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So, I am feeling a little strange because I really have NO symptoms this time around. It makes me a little sad (even though I should be happy to not have the m/s and other stuff).

When I was pregnant with Tristan I had horrible m/s and passed out every night by 8 pm (I was sooo tired) and had mild cramps almost constantly for the first few weeks. But this time (still kinda early anyway maybe for symptoms) I have NOTHING.

Do you think its normal and I'm just starting my "worrying" phase that will most definately last until the baby comes?

You know, this will be my 7th pregnancy and you would think that I would be a "pro" at it now
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My last pregnancy was like that - I didn't believe I was even really pregnant until I was 4 or 5 months along b/c I felt so 'normal'. Count your blessings lol
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I am not feeling anything really different except i pee a lot more. LOL normally I dont get sick until 7 weeks or so though. I think many women get sick later one. Also with my dd2 I never had one minute of morning sickness. so maybe you are blessed and the pregnancy will breeze by!!
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You know, I thought about this after I posted this and thought maybe it is just TOO early yet. I mean I am only about...4 weeks? I don't remember exactly when my symptoms started with the last one.

I guess I am just excited to be preganant and foolishly want to FEEL pregnant

The one thing I DO have is back aches but I have a bad back anyway and I am not sure why back aches are an early pregnancy symptom. It doesn't make sense since, I guess, I equate the back pain as something that has to do with later pregnancy because of the extra weight of baby. And BOY did I ever have severe back pain at the end of my last pregnancy, NOT looking forward to that!
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If it's any consolation I feel the same way. My first pregnancy was so miserable I wished I had one of those dream pregnancies. Now that I'm still not "feeling anything" I'm wishing I felt sick! I guess the grass is always greener!
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I had hyperemesis with two of my three babies. I am four weeks also, and I don't normally feel anything sicky until five or six weeks. I really really really really hope I don't get sick.

My boobs do really hurt though, but that seems to be going slowly away.
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I am not having any real symptoms either. No morning sickness, no sore boobies, etc. I do pee more often, but I am also drinking more water. And I am tired but I am still night nursing twins, so I am always tired. I do have a bump, though!
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No real overt symptoms here either. I was REALLY TIRED a week ago, actually that is what prompted me to take the preg test the next morning after I passed out at 9 PM one night. But not so tired any more. Peeing more I think. But I am REALLLY hope hope hoping to avoid the horrible ms I had with dd. That was awful, and didn't start this early last time either, don't think.

But of course I too am in the club of worrying b/c it is early and I DON"T have symptoms, lol.
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Me neither. I have got a dry taste in my mouth but I get that when I am due AF and I am not 19dpo with 3 + HPT. I keep expecting to feel ill but I just feel excited(sometimes and scared at other) I have a vein in my leg that always goes bluer when I am pregnant so that is showing(thank god its winter and I can wear pants all the time). My morning sickness starts dead on 6 weeks, in fact you can date the pregnancy from that so heres to another 10 sick free days. LOL.
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Well glad to hear how others are feeling and I guess I probably should be getting symptoms soon.

One thing I have noticed over the last couple of days is that I am definately more tired. I went to bed both nights at around 9pm, which is at least 2 hours early for me.

I have been having a LOT of round ligament pain if I move wrong or try and get up too quickly, and yesterday when my toddler asked me to do "spinnies" I only did a couple of turns and I was REALLY dizzy

I've had slight twinges here and there that have not really been "cramp" like and scared me for a minute or two but...that is about it so far.

I am pretty sure I won't get away without having the morning sickness, but I'm going to start counting my blessings for each day without them!

I'm sorry to hear about the hypermesis. I have gotten what I consider to be bad morning sickness and I can't imagine what you ladies who experience hypermesis go through

Here's to everyone having a realtively easy pregnancy experience this time around
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I've got a whole list! Tons of little twinges, bigger boobs, darkened areola already, lots of thirst and hunger, peeing all the time, heartburn, and perhaps coolest: my abdomen feels firm and full - love that!
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I had hyperemesis the last time around, and had started throwing up 13 dpo. this time (almost 5 wks now) I feel great. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Well who else is feeling EXHAUSTED? I can barely keep my eyes open all day. I start falling asleep reading to my DD at any point in the day. :
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Sore boobs and I'm way more tired than usual.
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I'm not feeling any symptoms really either. Just sore boobs, and a little stretching pains. Its making me feel weird a bit too, but maybe I'll just be lucky this go round
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well, I guess I won't have to worry about cutting caffeine, this AM I tried to have some of dp's black tea, and ugh one sip and I felt nauseous. But I am so tired that I wanted to try some coffee, at least the idea of it didn't make me nauseous, but didn't have any around to test I was drinking morning black tea just a couple of days ago, not anymore.
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New symptoms for me. I'm having very mild cramps every once in awhile and it seems like my boobs have grown.
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I still don't have very much in the way of symptoms and despite KNOWING that that doesn't mean anything is wrong I can't help but still worry a little.

Just give me some nausea please!

For the last 2 days I've had this wicked pain in my left shoulder and of course when I was looking up what things I can do to relieve the pain the search brought up tons of "ectopic" links. Freaked me out at first but I have NO other symptoms whatsoever and I don't think that my pain is in the right "spot" according to what I read.

Anyway, hope everyone is feeling good
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