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Pregnant with #1 in our 30's ~December~

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~*~*~Pregnant with #1 in our 30s thread!~*~*~



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Wait, wait, wait just a darn minute...it's not December...how is it December...no, is it really December...what a mean trick....crap, it's December. and : at the same time.

And that folks is my update. We've been in overdrive for a week and a half now because my midwife checked baby's position then said, I think you are going early. eek! Did she not see my house? I told hubby this will be baby's first trick on us, make us think there will be an early arrival so we will kick butt on the house and then arrive late so we are just sitting around waiting. Thankfully that plan sounds pretty good, even the coming early sounds pretty good now that I've adjusted although I have by no means reached that ready for it to be over stage yet. We are hoping after pushing this weekend that we can go back to a more moderated pace on the house. And we'll get another update on baby's position on Tuesday, I'm thinking it is the same as last check though. Apparently I look very different now and very low, it explained my increased hip pain. My mom hadn't seen me for two weeks and when I told her what the MW said, she said I'll believe it when I see you, she came over on Thanksgiving day and took one look and said, "oh I better make some really good notes at work, I hope we have at least two more weeks." Another eek! I hadn't noticed the difference in how I look, I'm not much of a mirror person, I HAD noticed that all my shirts were too short, but it never occured to me that it was because my belly moved lower. No worries, I'm very happy with wearing the same big comfy sweatshirt every day with a different tshirt of hubby's underneath and one of my two pants that still kind of fit...the lower position of my belly is what makes the fit weird, the pants can't figure out where to sit anymore, lol. The great news is that our laundry is getting done often so I can keep washing my small number of clothes and I often am waiting for them while in my pj pants and smaller sweatshirt. Good times

Has anyone else been horrible about taking pictures? Last "official" picture we took was when I was 6 months along. I hope the kid doesn't take it personally, honestly we are just so involved in the process that it doesn't occur to us...not an excuse, just made a note to take a picture tomorrow no matter what. Hopefully there are decent ones out there from the two showers, that will cover month 7 and 8.

Hopefully I can catch up on reading the end of last months thread some time next week. I hope everyone is well and sorry for being MIA. My brain is fully on house stuff and trying to balance doing everything I can but not pushing so hard that I increase my already frequent BH.
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Hey Kripa - we're up next! How is that even possible??
Seems like it was just a couple of days ago that we were the last month in the thread...now we have an August mama to be! :

This week was insane...I missed my OB appt :, lost my wallet at the effin mall:, and realized how well and truly done I am with being preggo.
I am in love with this baby, don't get me wrong, but the little Bean needs to come out already! Mama wants to see her toes and tie her own darn shoes!

My mom called last night and was completely goofy (I think she'd had a cocktail or two ), because she's so excited she may explode. If she's this nuts, and already has four grandkids, DH's parents must be over the moon.
(First grandkid, though they've already taken the big kids as part of their family too.)

I'm so glad it's December, but I realize we have sooo much to do to get ready for baby. We have to put the co-sleeper together (I wanted the Arm's Reach sleigh bed, but decided to go for the mini after hearing about it here), install the car seat, go buy the breast pump and more CDs, flea treat the dogs/get them to the vet (thank goodness we have hardwood floors -- our last place had icky carpet!), get the big kids in to see the dentist, and, by the way, get a new (to us) car and decide whether or not I'm going back to work!
Ack! How did all this *life* happen to me??

(It doesn't help that an Internet pal who was due two days after us had her little one 12 days early! According to my dates, I've only got 9 days to go!)

Oh-so-pregnant with biokid #1, loving aunt to N (8) and T (6)
Married to the dearest, geekiest boy on the planet
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May I join? I am 31 and just got a bfp this morning after trying for 6 months...nervous and excited!
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How is it possibly December already? :

Welcome Radiowave, congratulations!

Cher and Kripa you must be so excited to be getting so close, I'll be stalking you both. I can only imagine how it must feel for you to see your names as next on the list, I can't believe mine is moving up so fast - it seems so recently that I was way down at the bottom.

I think we're going to get the mini co-sleeper too, after searching high and low for one I finally found a store that sells them (and everything else I could ever want! had to force myself to leave) so we're probably going to pick that up this weekend. Our house is full of stuff in boxes that we've bought but not unpacked because we'll just move it like that and then organize it after. It's starting to wear on me though living like this and DH is being particularly prickly the last few days and staying up too late which usually means he's stressed. Do all the men get like this near the end? He swings from totally involved talking to my tummy and kissing it, singing funny songs to totally freaking out about something tiny and storming off to work only to call me a few hours later like nothing happened. So annoying. : I know I'm a bit snappish with him too but I'm not sleeping, what does he expect? I can hardly get behind the steering wheel of my stupid two door car and he keeps asking me to run all these errands for the house and his mother etc. Ugh, anyway vent over, I have to go clean the house.

Happy December ladies!
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so, since i just got the bfp, and it is cd 28 for me, i am wondering about the possibility that this is a chemical pregnancy...I have no particular reason to be concerned...just freaking out...any advice?
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Every month I lurk and swear I'll post, and then get busy and end up a lurker again....

I'm really posting this time. I've only got six weeks or so left!

