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Asher is doing so much better! I think we caught it really early. He has been sick since Tuesday and started breathing better yesterday. I cannot believe how quickly he turned around. I know we still have days until he is all better but atleast I can feel safe in saying I don't think we are looking at weeks.

Thank you to everyone who thought of us.....I am positive that all of the energy and prayers sent by you and my family are what has helped him get better.
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Oh thank goodness!! I was going to ask you today how he was doing -- hadn't forgotten about y'all. Yay Asher!
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Fantastic news Mama!!!!

Lots of healthy to Asher and to you too!!!!
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I'm not in this DDC but couldn't pass a thread about RSV. I have twin girls who will be 5 next month. At 4-weeks, Faith got RSV and breezed right through with just getting a nebulizer treatment every couple of hours. Lillie got it at 5-weeks and did not fair so well. I won't go into details but just know that she is fine now!! They both do have asthma now which is usually related to RSV. Keep an eye out for asthma like symptoms down the road. Also, avoid anyone who says their child has croup. Usually it's undiagnosed RSV (the Ped in the PICU told us this when Lillie was sick).

November through March is RSV season....make EVERYONE wash their hands before touching your little ones, Mama!

Sooooo glad to read that your sweet boy is doing better!!
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