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Originally Posted by League_mama View Post
<snip>Bella--please post what you did w/NPC, Vitex and anything else--v. curious.!
I had been taking B6 (100mg) as part of a B complex. B6 alone does not work - you need the other B vitamins to help it absorb. Start with 50mg for 2 mths and then go to 100. Don't take any more than that, 150 max -- B6 more than 200mg can cause nerve damage.

The vitex, I got from my HFS in tincture form. I believe this is more potent than pill form. I took 40 drops 3x per day. I started last cycle, on cd8, and I O'ed cd 16 - about 5-8 days earlier than I had been Oing. So it worked that quickly. I didn't notice any issues with my milk supply, either.

The NPC, I bought an organic one I found online called Oasis Serene. I started it at 3dpo - you need to be charting imo to confirm you have O'ed before you take it. I use 1/4 tsp 2x a day, in the morning and before bed. I rub it into my arms, thighs, abdomen, chest. You should alternate where you use it, and stop it if AF arrives.

I am continuing my vitex and NPC and will probably use NPC most of my pregnancy as DS was born at 36 weeks, but this is something I will discuss with my midwife - she may want me to stop it. I don't remember when I will wean myself from the vitex, probably around 14 weeks or so.
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So many congratulations for all the new pregnant ones! Nice to have so many!

I´ve had a few things happening after O: one evening I got a rash (Christmas tree rash I think, pic on the right http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ski...N00016&slide=3) on my WHOLE back. VERY unusual, got a bit scared. It had disappeared by the next morning. Last night I woke up all sweaty, very unusual, only happens when I have a flu with temperature. For days now I´ve been very gassy (very stinky too!) and for days I´ve had belly aches, which usually follow with gas, not always though. For 2 days the left side of my left boob hurt LOADS when I pressed it. My boobs have also been on and off more swallen.

The annoying thing is, that the gas COULD be due to many home made buns I´ve had. I´ve got a bowel disease and am now afraid the yeast triggered something there. Then again, the buns may not have anything to do with this.
Boobs COULD be more swallen because I´ve probably been drinking more, maybe not. So can´t get excited they´re a preg symptom But there´s still the unexplained rash and achy boob.

Killing me this 2WW!
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Hey everyone! still 10dpo aaahhh this is the 1st month I've tried opk's and so now that I know I've ovulated it has made this 2ww allmost unbearable!!! My nipples are starting to get a little sore, so maybe af soon I should be getting her on monday. How am I going to get throguh this weekend?
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Oh Brooke what is NPC? And where can I get some fast?
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I´ve been out of the loop for a few weeks and had AF so can you put me on Waiting to O?

This is my 4th PP AF and the last two have been 29/28 days respectively. The only thing is, it seems (according to my temps--which are hit and miss!) that my luteul phase is only about 10 days. I have been taking B6 to try to help. Any suggestions?

Also, I thought I was at the end of my cycle last night and I had some strange clotting and one looked like a little baby bud! TMI? Anyway, it kind of freaked me out. I am just wondering if all of these things are linked to "getting back into the swing of things" after 3 1/4 years of no AF!?
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Glad you joined us, Kristen and Monica! Hope your stay here is short!

That stinks, League_mama, about your Hcg not going down. That just makes everything even harder I hope the acupuncture works wonders on you!

naturalmamaof1, I'm still holding out hope for you! : Oh, and I'm not Brooke, but NPC is progesterone cream. It's usually carried by health food stores, but your best bet for a good deal is to buy it online. Visit Dr John Lee's site for more info and a list of recommended brands. http://www.johnleemd.com/ I used Pro-Gest during my last pregnancy and found it at iherb.com

Celina, here's to hoping that the funky rash and sore boob are pg symptoms!
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New Here

Hi all - congrats to everyone who got a BFP this month. So exciting!

My ds is about to turn 1 (on Tuesday!). I got AF back exactly 4 weeks after he was born: :.

This is now our 4th cycle TTC. I'm pretty sure I'm O-ing (started really charting last month http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1bf54f). AF came again yesterday.

