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cloth wipes wash

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I plan on using cloth wipes and was wondering what some of you do for moistening them?

I was thinking I would use distilled water with a few drops of essential oil like lavender and/or tea tree. I am also wondering if it would be ridiculous to add an herbal infusion. But I know that there are lots of different ideas and schools of thought and I would love to hear your thoughts and what you did!!
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Plain water in a spray bottle.
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Here's the link to Earth Angels Diaper Co's page with Buddha Bunz Sweet Orange Soy Wipe Solution. Smells heavenly!

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We just wet it at the sink before each diaper change. If we're going out, I put some water in a small bottle.
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Plain water with the wipe seemed to chafe my dd's tush a bit. So I use a bowl w/ about 3-4 cups of water, a tablespoon of baby wash/shampoo dissolved, and a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil. I got the recipe from some website which I can no longer remember, sorry. But the soap helps make the wipe slide easier and she no longer chafes. I notice a difference if I'm out and have to use water from the tap to moisten my wipes.

I use pockets and the soap and essential oils do not end up making my diapes repel. I have no build up issues from it, just fyi.
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Originally Posted by lovemyfamily6 View Post
We just wet it at the sink before each diaper change. If we're going out, I put some water in a small bottle.
this is what we do, except sposies when we're out.
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We have a wipes warmer and I put solution in it with wipes (baby bits), but we also just use plain water...DD never gets a diaper rash that way
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Plain water here too. I don't like the idea of using soap (the residue can irritate skin, same with the eo's). At the beginning with my second we would put a little almond oil in, but it stained the wipes (not a big deal) but also left an oily residue on everything when washed.
I've really found plain water to work the best. I just pat dry and she's fine.
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I mix up in a squirt bottle, a squirt or two of baby soap, a little bit of apricot oil and distilled water. I put my wipes in an old wipes container and pre-wet them with the solution. Works like a charm!
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I have heard good things about Honey Chunks, but haven't tried them myself.
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I keep the squirt bottle with the wipes solution (homemade) in a squirt bottle in the wipes warmer. That way I have warm solution to squirt on the wipe when I change DS. I tried keeping the solution in the wipes warmer without the squirt bottle but my warmer isn't water proof. I also tried pre-making the wipes and putting them in the warmer but I thought it was too much work. I takes me less than a minute to make a bottle of wipes solution.
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Water & California babies wipe solution.
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I make my own and keep it in a water bottle at the changing table.
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I use plain water from the tap. And when Im out I have a sports bottle I use to squirt the wipes with
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We use a wipes warmer which I only plug in during the winter months. I fill it with water, give it a sqirt of J&J baby wash and three drops of TTO. When it's out I just refill it, about once a week I empty and wipe it out with vinegar giving it a good rinse before refilling. This works great for us! I just love having warm water for his buns!
We are still working through the disposable wipes I recieved at my baby showers. We use those when we're out. I have a while yet to consider what I'll do when they're gone, but so far I've decided on a small spray bottle with the same solution in it.
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I use Foaming Baby Wipes Solution from Northern Essence with the oils. This smells so incredibly yummy! I think I will try to dilute it some more, but I LOVE it!

I love that some mamas make their own. I might try that one day. It seems plain water would work fine too! I might try that too, but darn this wash smells so good!
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I got some HoneyChunks last week and have been using them. I LOVE it. I've mostly used plain water in the past, but I really, really like the Honeychunks better. You can get a sample pack for cheap that ships free, and it seems like it'll last a long time.
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We've used Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion since the very beginning- we just mix concentrate and some witch hazel in a spray bottle. Just spray it on the wipe and go to town. It lasts forever!
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We use a mixture of water, tea tree oil and lavendar oil with a bit of witchhazel in a wipes warmer. When we go out, a put some in a spray bottle and bring the wipes dry. Our little one has never gotten a diaper rash this way.
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Plain water has worked for us
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