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Other pregnant nursing mamas?

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I know there are a few of us... I'm due around August 10th. I'm still in shock. It took so long to get pregnant with my first and this was only our 2nd try! I'm excited and overwhelmed and am hoping to keep nursing as long and my babe wants the boob.
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My boobs hurt!
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Similar story here. Took a year with our dd, got pg on our first try with this precious bean. Still nursing dd.
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Yup, still nursing. Not sure if I can do the tandem thing though...Any pro-tendem's out there?
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Still nursing here. I nursed Keith through half of my pregnancy with Henry, and I plan on nursing through this whole pregnancy and then tandem nursing after baby arrives. It all depends on Henry though lol.
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I am still nursing Tristan (he's 2 1/2) and he shows NO signs of slowing down either. Its not really bothering me too much yet except early early in the morning and that is just because I'm SOO tired and it keeps me awake.

I will keep going until he wants to stop (if he does, I imagine he'd just comfort nurse if I let him) and will probably tandem once the new baby is here. I have NEVER done that before, but I don't want Tristan to feel like the baby has replaced him at the breast. He's pretty possessive of them now LOL He doesn't like hubby to go near them
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still going strong, well EPing that is (not by choice. My supply is currently tanking and my DD is upset. I don't know how long I will still have a reasonable amount of milk. Until 16mths I easily made over 30oz, then AF came for the first time and was down to between 22-25oz. And each month AF came I would loose just a bit more. Last cycle when I was preggers and MCed I went down to around 15-18oz and just yesterday at 21.5mths I am down to only 11oz.

These preg hormones are doing a real number on my supply. I have already been at this for way longer than I thought I could maintain just pumping. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do, pumping 4hrs a day + bottle feeding + bottle & pump part cleaning. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I told my hubbie that if I KNEW that the next baby I would have to EPump for I would not have anymore kids, formula is just NOT an option I want to entertain, if I can make milk I will find a way to do it.

I have read soo much on and am SOOOO looking forward to BFing this new bean. It is really all I can think about since I am still pumping 1.5hrs each day. :

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Yup, still nursing. Not sure if I can do the tandem thing though...Any pro-tendem's out there?
I would TOTALLY tandum & CLW. I think it is just the most natural course of things. Being smack in the middle of MLW due to my dwindling supply I KNOW this is not the best way for my DD. She would nurse for many years to come if allowed, she shows NO signs of really being ready to wean but I just don't have any more milk and she WONT nurse so we are stuck. I wish their were other options.

How's everyone else's supply? Have the babes been acting strange, switching sides alot, asking for more milk, just being a bit more fussy?
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Still nursing here too and it seems like the past few weeks DS has wanted to nurse MORE than he has the past few months. Not sure if that's pregnancy related. I think my supply is dropping, though. I never feel "full" anymore even if he goes ages without nursing (few and far between, though ) or feel much letdown.
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You know, I just can't tell. Tristan has ALWAYS been a side switcher, he does it constantly. Sometimes he will switch sides like every minute, and then others he's content with just one side for a while.

I think that in the last few days he has been nursing more (in early morning anyway) than before. The only "new" thing thats been happening is when I say "Ok say bye to the milk" to get a break from the nursing and try and distract him he does so very easily. Usually only lasts a few minutes though

He would never say "bye" before lol he'd look at me while still attached, smile, and shake his head "no" all while having the nipple held firmly in his mouth.

So...I don't know if it is different or less right now.
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I'm not sure about my milk yet either. I have been starving for about two weeks... eating for three! She has been switching sides like crazy the last couple days. She's also been eating more solids, but is still nursing about the same. I ate a huge bowl of oatmeal this morning (along with eggs and veggies my DH scrambled up for me... and a peanutbutter cookie... and some yogurt) so hopefully I can keep nourishing me, my babe, and the belly! I read last night that for some women, nursing keeps the M/S away. Here's to that thought!
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I have noticed a change in my little avid nursling. She has been switching sides and nursing for much shorter duration. This started about two weeks ago so I'd say it's the pg hormones at work. The last two nights she has wanted to nurse constantly which she usually doesn't do. Hmmm, we'll see where we are headed.
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^ same here. My little Sydling is also nursing a LOT more at night (which is just CRAZY). I'm drinking a gallon of water a day hoping to keep all my pipes runnning. I'm finish the gallon by bedtime & wake up in the middle of the night absolutely parched. No wonder I'm all bloated!
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My 2 1/2 dd still nurses 2-3 times a day (more when we're together all day), but I haven't had much milk for months now and haven't gotten a let-down in ages. I haven't noticed any changes in her behavior that couldn't be attributed to potty learning, teething (yes, still) or something else developmental. I'm planning on tandem nursing, as long as the wee one can get her share. I have a friend who avidly nursed her first two, but when the third came, the second was still sucking her dry and she couldn't produce enough milk for the baby. She had low-milk issues in general anyways, but I'm wondering how to make sure the baby can nurse without having dd feel thwarted and jealous
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Yep, I'm due August 1st and still nursing my 23 month old twins. No sore boobies yet but I think my supply is dipping already. The babies will nurse a few minutes and then say "all gone."
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stillnursing here too, but mine is only 16 mos. I am terrified i will lose my milk. So far so good though!
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Hello! Still nursing as well...my 18mo loves the boobies so I am doing my best to try and keep production going. He also seems to be quite a bit more clingy since getting preggers. Poor guy, he knows something is up .
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What are you all doing to keep your milk supply up? I'm eating lots of oats, drinking tons of water, and eating A LOT in general to nourish everyone. Any other ideas are welcome! So far so good...
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I'm in this group!! I'm still shocked to see a positive after 2 years of trying!! Anyway, I am still nursing DD who is 3. I don't see her slowing down either. I see myself tandem nursing them both! I'm so excited!!

I'll just start taking about how she'll have to share the "nummies" and get her used to the idea along the way!!
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I did notice supply drop, before I took the pregnancy test and then understood I had supply issues. I am actually adding in herbs. I found this site. http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/bf/galact.asp (scroll down for herbs that are safe for bfing and pregnancy.) I ordered the ones that vitacost had-everything but the dill and just started last night. I am hoping that it will help. I really want enough milk for my DD! I did nurse through the last pregnancy and did tandem for about a year. I was a selective tandem mom though. She only nursed at nap time and then bedtime. I did wean for my own sanity. I got very touched out and irritable with her towards the end of our nursing relationship and it felt right to wean her at 3 years. As far as tandem nursing, I recommend reading the LLL book Adventures in Tandem Nursing. That explained lots of my issues that I thought were totally crazy. We did have the talk alot about sharing our nursing. This helped prepare her for DD who would get first chance to nurse since she can't eat solid foods yet. Worked great for us.
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I am nursing my almost-8-month-old around the clock and will be tandem nursing. This pregnancy was unplanned and I have had bigger spaces between my other children so I always weaned early in pregnancy. I won't do that this time though, since Grahame is so young.
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