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Vit. D deficiency

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Anyone been there done that?

I've been on thyroid meds for years that with a recent addition of some cytomel a few months ago, all is fine in that department.

I just completed saliva testing for the reproductive hormones and the adrenal hormones. Still waiting for results.

In the meantime for the last year, my Vit D levels have been low, despite taking 1000 to 2000 a day supplement.

I don't go out in the sun really even in the summer and up in MA the non Vit D synthesizing season is long.

One of the things mentioned on the quick little report I got was supplementing with presciption Vit D up to 50,000!! and monitoring every 6 weeks.

We are also suspecting adrenal fatigue, hence the saliva testing. Stay tuned.

I'm assuming the repro hormones are going to be out of wack given the fact that I have about a week every month without symptoms.

I ahve a cool PCP who has a good handle on the endocrine stuff and I see her next week to go over all this.

Any insight?
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no insights, although you may want to consider good quality cod liver oil. not sure the bioavailability on those vit D supplements so the cod liver oil may do wonders.
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No personal experience, but the cod liver oil may be a good idea (as part of the D supp, I mean, doesn't seem like it could be enough alone) because the A & D seem to work together, and thyroid problems cause problems converting beta-carotene to A. This will sound weird, and I don't mean it as insulting, but my dog is on thyroid meds and although I think her dosage is right (only a T4 supp, like Synthroid, no T3), I still seem to need to feed her a lot of beef liver to get the vitA to avoid hyperkeratinization on her paws, a skin condition in dogs (and people) from lack of vitamin A. So even with proper thyroid supplementation, I'm not sure (haven't seen data either way) whether beta-carotene is converted to A as efficiently as in adults not needing the thyroid supp.

A long, roundabout ramble that really doesn't address your concern. Although the A & D interaction may help your body absorb more D. There are longer articles on westonaprice.org about A & D.
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: I have a fevering kid home today. I will go look more into this in a bit!
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Find some UV lights and spend some time under them, or outside on sunny days. The sun is the best way to get Vit. D. Without it, you cannot convert the precursors of Vit. D into Vit. D, not matter how much of it is in your body. 15 minutes a day will be plenty.
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Everything I've read about the Sun and sythesizing D is that it isn't possible for at least half the year this far north (MA). I have an appt tomorrow and I will ask about the lamps. Aren't these like tanning lights and therefore bad skin cancer-wise?
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I found out I had hypothyroidism after my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. I am on Armour, and it has lowered my level from 13(!) down to 4, but its still not low enough for me to feel good.
My ND just did some blood work and it came back really deficient in Vit D. as well.
Can you tell me more about the adrenal fatigue?
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There's a great thread, called THE Adrenal Fatigue thread, that's really helpful (I hadn't heard of adrenal fatigue before, found lots of helpful real-life stuff here). Two years ago, I became hypo and had adrenal fatigue, and found a really helpful HCP knowledgeable about mercury--it's related to the mercury in my fillings. In case it could be an issue for you, I wanted to mention it (my HCP said my symptoms were really, really typical of mercury problems, fwiw). Check out www.noamalgam.com and http://www.mercuryfreenow.com/mercurydetox/poison.html to read about how mercury can cause stuff like this.

Sorry for the aside, but figuring out what's going on with my health has been a huge thing for me, and if it's possible that the same is going on with others, I wanted to bring it up as a possibility to explore.
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I had my levels tested early this summer. it was at 15 : my ND had me take monthly vit d shots for 3 months, and I was supplementing with d daily as well (2000). Since then, I've switched to an ANP in the same practice, and she has suggested using 5000 a day (apparently even the 2000 a day is not enough, and 'they' are in the process of readjusting guidelines for D requirements since the rda is a joke). Also, northern climate, so I'm in the same (or worse) boat as you as far as the sun not being an available source.

good luck!
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Re: the injections...are they administered in the docs office, once a month or are they something you do at home on a regular basis? Are there any side effects? I've heard something like 50,000. that sounds insane given the 4000 I've been taken by mouth.
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what are the symptoms of vit d deficiency? How would one know to test for that issue?
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Info about Vit D def. is raelly easy to find, with google anyways. Just search for Vitamin D deficiency. It shares a lot of symptoms in common with hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue too.
My doc ordered testing for it I think primarily for the fatigue and sleep issues, although I have most of the other symptoms as well. It's just a basic blood test. Not the fancy out of pocket expensive saliva testing for adrenals.
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Originally Posted by Golden View Post
Re: the injections...are they administered in the docs office, once a month or are they something you do at home on a regular basis? Are there any side effects? I've heard something like 50,000. that sounds insane given the 4000 I've been taken by mouth.
In the office, once a month. I didn't experience any side effects.