I'm still nursing A LOT - like 6ish times a day and 2-3 times at night. Could this be affecting my ability to conceive even though it appears I'm Oing and had pretty high temps after Oing?

I don't want to wean ds at all. I just want to know if nursing could be the reason we still aren't pg. We conceived ds on the first try (2 weeks after we got married)!
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Okay ladies its 11dpo and I'm still dying to test or to know if I'm pg or not! I had to pee twice last night, and was so incredably thirsty I could die?!!! I don't know what is going on!! My nips are only kinda of sore, really only if you touch them the wrong way! I'm constipated and really tired!! I just don't know what to think!! I think I'm going to test next am at 12dpo! Keep you all updated!
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elisheva Welcome!

naturalmamaof1 :
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Thanks blissfullyloving!!!!!! I am so hoping I am pregnant!! I don't think I will test tommorow because I only have 1 test left!! Haven't got around to buying some $tree tests yet! Anyone have good experience with E.P.T. ? that's the one I left, I've heard good things about FRER but I haven't heard of a lot of mamas taking the ept.
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Welcome Elisheva!!!!!!!!!! Hope you find what you need here!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats to all of you BFP mamas! Sending sticky thoughts your way

Bella, my dd's bday is 8/16/06 - not a bad day in my opinion (hot though!)

So for any of you who are pg but haven't had af since in years, is a 1st trimester ultrasound really the only way to get an EDB? Mine's scheduled for 12/18... it's killing me not knowing when I'm due!
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I've been reading about all of the supplements people are on and decided to start taking B complex 50mg, 1000 mg Vitamin C, and Omega 3 with the hopes of lengthening my LP. It was only about 7 days or so with my first PP AF.

I'm hoping my cycles are pretty regular and I don't go back to not ovulating.

I'm wondering if I'm just obsessing too much (!) about TTC and that my LP will go back to normal on its own as I have more PP cycles.

I am going to start temping tomorrow morning. Our alarm goes off at 7:30 on weekdays, so my plan is to always temp then regardless of how many hours of consecutive sleep I've gotten. We'll see if that works!

Good luck to everyone!

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Welcome, elisheva!

: naturalmamaof1! I don't have any experience with EPTs, but have you checked out peeonastick.com?

Congrats again, Jen! That was my DDs EDD

Me: I don't even know if I O'd yet Usually I can tell with CM and O cramping, but I'm just confused this month. Sigh.
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can you add me to the waiting to O list please.. ds 1 jan 07

I am on ppaf #2..ds is 11 mos and nursing 5-6 times per night

pre preg cl = 27 days

1st ppaf 2 days spotting..brown CL =42 days
2nd ppaf 3 1/2 days (normal 4 me)
currently cd 27 and no sign of O

lp pre preg was 10days...used b6 and got pg right away ( after years of not getting pg at all..lol)

may try vitex...may try b6 again

i used b6 from af to O

i have been reading that you can use it all thru ur cycle..is this the best way?

should I start now or wait until next af?

lovin' mdc
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Welcome to MDC, Elisheva. Nursing can mess with fertility. It is nature's birth control. However, plenty of women get pg all the time while nursing. It varies for each woman of course.

As for q's about supplements...I can't answer. i haven't looked into it at all. I'm hoping I don't have to and I'll just get pg. All I take is a prenatal and Floradix iron.
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Help! My son lost my thermometer!

My wonderful adorable sweet cute handsome bundle of joy has lost my basal thermometer.

Can I get a regular thermometer temporarily and use it? The only other thermo I have around here is his old baby rectal thermometer.

I am so angry right now......I don't have money to replace it, who knows where ti is, and it's my fault for leaving it in my son's reach.
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Sorry, forgot to update. Can I please be moved back to waiting to O? AF showed up Wed, 2 days early. :
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Originally Posted by esmlranch View Post
Woo Hoo!!!!
Congratulations Bella Catalina and Naturegirl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an old graduate who still stalks the thread occasionally looking for those BFP's!
I am so happy for the 2 of you!!


Here's some baby dust for all you other mama's from someone who did her time on this thread!
: I come back here to check on you mamas, too! WOOOHOOOO!
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