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What time of day did you deliver? - Page 3

Poll Results: What time did you give birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 21% (70)
  • 20% (65)
  • 16% (54)
  • 17% (58)
  • 8% (27)
    It was dark outside
  • 7% (25)
    It was light outside
  • 7% (25)
    Some were at night and some during the day
  • 0% (0)
324 Total Votes  
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My twins were born at 4:40 and 4:50. It was Feb. so definatly dark.

Rivka was born at 5:10 but it was July so I'm really not sure if it was still dark or not. I'm guessing it was mostly dark out. Both of my labors started at night, Rivka's was 10 hours or so, the twins my water broke Wed. night and they weren't born until Fri. morning.
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I went into labor with all 3 at night, but the time of their births were all different: 2pm, 11pm, 11am.
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DS was born at 5:05 am.
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15:55...but I had a section.
I bet if labour was able to progress and I had a vaginal birth - it probably would have happened in the night! (my waters broke at 9 in the morning and he was/is my first!)
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I think I've covered most of the possibilities.
ds1 2:40 pm (light out)
ds2 12:07 am (just after midnight, so dark)
dd1 7:23 pm (winter, so dark)
dd2 7:53 am (light out)
dd3 9:37 pm (dark)
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Started labor early afternoon, DD was born at 1:42am.
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Started labour at noon, DD was born at 3.11pm, in the daylight. No medical intervention. She also didn't open her eyes for a few days after birth - maybe it is too bright for daytime babies
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light both times... DD1 labor started/water broke in the early morning and dd arrived 30+ hours later during the daylight hours of a different day. DD2 contractions began in the late evening as she arrived just past noon the following day.
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Labor started around 8 pm Sunday; DS was born around 4 am Wednesday. November, so definitely dark out.
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Labor started with DD at around 5:30am when my water broke. My labor went pretty fast and she was born in the middle of the afternoon.
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DD was born at 10:43 am. I woke up DH when I decided it must actually be labor at about 6:30 am. We got to the hospital at about 8:30 am. She was in quite a rush to be born :

FWIW I was on a pretty crazy sleep schedule at the end of my pregnancy. The entire labor was in normal sleep hours for me. I had gone to bed at about 3am that morning. I would have slept until about 10 or 11 am (with numerous breaks to pee of course) had the labor not awoken me.
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5:10 pm.

I started contractions at 11 or so one night, had them all night, when it got light they went away, then they came back the next night and the real labor started, continued to labor all day, and there was dd!
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