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newborn hearing and spit up questions here. you'd think i'd know this stuff.

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after having 2 kids you'd think i'd know this, but i swear i can't remember!

Roman is 18 days old and he spits up. alot! he's breastfed only, as were my girls. but they didn't spit up like this! he spits up after each time he nurses. i burp him every single time (even if he's sleeping) now to try to avoid it. sometimes he burps and sometimes he does'nt . but he almost always spits up. and gets the hiccups! whats going on here? i'm watching my dairy and stopped eating broccoli. is it a reaction to what im' eating??

second ? is about his ears. Our church has a slamming rock band. i took him for the first time sunday and i just thought it was so loud it might damage his ears. i sat in the quiet/soundproof room and dh and i thought we might just do that for the next few months. am i being paranoid? if he's in the sling and i have one hand over the exposed ear would he be just fine? or better safe then sorry till he's older?

thanks... i feel a bit lost. he's so incredibly different then both girls were!
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Spitting up---Ollie did to for the first couple weeks, I've eliminate dairy completly and its helped alot (remember it takes 2 weeks for dairy to completely leave your system and milk) Other things that helps was burping like your doing and also keeping Ollie upright for 20-30 minutes after nursing. For what ever reason Ollie never had a problem at night?! Just during the day. On the other hand some baby's are just pukers, his Roman upset when he spits up? If he's not uncomfortable it just might be him getting used to eating.

music-- alot of people take their babies to concerts, movies etc. I would personally stay to the back where its quieter and like you did cover the exposed ear, you could even use a cotton ball or something similar to help deafen the noise. Shiah loved concerts the she slept through them initially but at about 3 months she started dancing in the sling I think alot of this will come down to your personal comfort level everyone will have their own idea of how loud is too loud.

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Well, I don't know if this will help or not - but dd did the same thing - spit up a lot and had hiccups at least once or twice a day. She also had colic, so when I took her to a specialist, they told me she had reflux - that the spitting up and hiccups were a sign. I don't know if this was true or not, and I got a lot of wrong and stupid advice from this specialist (CIO for one), so I took it with a grain of salt. But the specialist told me to cut out dairy..however, this didn't work for dd. The only thing that worked was time. She quit spitting up when she was about 8 months old. That was very rambling and probably didn't help at all! :LOL
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My DP is a musician and audio engineer - he has a recording studio here in our house and also does sound at live concerts of all types - and very adamant on the subject of babies and live sound.

He says that babies perceive sound 10 times louder than we do and that their entire auditory system is very fragile. (LOL, he's always getting in trouble with mamas he can't help but rebuke when he sees them at concerts with their little ones, either completely unprotected from the decibel level or with only cotton balls and tape in their ears - which he swears do nothing!)

Our DS is now three weeks old and will be attending his first live music event with us on the 24th of August. There is a special moldable wax you can buy to plug up and protect babies' ears, and Atticus will be sporting it that night. My boyfriend says it's the only thing you can count on if you're serious about protecting a baby's hearing. I'll find out where you can get it if you're interested (this is all new to me - I have to ask my DP!).
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I would love to know where to get the wax. My dad races cars at an amature track and it is extremely loud, we went once and only watched his division and then left because of the noise. We used the foam earplugs, but they didn't fit well and we held a cloth dipe folded up over those I still had a lot of guilt about it though.

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Cool I did right.
I was going to try the ear plugs but they aren't made for tiny ears so I used the wax. I felt it worked well. Now my boy is 16 months but if its still lounder then I like I would use the wax.
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Funny that I should be reading this thread when my little one pukes all over me, herself and the floor! :Puke She is definitely a puker! I suspect that she has reflux, but I'm not willing to have her go through all the tests to diagnose it, and I'm unsure about medications. I had someone tell me that if the only problem it was causing was more laundry, then it wasn't worth medicating. She does seem to feel better now, though.
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OK, I don't have as much of the scoop as I thought I would, but here goes. My DP doesn't know where you can get the wax for baby ears but imagines Babys R Us or even just your local pharmacy. Supposedly there *are* also ear plugs that fit tiny ears - these will get the job done, too. These rubbery ear plugs are what he himself wears (adult versions) when he works at the sound booth - and says he would never go without, it would be damaging! So they might do quite well for the racetrack, too.

But Kimmysue - I see that you managed to get your hands on the wax. Where did you come across it?
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look for swimmer's wax

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