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I had no appetite, but I forced down an Amy's microwave burrito because my midwives made me. I also had a raspberry popsicle cut up in pieces. I was too weak to even move my arms, so my husband fed me.
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I don't have dc yet, but my Mom lucked out with a former chef for a husband. After her last 2 births (home births) she got filet mignon and lobster!
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home made veggie soup I put in the slowcooker when labour started.
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With DS I had Chinese Take-out! I was in heaven watching the trailer park boys on TV and Stuffing my face with kung-pau chicken mmmmmmm.....:

With DD? I think I had poutine....a sinfully disgusting/delicious Canadian concoction of french fries topped with cheese and hot gravy. Soooooo bad. But sooooooo gooood.
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dd1 - in hospital - whatever was on that tray. i cleared it all and then ate whatever else was brought and put in front of me for the next 36hrs (i.e. until we left). when i got home, MIL made us chicken soup with noodles and blueberry muffins.

dd2 - at home - left overs from the night before, which were vegan spinach fettucini and RRL/nettles tea. i had also put a veggie soup on while in early labor, but i think i didn't have any until the next day. my midwife did make me scrambles eggs & toast right before transition and those were DELICIOUS.
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My first meal was whatever slop the hospital gave me....don't really remember...but my first request was an Italian Sub with everything!
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With #1, Krystals hamburgers sitting on the toliet..lol. Then after crackers and peanut butter (all the hospital had to offer after cafeteria closed). At home was lasagna and salad. MIL made it.

With #2 I have no idea...lol. Trying to remember what time we even came home.

With #3 we came home at 5 am, so probably what ever was for breakfast that morning. I don't remember at all.

Bad eh?
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with my first homebirth I had nuts and fruit and cheese with honey sweetened herbal tea...ahh literaly the best meal of my life
After my second homebirth, I had stinky goat cheese ( humboldt fog) with crackers and grapes....ahhhh, so good!
I also remember vividly.. warm cinnamon fruit salad rolled in a pancake after I slept ( with dd1) and a killer sourdough chicken salad sandwich after dd2..thank you wonderful Chef husband
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DS was born just after 7pm. A short while later, I was snacking on raw veggies and ranch dip. After they moved me into a room (10pm), I sent DH home because he desperately needed to get his blood sugar back up. I demanded a steak (at home marinading in garlic and balsamic vinegar) and cheesy brown rice. (Friend was with me, so DS and I weren't alone.) He returned around midnight. I ate the steak, but took one look at the brown rice and decided I didn't feel like having fiber just yet. I think I had some skyr, too.

I was very vocal (translation: shrieked like a banshee) during labor. I had brought corn thins, tortilla chips, and hummus, but my throat was too raw for scratchy/crunchy food.

At home the next afternoon, I sent the in-laws out to bring me home some curry. Butter chicken and cucumber salad. : My mother filled my fridge with GF three cheese lasagna, so that's what I ate off of for a few days, then she put in two more pans. : My mom is awesome. (So are the in-laws, of course.)
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A big juicy hamburger with lettuce and relish! It was what I was craving after 44 hours of labour and 9 months of morning sickness!
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My entire labor was 4 hours and the first 1 1/2 hours I wasn't even sure I was in labor. So, an hour of discomfort an hour of pushing and the nurse said, "You must be hungry." "Not really, it's not like I did anything." So many hours later I had a microwave Shahi Paneer that we brought with us to the birth center. I really wasn't all that hungry, but I figured I should eat.
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Don't remember. With either of them.

DD was a scheduled C b/c she was breech.

I was in labor for eons with DS and was STARVING and still, just don't remember what I had...

In the hospital where ds was born, they provided a lovely dinner for two on the day after, complete with tablecloth, china, and stemware, entree, sides, and dessert. I had fish and dh had chicken cordon bleu, both were very good! I thought it was a nice touch. And I worked so hard to bring that boy into the world, I deserved it!
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After DD, Cheetos. That's what I wanted. I had a hospital birth and had labored for 25 hours and lost TONS of blood so was so, so thirsty & hungry and craving salt...I told my brother to go get cheetos NOW.

Don't remember after DS...
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Jello, and it was the best Jello i've ever had. it was after my c-section and i hadn't eaten in something like 36-48 hours, i was starving.
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Jello and broth and it didn't get much better after that. I'm actually appalled at what they pass off as nutrition at my hospital. We have an amazing chef that runs the cafeteria and yet the patients get fed crap. They were so concerned about my iron levels following the c-section that they prescribed me iron pills when I checked out. I tossed the prescription and went home and had Christmas dinner (prime rib). Eating real food was all I needed...lol.
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Turkey & cheese sandwich. I didn't have an option! It tasted wonderful!!!!!!!:
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I had the hospital sandwich right after giving birth both times, but my first at-home meal was for my birthday and it was smoked salmon on toasts with cream cheese and capers, and a bottle of Cristal champagne. All lovingly put together by my husband. That was delicious and much-needed!
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Baby #1 and Baby #3, I can't remember what I ate after their births.

But with my son, Baby #2, who was born 4 weeks early and arrived on Thanksgiving Day, I clearly recall scarfing down TWO of the hospital Thanksgiving dinner meals--the traditional turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. Because it was a holiday, they brought a dinner tray for DH, too. But I ate all of mine and all of his because I hadn't eaten for 24 hours and was famished. :-)
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I had three amazing hospital births, and requested cheeseburger and fries after them all!!!!!! Best meals I've ever had!!!!!!
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The first time it was lasagna that a friend had made (she was in the kitchen whipping up lasagna while I was getting cleaned-up, baby checked out, etc.) It was hands down the best lasagna I'd ever had.

With dd I had vegetable soup and buttered bread. It was 2 am, I was starved, and I had a crock-pot full of vegetable soup that I had started for dinner before realizing I was in labor.

As far as post-partum food goes- homebirth rocks, LOL. Both times I had far better meal selections available to me than I would've had in the hospital.
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