby is head down and not folded in half with feet up in my ribs and head on the other side but then I would think that I would feel them higher up.

I had a dream once that there was a window on my tummy and I could see baby and I also had a dream anouther time that I could unzip my belly and play with baby for a while but he had to go back in till he was done!
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I thought I wouldn't feel any hiccups with this one but this morning I woke up, and he/she was hiccuping! So cute! Anyway, it's way down low. Others can feel it but they have to press a little. Baby is head down, with his/her butt facing outward (away from my spine). Yesterday, I felt like he/she was bending his/her legs and so I could feel the heels of his/her feet. Very cool.
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i'm pretty sure this baby is head up. :/ i've felt the hiccups 3x the past couple weeks, and they're always super high up by my ribs on the right side.

what is weird to me, is supposedly is she is head up, i should feel more movement down low, right? but i feel it 95% of the time up high. i'm really wondering if she's tranverse. i'm so paranoid. i tried the belly mapping, but it just seemed to confuse me more, lol.

i have a mw appt tomorrow, so hopefully she can shed some light on it.
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my little man is definitely head down, facing my left, so I always feel hiccups on my left side, directly across from my belly button. he had them BAD this morning!!! :
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