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OK, so who all is in California? I'm in the North San Diego area.
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I am in California, but I'm up in Sacramento.
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Thanks for all the welcomes, ladies! I'll try to catch up, next week, when I'm the only one in the office.

That pumping bra is so cool!! I wish I would have known about that 3 years ago.
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Took Isabella to work today for a couple of hours. She did great in the mei tai, but is going through a phase where she doesn't want to sleep when we're out and about. It's like she's too interested in what's going on around her. Not sure what we're going to do about that. She crashed in her swing when we got home - she was just starting to really fuss in the car and we got here just in time!

Today is my first official day back, but it was DEAD and shut down at noon. The whole office is closed until January 3rd, so that will be my first full day back. No idea how I'm going to get out of the house when I need to be there on time - today I aimed for 10:00 and got there at 10:40!

Finally asked my best friend to be godmother and she said yes, woohoo! That's a bit of a relief.

Anyone else setting up 529s? I want to do that, but I am so unfamiliar with financial planning stuff.
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Originally Posted by veganone View Post
Anyone else setting up 529s? I want to do that, but I am so unfamiliar with financial planning stuff.
I have ours set up, and use Upromise for as much as I possibly can.
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grace - if it weren't for my mom helping me with those diapers, I never would have figured out how to sew them myself. So I'm not much help on the sizing, except that I was surprised how much you had to pull the elastic tight. we use the flannel inserts, fleece on the inside, hope they work for you too!

yesterday's flight was everything I had nightmares about. foot of snow on the ground and streets not plowed. flight is delayed 3 hours. Able to get on an earlier flight, but then sat on the runway for an hour. Poor Ella had a meltdown about 1/2 way through. I went through our bottle, she wouldn't nurse, she was just exhausted. screaming. TG I was next to an incredibly sweet grandmother, she was so great. bag didn't make it till late last night.

whine fest over, at least I'm here (dh and d-dog still on the road!). hoping all other travelers on here have a much better time!
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CJ... sorry you had a rough flight. That's one thing I'm grateful for this X-Mas season, I don't have to fly anywhere. DH and I flew a lot this last year and I don't think we had a single flight be ontime anywhere... at one point we were even a day late getting home and I lost income because apparently that doesn't qualify me for a sick day? Ugh, HATE flying. Glad you got there in one piece.

Is everyone else travelling? Kinda slow around here...

Ollie's starting to make coo-ing noises. Very cute. Also starting to turn his head toward certain noises, like my voice Getting some great grins too, just not sure if they're on purpose yet. They're still beautiful. We'll have a good night of sleep followed by a not-so-good night, but he's starting to sleep longer stretches. DH has let him fall asleep in his lap and then won't move him for hours (this is in the middle of the night) so I can get 5 hours. Wow, do I feel like a different person. Unfortunately, last night was not one of those nights, but maybe tonight will be.

His latch hasn't been good lately and I haven't been as good as I should be about breaking him off and starting him over, so I have blisters on both nipples. So I'm feeding on the right and pumping on the left, to give it a break... starting to build up a BM stash. Woohoo! An investment in my freedom Though actually the thought of leaving my baby for more than an hour, and especially with a stranger, is still kinda painful. I even miss him when he's downstairs with DH and I'm sleeping!

How is everyone? Where is everyone?
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I'm here. Fussy baby never sleeps. Guess people are visiting family for the holidays. Personals when I get a chance. Part-time BFing is going well, even weaning off the shields.
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Dee that's fantastic!
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Originally Posted by veganone View Post

Anyone else setting up 529s? I want to do that, but I am so unfamiliar with financial planning stuff.
We did ours through the California State Plan, but it's managed through Fidelity.
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Hey ladies!

CJ, sorry to hear about the flight. That really, really sucks. I hope the people on the plane and at the airport were nice to you.

Well, I had another good night with dd where she only woke a few times all night. I really hope this trend continues.

Right now I'm at my MIL's house and things are great. Takes us about 3 hours to get here and so we stopped at McDonald's ~2.5 hours into it to grab a snack and let dd get out and play. We had a fruit yogurt salad thing but their yogurt was weird -- tasted like frosting. Anyway, she loved it.

She's been eating a ton of solid food and I guess I am slowly weaning her. I love bfing, but I am tending to offer her solid food when she goes for the boobies unless I know she's upset or something.

