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I haven't yet had any children, but I wanted to share my mother's first post-partum "meal" story.

After she had her VBAC, it was late at night. And the only thing she wanted was a McDonald's chocolate shake. Seriously, she didn't want anything else, period. Problem: McDonald's had closed about 15 minutes before she asked for it.

So my father, gallant man that he is, rushes to the McD's and knocks on the window. "My wife just had a baby, she was in labor for over 48 hours," he said. "All she wants is a chocolate milkshake. I know you're closed, but..." and he offered a $100 bill, which was huge because my parents had NO money at that point.

The McDonald's crew let him in, turned the shake machine back on and made the chocolate shake -- and wouldn't even take the normal money for it, much less the $100 bill. They all congratulated him and he went back to my mother shake in hand. She said it was the best thing she ever tasted.