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Christmas gifts?

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What are you planning to get your little ones for their first Christmas?
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All natural teething rings for lil bit.
and a wood play kitchen for older brother.
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I knit her this in dark green and orchid purple.
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She is getting an outfit to wear on Christmas. I also want to get her a grasping toy and Sophie the Giraffe.
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I swapped for a couple baby toys (wooden teethers and the like). I went to place a small order at nova naturals today and they are out of stock on what I had planned to get him so I may just go with 3 more diaper covers. At least I know it is something he will use. :
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I got some toys in the toy co-op that he'll be able to use sometime in the next year... wooden stacking bowls, wooden books, etc. We already have several Haba teethers, but I had also gotten a couple of Haba toys on big sale a few months ago, so may call those Christmas, too.

It's hard having such a little one for Christmas! My first was 9mo at his first, so he was much more interactive and able to open things, etc. Really a great age for it! This is my 2nd September babe now - ah, well!
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