Right now my brother in law has a friend over with a 14 month old son. Earlier tonight he made his son CIO before a nap and my MIL and I couldn't stand it. We both said something to him. I feel like this dad is completely uninterested in his son. I have spent most of the evening since dd went to bed holding and playing with this kid while his father downs beer after beer after beer. (After a recent DUI, I might add)


Can I adopt him please?

Everyone have a wonderful Holiday! I'll be on in a day or so.
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Nylecoj... maybe slip the guy an AA brochure or something? : That's gotta be hard to be around. I can't even stand hearing about that kind of stuff. I'm glad you could hang out with his boy. I don't understand that... I don't even like to be in another room from Oliver, even when I know he's safe and sound sleeping. Sounds like the weaning is going well, keep it up! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who occasionally goes to McD's :

Just trying to keep our thread bumped up til people check in again!

My mom's coming today... I'm really looking forward to it. Man I must be bored
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Oh yeah and based on many recommendations (especially Emily's) we bought the papasan infant swing last night. He coos and coos in it! Happy baby, happy mom... it'll be a Merry Christmas for all...
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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
Oh yeah and based on many recommendations (especially Emily's) we bought the papasan infant swing last night. He coos and coos in it! Happy baby, happy mom... it'll be a Merry Christmas for all...
Yay Julia! Papsan cradle swing is sooo awesome. We are visiting the inlaws right now (flew from Atlanta to Portland...Benjamin did great - one minor meltdown - but our luggage is missing. Grrr) and miss ours terribly!

Anyway, I haven't been around MDC much this week. We had to put our old pup Maggie to sleep and I just haven't been very cheery or chatty. I adopted her when I was 20 so almost all of my adult life is tied to memories of her. I don't want to bring the thread down or anything, but I did want to let you guys know what was going on.
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cj, i totally feel you on the travel hell. we missed our flight to new mexico bc dh set the alarm wrong. i went cruising out the door in pj's in the hope it had been delayed, then waited for hours on standby with a grumpy dh (nothing bugs him more than feeling like he failed me). babe made it to dallas ok, where we went on standby yet again. dd melted down about halfwat to abq. then the drive up to taos was hellacious. i was angling to nurse her in the carseat, but she didn't want the boob at that angle. the mtn roads were atrocious, and i kept totally backseat driving. i have spent next to no time in the car with her, and i have bad visions of all possible dangers.

on a happier note, today i went snowshoeing with babe! : :
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Emily - I am so, so sorry about Maggie. I wish there were something I could do - I am sure she will wait happily for you at the Rainbow Bridge...

By the way, your comment about your name was so helpful in deciding to keep the name Isabella. I remember saying our top pick was super popular and you said that your name was popular, but you still liked it. Anyway, I thought you should know that I still remember that and thank you. Emily IS a pretty name, as is Isabella.

Nylecoj - that really sucks about the poor, crying babe. That makes me so sad... DD has decided that being in the car in the dark is BAD and she cries. So sad - even if I sit by her and we keep the dome light on she still gets so upset! Even that is too much for me... I don't know how people can take it.

Grace24 - Glad you like the swing!!!
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The Vaccine Book

I recommend this, too! I finished it this morning and it's so helpful - it really clears up what we're going to do on vaccinations. I didn't realize that some had SO much aluminum!

Anyone know why rotavirus "can't" be given after 12 weeks? I do want DD to have that one, but she's going to be 16 weeks tomorrow... I don't understand why it would suddenly stop working at 13 weeks??? I realize they didn't test it in babes after 12 weeks (for the first dose), but they give subsequent doses after that, so what's the difference? I'm planning to ask our new ped when we see him, too.
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Emily I'm so sorry about Maggie! I'm so attached to my dogs, I can't imagine.
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Emily I'm so sorry.
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Emily, sorry to hear about your pup. My favorite dog ever (got her when I was 16) passed a couple of years ago and I still think about her all the time. Heck, I even dream about her still. It's so sad when a loved one passes. Hang in there and please do try to enjoy your holiday.

Elizabeth, I have no idea why they can't give rotovirus after 12 weeks ... that makes no sense to me either, but I've done little reading about any of it. I need to get that book as well so that we can change our plans for our next kid.

Alright everyone, happy almost christmas eve!
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