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What was your first post partum meal? - Page 4

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DS #1) I ate meatballs and rice from the hospital cafeteria (mine and the lady's next to me, don't ask!LOL)

DS#2) Sandwich, donut and coffee from Tim Hortons. I was still starving after!!
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Originally Posted by zipworth View Post
With DS I had Chinese Take-out! I was in heaven watching the trailer park boys on TV and Stuffing my face with kung-pau chicken mmmmmmm.....:

With DD? I think I had poutine....a sinfully disgusting/delicious Canadian concoction of french fries topped with cheese and hot gravy. Soooooo bad. But sooooooo gooood.

Ahhh poutine!! YUMMMMMY!!!!!!
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placenta with garlic and olive oil!
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mine was actually provided by the hospital as i delivered shortly after lunchtime. i had a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and a little mayo on whole wheat bun and some sweet tea. it was delicious. i was actually quite impressed with their food. for breakfast they had some awesome and quite large blueberry muffins. they were so moist and delicious. and it wasn't cuz i was hungry.
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I had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. With an icy cold Coke. DP said he's never seen me eat so ravenously.
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Hospital food... not my choice, I cried it was so awful. I got a big plate w/ a disgusting soggy waffle on it. it was a soft diet, like for an elderly person w/ no teeth.
When i got home I had the best meal, cream of tomato soup w/ rice & carrots, the best i've ever had:
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Butter, peanut butter and jam on toast with OJ. I was so hungry I wanted everything they would put on my toast on it!

Good thing 'cause breakfast sucked the next morning.
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Aislinn was born at 9 am, so lunch was the next meal I got. I believe it was spaghetti...I was still in a Stadol-induced stupor. I don't remember what dinner was...maybe a piece of chicken? I wasn't hungry really until the next morning. I ate the hospital breakfast (eggs, toast, even tried the grits even though I HATE grits) and then I sent DH out for a McDonald's sausage and egg biscuit. yum.

I think DH cooked that night, but I don't remember what. It was a lot of sandwiches in the next few days...I wish I had fed the freezer as I had intended, but late pregnancy in late summer; I had NO DESIRE to cook!!!
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Both my kids were born at home, DS late afternoon and DD evening.

With DS, it was pasta and fresh tomatoe and mozzarella salad from my favorite italian deli. It took DH about three hours to get the food and bring it back to me, but it was worth the wait!

With DD, I wasn't hungry really. The whole family feasted on about three lbs of apples that my neighbor had picked up for me that morning (I guess I *was* hungry - it just wasn't a meal, it was more a snack).
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A waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.

Because DH took my parents out for breakfast while DD & I rested, and that's what he brought back for me.
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I had a sandwich - there was some form of deli meat there and I know it was on white bread and had american cheese (none of which we EVER eat), but I was so hungry, I would have eaten my own arm at that point.
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In hospital, a breakfast tray containing croissants, bacon, eggs, porridge, coffee and an orange juice. I was starving and it was the best tasting thing ever! I remember eating it with my left hand whilst nursing DS in my right arm. The paed walked in and remarked that I was already learning how to multitask
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in the hospital birthing room, banana muffin and a glass of icy cranberry juice. After that for a whole 30 days according to my culture postpartum diet, I was fed sweet black glutinous rice wine black chicken soup (it tastes way yummier than it sounds like) and tons of veggies. Very little carbs for me to lose all the excess pouch on my tummy. No regular water too, just this sweet herbal concoction made from boiling water with goji berries, ginseng, dried longan and jujubes as my drinking beverages.

After the 30 days strict diet, my taste bud changed permanently. I hate oily, fried, over seasoned stuffs now (which used to be my favs kind of foods before the baby). So, it's a good thing. I also lost all my pregnancy weight gain (all 45lbs of it) by the 3rd month.
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After baby #3 I had warm milk with cardamom and sugar and for breakfast it was hot creamy rice cereal with ghee, cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, and special Ayurvedic pregnancy stuff sprinkled on top. It was super yum!

I did this because I hired a post-partum Ayurvedic doula and this was the diet to follow.
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Originally Posted by Fyrestorm View Post
I waited through my whole pregnancy for sushi!!! It was all I wanted for breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 months!

When early labor started, I decided "what harm can it do now" and ate myself a whole bait shop!!!
my Evie was Grown on Sushi, i CRAVED it threw out my pregnancy adn NOTHING coudl keep me away from it (except lack o ffunds) i had it at least once every 2/3 months. i did get my ass chewed out by someone havinga go at me for "eating raw fish" yeh Sushi is not JUST raw fish.

if id of had the money i would of had DH bring me a HUGE plate of sushi. we didint so i couldnt. i LOVE SUSHI

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After I have a baby I am absolutley starved! I ususally have a cheese and cracker plate they bring you right after baby in the hospital. Other than that I have no clue, lol. Oh and before #1 was born, I never even ate cold cheese and crackers, lol. I love it now!
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Wow, I honestly don't recall what I ate first right after giving birth! :: But this thread made me hungry!
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Chocolate cake, cold chicken fingers and chips. I hadnt eaten in almost 24 hours, so I ate whatever the nurses could find me the fastest!

The next day, David went and got some lobsters, so really I consider that our celebratory meal.
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
I'm curious what your forst post partum meal was? Why did you pick that?
My first meal after my last birth was cheese pizza and Pepsi. There's a pizza place in town that we love, and my first Dd's godfather picked us up a couple pies and brought it to us. It was SO good.
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