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Reintroducin myself

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Hi. My name is Emilie and I used to be very active on this board tho I have left my husband and have little access to a computer.
I am hoping to get one soon and am wanting to connect with you mamas again.
Hope everyone is having a good night.
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back, mama!
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Welcome back!
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Em, I didn't know you were getting divorced.

How are you and the kids??

(and welcome back!)
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Emilie! So good to hear from you!

Where (approx.) are you living now?
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HI Emilie! i remember you! i , too, have just returned for the first time in a long time... i havent had internet in months! ( still technically dont)

its nice to see some familiar names here... things change fast on this board!
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Hi, Emilie! It’s great to see you back here. I’m sorry to hear about you leaving your husband. I hope things are getting better for you. And I also hope that you get some good computer access soon. I missed you, welcome back!
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Hi Emilie,

I'm also glad to see you back but I am very happy to hear that you left your husband. Although you may not have such good internet access, I think the lack of crappy behavior is worth it!
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Hi Emilie! Welcome back!
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You know, you and I have never really had a "conversation" as such, but I think of you from time to time and have appreciated things you have said in the past. I thought of you recently, hoping you and your family are well. I'm glad to see you around.

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Hi Emilie
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hi wb to mdc .. hoping you are well sister...
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I remember you, Emilie. Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hope things are going well for you!
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Thanks mamas!!!!
WE are doing well....
WE live in northern Illinios where I grew up.
I am working at a chiropractic clinic and am waitressing at a wonderful italien restaruant on the weekends.
We have our own apt . his visitation starts this weekend- 9 days he will have them.
life is not great but definetly better now that my problems are just my problems and I do not have to deal with the emotional abuse.

Glad to see familiar faces!!!!
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I also remember you. I hope things just keep getting better and better as you heal.

And back!!!!!!!!!
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