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midwife doesn't seem concerned... should i be?

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i don't think i should be too concerned if my midwife isn't concerned but here's the situation.. anyone with any suggestions or opinions please feel free to respond

i am 23 weeks along as of tomorrow... i did not weigh myself before i got pregnant so i have no idea if i gained in the beginning of my pregnancy... i weighed myself at 12 weeks and then again at 16 weeks... didn't gain anything... midwife at the time said not to worry about it until about 22 to 23 weeks... i changed midwives and scales so at at about 18 weeks i weighed myself on the new scale.. it said i was 4.5 lbs heavier than the other scale... which could have been a bit of weight gain or just the difference in scales... had another appt yesterday... weighed myself and i'm the same as the last time....

i guess it's important to say that i am overweight and only 5' tall

i guess i was just wondering if anyone has had the same thing or if i should be worried about not gaining much weight...

i should prolly just shut up and not complain about it... but if it's not healthy for the baby then i'll be worried...

thanks in advance for any advice
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My midwives said that weight gain means so little that they said it was completely up to me whether or not I weighed myself. Their charts have NO records of my weight. I did step on the scale from time to time and I didn't really gain much in the first couple months, but gained about 25 by the end. I wouldn't worry.
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If you have a good diet, then don't worry about what the scale says.
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Hello sweetheart Don't you worry. I lost weight in the first trimester and gained very slowly throughout the pregnancy. Overall I gained nineteen pounds, and that was with the weight loss. And I am small. Everytime I went into the doctor's office to weigh in she would come in and say oooooo you gained one pound this week : and that was at the time when you are supposed to gain the most. So I was worried too, and they even made me have another ultrasound at 34 weeks because I was under normal measurements and weight gain....but as you know my dd was born perfectly healthy and at a good weight for my size. So don't worry. It goes in spurts, and your body will regulate itself. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you eat a healthy breakfast ( I know you a little too ) and this will help regulate your metabolism for the day. Try your best to avoid sugar in all its lovely quantities, as these are empty calories and will curb your appetite for the good stuff.

But again, don't worry! No need for stress, just try to eat as best as you can, as healthy as possible and you will be fine.

Talk to you soon.

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My mw is slightly concerned with weight. I'm 15 weeks and haven't gained but have lost. I'm eating good and I look plenty pregnant...I'm also overweight and only 5ft tall!

A couple years ago I lost a ton of weight and I couldn't believe how small I was! I was really really small....even my hands were tiny.... after this babe I'm gonna drop this exta weight!!

Off topic but...I feel your pain!
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I was perhaps a pound or two overweight before I got pregnant, and so far I've put on about 5 pounds, the last 4 were counted at my appointment yesterday. I'm 24 weeks along, and my midwife is not concerned.

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I have two friends who were both short and significantly overweight, not just 20 pounds or so. They both weighed less at time of delivery than they did when they got pregnant. They had perfectly healthy babies and ate fine while pregnant. Neither of them had morning sickness to cause a large initial loss. They both figure that they just had extra to lose so as their bodies started working harder with the pregnancy they shed a few of the unneeded pounds they had been carrying. I wouldn't worry.
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No worries. I'm a big girl, too (230#, 5'7"). Lost 15#+ in the first 16 weeks or so. Then I started putting it back. From 20-26 weeks I gained 5.5#, but was just in again last Friday at 29w and weighed exactly the same as at 26w. Midwife said not to worry a bit. At 30 weeks, I'm pre-preg weight.

I think what's happening is that I'm just plain old eating better. I actually feel thinner when I put my hands on my hips, and in my face. So, I think I'm just converting extra 'me' weight to baby weight and not having a net gain.

I think if i was still losing weight, they'd be keeping a closer eye on me.
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thanks everyone!

i feel much better!!

bellasmum... thanks!!!!!! you do know me well... the sugar is a medium sized problem but I've been pretty good... the hubby keeps me in line thinking about you alot lately.. been drinkin my raspberry tea.. hope all is well with you...

its_our_family... cool... we're the same height to see myself skinny all i have to do is look at my little sister... she's the blonde haired, blue eyed, skinny version of me lmao

thx Sharon and Chelly, it really helps to hear other midwives opinions... thank you!!!

thx Jish... i figured the kid was just taking what it needed from what i already had too much of

ma_Donna... i did completely change my eating habits when i found out i was pregnant... tho i still have a few habits i really wish i didn't... but i was a daily coke drinker before i found out i was pregnant... chocolate too lol so.. that could be a huge factor...

thank you everyone!!!!

i'm sure i'll be complaining about how much i gained by the end lmao...

thanks again all!!!!
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