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Rachel - Yeah, it would be nice to get together. I'm excited to just get to meet one of you!

I'm guessing you CAN make the move work - and I'm all for borrowing money when you need to from family. It's not frivilous - it's for your son's health that you're moving! I'm sure being home will allow you to be a lot more frugal (ever watch Jon and Kate + 8?). I know we spend what we do because we both work and have the money available.

Oh, on the murmur. DD has a "moderate" VSD. They expect it will close at least enough to not require surgery and she has no signs of CHF. I HATE that she has it at all and that it's still there, but trust me, the docs were all over it the minute they realized it wasn't the "normal" murmur babies have. She had an echo and ECG the morning they heard it at the hospital. I'm sure it's fine or they would have done the same testing. I listened to it for the first time the other day and it's pretty clear. After hearing it I realize I can hear it unassisted when I lay my head on her chest.

Should I expect to be able to get a realistic amount just pumping with a bra??? I have to do compressions to get much at all now... Maybe I should try one and I'd get more than I expect I will. I'm so bummed - pumped when I was pretty full this morning and only got 1.5 oz. I could feel that they weren't drained, but I couldn't get more out and nothing was coming out after 10 minutes. Argh. I'm so worried I won't be able to keep up when I go back to work.

I've thought about taking herbs to increase supply in hopes that I'll get more, but on the chance that DD has a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance I don't know if that's a good idea.
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I have a poop question.

Has anyone seen little tiny black fiber-looking things in their babe's poo? I noticed this last night, and I honestly have no clue what it could be. They're teeny tiny (like shorter than the tip of a ball-point pen, and maybe the width of a thread), and I didn't see many. The only thing I can think is that one of the walking babies at daycare is 'sharing' toys with him, now that he's grabbing and shoving stuff into his mouth.
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Dee - how is LO doing with the partial bfing? Is she still on formula part-time? I'm (again) wondering what's best for both of us. The thrush is just refusing to go away and I worry that the Diflucan is part of what's upsetting dd's tummy. The GV didn't work this time and I'm ON Diflucan too! As soon as it starts feeling like it's all working for us it falls apart again.

I wish it had just been dairy for us - no improvement yet on the dropping wheat too, but I'm hopeful.
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Ugh you guys. So sorry about the poor babies tummies. That's really, hard, I know, especially when you can't figure it out. Elizabeth and Dee, hang in there. Was it Oberholtzer you saw or someone else.

That must be so so frustrating. I'm really sorry, you guys. I wish I could help.
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We're still with UC Davis UPA now, we saw Dr. Lucien (sorry Rachel - coincidence!). NOT thrilled with him at all. He's also the one who blew off my vax questions.

I need to call the cardiologist this afternoon to make sure we can still see him if we switch to Oberholtzer. And then call to see if he's accepting new patients. DD's about due for her 4 month well baby visit anyway!
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Originally Posted by preemiemamarach View Post
The good thing is I found a neat little natural toy store while we were at lunch today (one two kangaroo in arlington, as at least a couple of you are in this area) and got Lucien some wooden toys for Christmas. I'm excited- wooden teething rings actually look small enough to fit in his teeny little mouth!
Wow! That is literally right around the corner from my house! Do you work near there? If you ever want to Oliver and I could meet you for lunch or coffee in Shirlington on your lunch hour or something. (Just if you want. I realize I'm a stranger from the internet so if you're not comfortable it's cool ) Just weird to think that one of my "in our 30's ladies" was so close to me today! We take our dogs to the Shirlington dog park there all the time. I'll have to check that store out, either way so thx for the recommendation!
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How funny that you guys are so close, too. Hope you do get to meet up!

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sitting here waiting for dh to get home, and united keeps 'bumping' his arrival time at 5 minute increments - which always ends up being about 10 minutes ago. so annoying. He left 20 minutes late but somehow he's over an hour late on the arrival time, on a 1 hour flight?? and when he does get here, he has a few hours to pack before leaving tomorrow (with dog in car) for CA while I fly with dd. Oh, let the FUN BEGIN!

preemiemama- hugs on the anemia. I hope it's not an immunodeficiency and I hope you get some answers soon! no ideas on the poop, except that who would guess such bizarre things could come out of our lo's?

pumping bras - I get more milk when I do compressions with the bra, which sort of eliminates the hands-free advantage, but at least it's doing both sides at once. if you aren't sure it will work, you could try an old jog bra with two slits in the front.

cd's - julia - you were going to try the pattern that I am using, I think, for the pocket dipes? they work awesome for us - we actually have to feel inside the pocket to know if it's wet, the fleece is such a good wicker. GL! but you know, if it doesn't work it doesn't work. I think my limit will be solid poops. Can't handle 'em, will be switching.

