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What was your first post partum meal?

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I'm curious what your forst post partum meal was? Why did you pick that?
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Turkey sandwich!

Uh, because its what the hospital gave me.
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A chocolate pudding cup! And I thought it was the most delicious food I'd ever eaten. Chosen because that's what the nurse offered me at 4am.

I think friends brought us dinner when we got home with our first baby from the hospital. But I don't remember what it was.

With the second baby, also in the hospital, I know I must have had breakfast as my first meal, but I don't remember it. Someone, I think my FIL, brought me a nice coffee from Starbucks. I did send DH out for a hamburger from Chili's (it was closest to the hospital) for lunch/dinner. That burger was divine! When we got home with baby #2 a friend brought us dinner also. I'm pretty sure it was one of those box meals you add some chicken to. Having just had a baby, though, I thought it tasted delicious!
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In the hospital, with my first it was scrambled eggs and toast. I was so hungry by then, I'd have eaten the tray it came on.

With my second, it was a panini from Johnny Carino's that my hubby went out to get. It was so good!

I don't remember the first thing we had when I got home.
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The mw's assistant made pb&j, b/c I wanted to have something but I wanted it to be easy for her.

We were low on food anyways, so she would've had to cook eggs or something. I had fed the freezer, but DH left the door open one day and spoiled EVERYTHING......argh.

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turkey sandwich. turkey, american cheese on plain dry white bread. the hospital gave one to both dh and me. we couldn't stop talking about how good it was--we were both starving. i was glad they brought one for dh. i was planning to split mine with him--but i devoured every last crumb.
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Cups (like 4) of beef broth because that is the only thing the hosiptal would give me after an unplanned C-section. I had grand plans of taking my own food but that didn't work out. Even though it had only been a few hours since I had breakfast, that broth tasted, at the time, like the best thing on earth.

After that, my first real meal was take-out from a rather nice restaurant that was owned by a friend of my dad's that happened to be located right by the hospital. Husband went down and picked up a mountain of food for the entire family (filets, homemade desserts, appetizers) and we ended up with a real feast in my room. He provided the plates, linens and cultery too. The nurses didn't know what to think.

Our first home meal was provided by our dear neighbors who brought it into the kitchen, set everything up and left without bothering us. It was lasanga, an awsome salad filled with fresh herbs and a bottle of red wine. Honest to goodness, I can remember the taste of that salad right now.
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A pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms...with a coke.

Umm, it just sounded good. :
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after my first birth I had 3 scrambled eggs, slowly cooked so they were soft and flavorful and not overdone. With sea salt on top. I forget if I had toast too or not. Dh made it for me because it was quick protein and I needed protein after the 30 hour labor. Last thing I ate before the action got to heavy was a black bean and rice burrito and it didn't last very long (as in my body used it up quickly).

After my second, I had the chicken soup dh cooked me while I was in labor> I was extremely exhausted and hungry all through transition and pushing. I have never been that tired in all my life (after ds was born). And ravenously hungry. By the time he finished, I was starting to push and wanted him in the birth pool with me. I had two or three bowls of chicken soup, and then they brought me a platter with almonds, pears, grapes, almond butter (maybe it was peanut), and I forget what else. I gobbled it up and my jaw hurt afterward from chewing the raw almonds up. I remember having to wake dh up at least twice at night to get me more food, I was that hungry!!!
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not counting hospital food... SUSHI!!!!!!
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I don't count the hospital meals, they stunk. My first meal at home
Cream of tomato soup w/ rice, the best i ever had!
Left over lasagne, left over friend chicken, left over buttered noodles... after ds#2
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Coffee and a Sausage Egg and Cheese from Dunkin Donuts:
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Originally Posted by momma_monkey View Post
not counting hospital food... SUSHI!!!!!!

I waited through my whole pregnancy for sushi!!! It was all I wanted for breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 months!

When early labor started, I decided "what harm can it do now" and ate myself a whole bait shop!!!
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then a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup.
it was the best tasting thing in the world!
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with number #1 I had him in the hospital, I think they brought me some spaghetti, but my first real meal was spicy crawfish that I had dh buy me from the fancy pants restaurant up the road.

number #2 was at home. I had toast and emergen C all through labor and had her at 8:30 pm, so I wasn't too starved and got to sleep about 1am. When I got up though I was starving, I had about 3 cups of orange juice, 4 or 5 farm fresh eggs, 4 pieces of bacon and 2-3 pieces of toast.
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I can't remember what I had after dd's birth in the hospital. I hadn't eaten in almost 24 hrs and was STARVING. I think it might have been a tiny turkey sandwich on white bread and applesauce. I just remember thinking it was gross and still being hungry.

After ds's birth my mom tried to give me the homemade enchiladas she had made during my labor. I didn't really feel hungry because I was so excited and the labor was so fast. My MW insisted I had to eat something so my mom made some scrambled eggs and toast. I think I may ask for that after this baby too, it was really filling, easy to eat and like comfort food.
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I can't remember what I had after DS or DD #1 were born. After the twins were born 5 weeks ago, it was 3:30AM and I was given a few graham crackers until breakfast (7AM) and I had a bagel w/ cream cheese, cream of wheat, orange juice, hot chocolate, and fruit. I was STARVING.
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At the hospital I had dh go and get me a veggie burger with avocado and some fries.
I came home on Thanksgiving, and my mom brought over dinner for us. It was great! Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cornbread with honey butter, stuffing, green beans, carrots, and cranberry sauce. Oh, and a nice glass of red.
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Our first meal was an adventure. We transferred to the hospital and ds was born at 2 AM. After a long and crazy labor I was starving so dh left to go pick up some food...but it was the night after Thanksgiving and everything was CLOSED! Even the 24 hour joints. So our nurse got a turkey dinner Lean Cuisine from the vending machine and heated it up for us to share. It was horrible so we just went to bed. Thank goodness they brought a huge pancake breakfast a few hours later!!
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Baby #1- 2 roast beef sandwiches from Arby's. I was starving, so I ate both DH and my sandwich

Baby #2- toast and tea for breakfast

Baby #3- cold pizza for breakfast
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