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Nope, nothing exciting... went to the grocery store, then toasted DH with perrier, now NAk... hoping to get to bed after this. DS is finally sleepy.

Weird on the hair loss, is that normal? Is it gonna happen to me? My hair's thin enough already!

CJ...so are we exercising tomorrow? How's your boob, is it still red and tender? I hope it's nothing!

Happy New Year all! I love you ladies!
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Originally Posted by ~minnow~ View Post
Nostalgic interlude: New Year's. We've been invited to a friend's house but they don't want to start till late. Maybe I'll pop in and have some champagne but then I'll come home and sing the baby to sleep. Last year we had a great time, dressed up and tipsy stumbling up the street from party to party in fancy shoes and a sling because, oh yeah, I broke my elbow a year ago. And also? The ovulation that was to become the zygote that was to become Adelaide was just about to happen, any minute. So I don't mind staying home. It's cool to remember. I was on the brink of my biggest wish! The preg. thread just got the first mama due in September, a YEAR after I was due. Wow. So I guess my "pregnancy year" is over. In 2008, I have to be something else.

Cheers, y'all. May 2008 bring us each our NEXT biggest wishes!
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cj my mastitis pain was localized. and i've had it twice now.
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Happy New Year, everyone.

I'm sorry to hear about Lucien ... I wish there was something I could do. And, I'm glad you quit your job because your boss sounds like a huge a-hole.

Sorry to hear about parents losing it. That's really sad and I hope I have time before that happens. I imagine it will happen with my father well before my mom as my grandma still has it totally together, thank goodness.

Julia, sleep deprivation is HARD. I still have trouble coping with it but somewhere in there my body/brain/whatever got a bit more used to it. Dd was a big crier too ... I'm not sure if it was me, or her, or a combination, but sometimes (even now) she just needs to cry while I hold her before she goes down to bed.

Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful New Year's with your babies and families. Hope nobody had or got mastitis.

Take care.
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Originally Posted by rock_dr View Post
are you guys all off doing exciting things this nye? :
Our crazy plans consisted of ordering in some not-so-great Thai food, watching a DVD after Willa went to bed, and calling it a night at 10:30
Something tells me that the days of wild, late New Year's celebrations are over for at least a few years.
We did get back from Colorado pretty smoothly yesterday, despite crazy weather both in CO and here in Chicago, so I'm grateful for that. And despite the horrendous trip to get out there, overall we had a great time and Willa did so well with everyone. In fact, it was a big week for her – she learned how to get herself to a sitting position, to crawl, and to pull herself up to standing, all in one week. Crazy. Guess we really do need to babyproof our apartment now!

Rachel, I'm so sorry things have been so rough with Lucien. . It sounds like it's just been a really hard few months for both you and him. I hope you were able to avoid the hospitalization, and that some of the issues are starting to clear up. i don't blame you for feeling tired. Maybe being out of daycare, now that you'll be staying at home for a while, will help him?
I don't actually live in Colorado - I just wish I did. I lived there for a while (in Estes Park) a few years ago, and worked for a number of years at a camp in Buena Vista, and have spent a lot of time in the front range, and have some very good friends who live in Boulder and Denver. And my family has had a place in Summit County for decades, so I get out there whenever I can.
I haven't spent much time in the C Springs area, but I know a number of people who went to Colorado College there and loved the area, and I know it's quite beautiful. I also think it's a bit more affordable than Boulder/Denver. It's an odd mix of liberal Colorado outdoorsy types and religious conservatives (Colorado Springs is the home of Focus on the Family) but I think you should find lots of good people, and Coloradoans are generally pretty friendly. Do you like the outdoors at all? It's such a great place for hiking, biking, climbing, x-country skiing, etc - and I found when I was out there last summer that hiking with a babe (especially if you have an ergo-like carrier) is a great way to get outside and get exercise.
Sorry I don't have any specific advice as I don't know that area super well, but congrats on DH's new job and move, and it really is such a beautiful area.
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Originally Posted by acp View Post
In fact, it was a big week for her – she learned how to get herself to a sitting position, to crawl, and to pull herself up to standing, all in one week. Crazy.
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yeah - way to go Willa! (and wow!)

Boob is better but have had splitting headache and fever all day. Thinking sinus infection. grateful it's not the boob though. (managed to actually take two 30 minutes naps today for the first time.. since I got pregnant? - so no working out for me, julia. oh well!)

lane - I love the conception anniversary - I totally got nostalgic for that too

so..I'm willing to start a new thread but I have a dumb question. is there a way to copy all the lovely colors that emily did on the first page? when I cut and paste it just brings it in with black fonts and no special characters...

ETA: NEVERMIND! I figured it out..
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