hope - my pregnancy was planned years in advance almost to the month, and I still felt anxiety and fear upon seeing that line! do you know about the ttc #1 and pregnant w/#1 in our 30s threads?

we had some luck with ella eating - she sucked on a piece of pear yesterday. what totally blew my mind is that putting it in front of her did nothing. when I picked it up and ate a bite and said 'yum yum,' she immediately put it right in her mouth! still made a face but it was almost like she was trying because she saw me do it. I mean, I know how important imitation is but this somehow blew me away. she is paying attention! yikes!!

still no dh.
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also: dee - great news on M's weight gain and still bf part time!! keep us posted.

welcome to Christine. Twins - WOW. many of us woh full time. have you discovered the working moms threads too?

went with the current nanny+her friend. very happy with the decision. plus, she helped me wrap presents today.

does anything fun happen at 500 posts? I'm getting close. Elizabeth - you are close to 1000! it's like watching the car's odometer hit a big number.

can you tell I'm killing time here?
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CJ - Airlines suck... Cool that Ella ate, though.

Speaking of imitation... DH was saying "I love you" very clearly and sing-songy to Isabella over and over the other night and I swear she tried to say it! Repeatedly! She'll do a big Aaayyyyee - uv - oooo. So cute!!! I had no idea they could even try to do that at her age! She's such a talker...

I think at 500 you can do something on the Trading Post part, but not sure what. I'm wondering what happens at 1,000.

I'm going to wear this mei tai every day from now on. I got a 3 hour nap earlier today and now she's been asleep since 4. And I'm pretty comfortable... Woohoo!

Oh - cutest thing DD's done to date happened this morning. I was laying in bed with her and DH was getting dressed. She was sort of mostly asleep, but not quite completely. And she laughed in her sleep!!! So cute - big smile and full-on giggle and then she went to sleep. I melted... I wonder what she was dreaming about, because it was a bigger laugh than we've gotten with her awake!
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Okay, for four more posts I'll just keep typing...

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Nothing happened... Oh well - I was hoping for fireworks or something.

Oh no wait - I became a senior member... Now I need to figure out what that means.
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Originally Posted by veganone View Post
Oh no wait - I became a senior member... Now I need to figure out what that means.
I'm not sure either... but congratulations!

CJ... cool that Ella ate. It does scare me to know how much they repeat what they see... my language has only gotten worse in the first month of his life, just due to being soooo tired... and I was trying to clean it up.

Dee... congrats on M's thriving! Glad you can still BF some... so awesome.

Got my Moby wrap... easier to tie than I thought but I'm still tweaking how tight I want certain parts of it to be. It only works as well as the pouch to soothe him if some fabric falls over his face (discovered this accidentally tonight)... which tells me his fussiness is just about being overstimulated at the end of the day (some theories say this)... cuz as soon as the fabric covered his face he settled down. Woohoo! He just needed a little time out from the light and noise.
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I use this hands free bra: http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/index.html
It's the only way I get to do anything at the computer!

My DS lost a few ounces this week after trying to exclusively bf. So back to the pump

New pics on blog.
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Nikki... sorry about the weight loss. How much are you pumping, and does that mean you're BFing and then bottle feeding breastmilk? Seems like everyone has that same bra... I'm convinced! Now I just have to measure myself so I get the right size. I've changed so much since getting pregnant and nursing, I have no idea what my measurement is.

CJ... I did make three dipes so far from that pattern but I made smalls since I didn't think he'd be in NB for long. Did you have trouble with that pattern? It makes you cut the waterproof layer wider through the legs, and it threw my whole dipe off. I never figured out where/how to stretch what so that the layers matched up, and ended up with some funky folds sewn into the waist. : Anyhow, my thought was to sew up a few with the microfleece I ordered as the inner layer and see how he does with those. He's heavy but long and thin, so I'll have to see if he's ready for the smalls yet. Probably not too far away. For the solid poop... can you use a flushable liner, or just flush it straight from the dipe before putting it in the pail? You're supposed to do that with sposies anyhow, but noone ever does. Funny how we all have our squeamish points. Don't you have to clean up after your dog? Does that bother you? Since having to clean up my german shepherds poop for the last ten years, the dipes just don't bother me. I'm immune.
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We alternate the feedings, breastfeed then the next is with the Haberman nipple. Before the big push I was doing Haberman, Haberman, bf. I still have to suppliment though b/c I can't pump enough every other feeding. However, now that I'm on top of things, my supply seems to be back up a little
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Originally Posted by nikkihoi View Post
We alternate the feedings, breastfeed then the next is with the Haberman nipple. Before the big push I was doing Haberman, Haberman, bf. I still have to suppliment though b/c I can't pump enough every other feeding. However, now that I'm on top of things, my supply seems to be back up a little
Great about your supply! What's the Haberman nipple?
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