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July 2008 Official Belly Pic Thread

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So, post your belly pics, if you've got 'em! WHEN YOU HAVE AN UPDATED PICTURE, EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST SO WE KEEP THE THREAD LENGTH SHORTER & WE CAN SEE PROGRESSION. Thanks! (To edit, go to your original post & click on the blue EDIT icon at the bottom right of your post. Then, add your new belly shot to your list of other belly shots.)

To post a picture here, you'll have to have your image hosted at another site (Flickr, Shutterfly, Walgreens, photobucket, etc) and then you copy the link of your image. Then, paste it into your message OR click on the icon above your "advance setting" post that looks like a globe and a paperclip together, this allows you to have words that hyperlink to your image.

I'll take one tonight & add all mine.
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Seven weeks sucked in (almost two weeks ago) at the children's museum (lest you think I have the mirror in my house )

I'll take a new one on Sunday (I'm trying to take them right on the 'week' mark).

16 weeks and 6 days

18 weeks and 5 days

21 weeks and 5days

28 weeks and 5 days

Just about 35 weeks

39 weeks
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Aww, these are so sweet! Heck, ya, we've got bellies!

mrs_rockstar - I thought the mirror was befitting a rockstar, so I really wouldn't have questioned it.

April, I think, you've grown in 1.5 weeks. I see the difference!

I just snapped a pic of myself. So here's my collection to date:
My crazy crew & me at 4 weeks

5 Weeks POPPED out

6 Weeks really bloated

8 Weeks - I'm lower but out much further now

9 weeks, 5 days I'm filling out. That pink shirt I wore the two pictures before no long covers the bottom of my belly.

11 weeks, 6 days... Holy Cow! Hide the women & children. I am getting big.

13 weeks, 4 days Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. I see my belly every day, but it's these pictures that I actually see... it's growing. Really really growing.

15 Weeks I contemplating wearing my same tunic, but thought you'd appreciate me in a solid. (Oh, and that's not a furry penis, I'm sporting, that's our cat's tail.)

17 Weeks I don't know if this picture quite shows the amount of growth. I've really grown in the last 2 weeks. My mom was out of town & came back & her mouth dropped. I'm just big.

... camera issues ... Sorry no updates.

30 Weeks Growing Baby and my double chins.

34 Weeks This is just the biggest I've ever been in pregnancy. I'm amazed at my belly! Wow! So cool! Grow baby, grow!

38 weeks Well, I think this will be my last official belly shot, unless I'm still at this a month from now. Ahh, this is a big bittersweet. My last baby!
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You guys really have cute little bumps. I just have the same ole squishiness that has plagued me since my son was born. Fluffy and doughy.

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Originally Posted by VaMountainMomma View Post
You are too cute MrsRockstar! And I love the picture, itself... with the mirror. Are you going to the museum every week?


mrs rockstar: Is that your DC is the corner of the picture?

I'm going to be taking one soon...tomorrow is my "weekly" so I'll try and get it done tomorrrow.
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mrs_rockstar there's just so many interesting things about your pic!!! Like, the http://www.bluegrassmoon.com/ bag you have. Totally cute! And, that great camera strap!!!!
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Yay, I'm sure this thread is going to get super long! so much fun to watch everyone's bellies grow!

I am so bad about loading the pics from the camera...I only do it every few months! I will have to get better about that, I see! Hope to post some soon!

I'm the same as pp- not really 'showing', more like the usual post-baby squishiness is just more. I can tell I'm 'fatter' but it's not a belly that anyone would notice.
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here's 2 of me earlier this week at 5w6d. Warning - my face is all sicky since I was not feelign well nd had just gotton back from a long day at the zoo with 2 toddlers. :


Here's my 1st update in awhile


22w1d (today)
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Originally Posted by Linzie2 View Post

mrs rockstar: Is that your DC is the corner of the picture?
Yup, that's my 15 month old. My three year old was off to the side when I took this but her little sister is sort of always by my side

Spark, I love that bag. LOVE. I used to be bag crazy but I have that one and another bag in one of my favorite fabrics and I seriously don't think I'll ever need another.
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Too cute, Finn and Wry!! Can't wait to see those tiny belly bumps GROOOOW!
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What cute baby bellies! Once I manage to feel good enough to clean up and have a clear spot to take a picture and not feel embarrased I'll try to post one.
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8 wks with #2 and a breast for good measure

9wks with # 2 Yay! Busted out the maternity clothes today!

10 wks #2 Didn't even make it out of my PJs!

11weeks with #2 I think I look smaller this week

one day shy of 12 weeks

13 weeks Still not seeing much difference in the pics but definitely feeling it!

14 weeks Yay! I'm dressed for a pic :

15 weeks....and feelin' it!

29 weeks I was doing so good with taking pics!

32 weeks Happy Mother's Day!
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9 weeks.

15 weeks, 5 days.

20 weeks 4 days

23 weeks. I can't believe how dirty that mirror is. :

26 weeks
. My last belly shot, right before I went to the hospital.
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I LOVE your hair, quarteralien! You are so gorgeous!!

Cute belly bump, Linzie. Love your mirror!

Looking good, Khourtniey... lovely baby belly!
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I just moved, so I have to dig my camera out of a box, then bring it to work (until I get the computer at home set up) to download whatever picture I get...

I just have a little "pooch," as DH calls it. I'm 10 weeks on Wednesday, but with #6 the muscles have completely gone on strike, given up and called it quits, so I'll probably be sliding up into maternity clothes pretty soon.

Pics soon.. the rest of you are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by quarteralien View Post
How did I miss this thread? Totally out of it.
This is the best I have so far. DH took this last night. I'm 9 weeks today.
ohthats some awesome hair!! looks great!

makes me sad that I cut all mine off.
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Originally Posted by wryknowlicious View Post
ohthats some awesome hair!! looks great!
Yeah, QuarterAlien TOTALLY wins the "Best Hair" prize in our belly pic thread.

Mrs Rockstar gets "Best Location".

Khourtniey gets "Best Thomas the TankEngine Memorabilia"
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Thanks for the compliments. I rather like my hair.
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