One site I read (http://www.merck.com/mmpe/sec01/ch004/ch004k.html and also the mayo clinic website) said that toxicity can occur in adults when taking 50,000 iu PER DAY for months. I don't know the dosage of my shots, but am quite sure I was not getting (let's see, 50k x 30 days) 1,500,000 iu
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Any experience out there with those lights?
I definitely feel my mood change and my usual high energy decrease with the shorter days!

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Tanya Lopez, I had no idea that Vit A conversion was a problem for hypothyroid sufferers. I am chronically Hypo myself. Thanks for the info.
As for Vit D, I get out in daylight for about 20 minutes a day during week and longer at weekend. Irish weather is pretty bad but even on a dull cloudy day you'll still absorb the rays you need.

Arimama, re: your Hypo, did you know that the recommended range (in the U.S. - American Assoc of Endo's) is now 0.5 to 3.0 rather than the old range of 0.5. to 5.0 so you are still hypo according to the new range. The about.com thyroid website has some great info on this.
It has always puzzled me tho because it is such an individal thing. Here any reading above 4.0 or even 5.0 would be treated and anything anywhere near 13 would set off a serious alarm bell even for a GP (family physician). Personally I don't feel normal (like my old self) on any reading higher than 1.27. Bear in mind tho that many people need a higher replacement dose in Winter.

Am lucky, don't have adrenal fatigue but have weird stuff going on with my cortisol levels ( part of the adrenals are on strike and don't produce adrenalin and cortisol isn the right balance so I end up on corto-blockers to prevent the stuf doing nasties to my poor liver.
And yep, I have a liver function test regularly (people seem to ask me that).

Re: the lights.I personally have never used a light box but I know several people in Sweden (diagnosed with S.A.D as it is further North) who have found them terrific.
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As far as I know what you are looking for with the UV lights is a different spectrum or kind of UV ray emitter than used in tanning beds. The sun, and UV, is not the devil, as the mainstream med community warns and avoiding it can be far worse for you than getting UV. You don't want to burn obviousle as that is where the problem arises, but sunblock and tanning lotions IMO cause much more physical damage and cancer concern than the good ol sun. So I really wouldn't worry too much about the light boxes in that respect.
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You didn't specify which Vitamin D you were taking, so if you're not taking Vitamin D3, maybe you'll find this blog post interesting:

Vitamin D2 vs. vitamin D3

It's written by a cardiologist that reverses heart disease with dietary changes, supplements, and drugs if totally necessary.

As far as him and Vitamin D3, in addition to how much it helps patients with heart disease, he's also watching other ways Vit D3 helps with things like cancer, and even aging (might some 'conditions' of aging actually be a Vitamin D3 deficiency instead?)

Dr. Cannell on "How much vitamin D?"

End-stage vitamin D deficiency

The last time I went Vitamin D shopping, I paid real close attention to the labels and noticed that the D3 (or Cholecalciferol, which is Vit D3's scientific name) were more expensive than the bottles labeled as Vitamin D (so assuming those were the inferior Vitamin D2).

And IIRC, there's a lot of posts or comments in his blog about how other doctor would prescribe an expensive prescription Vit D to a patient with low Vit D blood levels, and the prescription kind turns out to be VitD 2, and the patients wonder why their Vit D blood levels remain low.

If it turns out you've been taking the D2, and want to try D3, he very strongly states that only the GEL caps work, that VitD3 tablets do not work.
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Carlson makes a D3 from fish oil, which is the only form I would trust. Personally I do high vitamin cod liver oil. Vitamin A *from natural food forms* only approaches danger at 100,000IU/day over some time. Vitamin A is toxic and teratogenic at lower levels based on studies done with the synthetic form (such as retinyl palmitate) and caused modern medicine to tar all vitamin A with the same brush. It's a travesty. But I digress...

Studies have shown some adults need upwards of 4,000IU/day all winter to maintain sufficient D blood levels.

I think vitamin D deficiency is one of the biggest health crises of our day. The sun is not sufficient. Studies in Hawaii show that adults can be deficient!! Study after study clearly shows that vitamin D levels and cancer are correlated. More cancer as you go up in latitude (live farther from equator).

Vitamin A deficiency is also rampant and the two work in tandem, read Chris Masterjohn's articles at www.westonaprice.org.
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D2, the vegan form, is also toxic.
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Originally Posted by kezra View Post
If it turns out you've been taking the D2, and want to try D3, he very strongly states that only the GEL caps work, that VitD3 tablets do not work.

Yes this is because the gel capsules are from fish oil and thus D3 in a natural form. The D3 in white tablets is synthetic even though it is technically D3. Our bodies run on food sourced vits, not synthetic!!
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