Things have been good. It's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far (knock wood). We fired our OB in week 24 after she was:

1) Rude about my weight gain. Concern is fine. Polite questions about my diet are fine. I will not tolerate rudeness, though. And,
2) When we expressed our desire to have a natural birth she replied, "It's always the ones with the plans that end up getting everything," again in a super rude tone of voice.

Luckily, we found a great midwife practice on a recommendation from our Bradley instructor. It's a farther drive (practically in the city...we are in the western suburbs of Chicago) and I'm a little worried about winter/rush hour traffic when the time comes, but it will be okay. The new place is a birthing center within a hospital and they are equipped for waterbirth, if we want.

I'm growing out of my maternity clothes and my ankles started swelling about two weeks ago. I'm trying to watch protein (midwifes rec) and drinking nettle tea. Anyone have any other good recommendations for keeping swelling down?

I put my notice in at work, so I'll be working up until Christmas and then done. We are a little bit nervous about switching to one income, but everything should be just fine.
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Aimee what's making you worry, just general worries or something specific? How long are your cycles normally? I had a lot of anxiety in the first few weeks and it went really slowly, especially the first couple of weeks because I got a + test really early at 9dpo. No advice really, just s, hang in there.

I added my belly shots to my sig, I think my bum is catching up to my tummy : Also, DH left with my car keys in his pocket this morning so his list of errands today is going to have to wait HAHAHA!
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Obviously I'm not getting anything done today, I just realized what my post count was and came back to post once more for
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subbing so that I can continue to stalk the preggos

Cher & Kripa!!! So excited for you.

Nico - So glad to see you out of lurker mode The last 6 weeks are all about waiting, so maybe you will post more to help pass the time!

Sarah - Congrats on senior membership. I guess we all learned something from Dee

radiowave Welcome and congrats on the BFP. It is normal to freak out and feel like your BFP is going to go away. It took me several pee sticks and about 8 weeks before I stopped looking for my period every time I went to the bathroom.
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my concern about chemical pregnancy comes from it still being really early (cd 28 in a usually 25 to 27 day cycle) and from being on the ttc list where there were several chem pregnancies, I think...I have taken two pregnancy tests today and both gave me two lines immediately..no wait at all...so I am trying to convince myself that means that I am especially pregnant1
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Welcome Radiowave and Nico DeMouse

Aimee: Sending you sticky baby vibes. I added you to the list for August. I understand your anxiety since you just took the test but hopefully you will get everything you hope for. It all seemed pretty unreal to me at the beginning too!

Nico: So nice to meet you - only six weeks left! It's nice that you are giving us another person to stalk in January and I added you to the list. And good for you for sticking up for yourself with the OB. My first doctor experience was scary and I quickly switched to someone I felt comfortable with.

Sarah: Congrats on your 1000 post! I don't think I will ever get up that high. I added a belly pic to my signature too. I've only taken two so far - one at 18 weeks and one at 20 (which is where I am now). I'm not very good about these kinds of things.

So I woke up this morning crying hysterically. I was having - what I call - a frustration based dream where I was so angry in the dream and couldn't do anything about it and then started crying and screaming and it carried over into waking life. (Well, the crying, not the screaming). I've had them many times before but no matter how upset I am in the dream I usually wake up and it fades away - no crying involved. Not a very nice way to start the day to be honest and I have a feeling this is going to be a rather emotional day but I don't have any serious plans except try and tidy up around the house. DH was already up when I woke up and he got really concerned when I told him about it - I almost never cry and this is the second time I have since getting pregnant which I think is one of the hardest things for him. It's funny that I have to reassure him that it is normal.
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Aimee (radiowave) - I can say, I had the very same fear because I got my BFP 3 days before I even expected AF to arrive. Unfortunately there is just no way to tell right now. It sucks and it is very stressful, but really all you can do is wait for time to pass. With time, will come answers, you know? What helped me was that I started feeling some morning sickness right at the beginning of week 6 so I felt more confident that I really was pregnant (of course by week 7 I was ready for the m/s to go away ).
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Welcome Radiowave and Nico!

And now for a pretty random update -
  • Two members of the May DDC just lost their babies at 17 weeks; so, I'm feeling very sad for them, and my anxiety has spiked.
  • My us is next Friday and I keep going between super excited and very anxious - excited to see the wee babe, hoping everything is ok.
  • Still fighting the HR department where I work - honestly, dealing with them about leave has been the most stressful thing about pregnancy so far. They tried to tell me that I had to use up FMLA by the time the baby was 16 weeks and didn't even apologize when I countered with a quote from the US Gov't's website on how you have 12 months to use FMLA! Also, they didn't even bother to inform me of another university policy that I later discovered that states I can take up to a whole semester of unpaid leave if I want. I know that I'm not the first faculty member to have a baby; so, I would have thought they would be a little more helpful, a little better organized! Blah.
  • I'm pretty sure that I've been feeling the wee babe move since Thanksgiving! I usually feel something upon waking and when lying down in the evening - it feels like I have a little fish in my uterus! This has been amazing and awesome and definitely overshadows all the sad and stressful stuff.
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Morning, ladies!

Thanks for the December thread, Melanie!

Nico, nice to see you again -- sounds like you've been having some adventures with care providers (ugh.) I'm glad everything is worked out. I don't have any advice for swelling, but some of the graduates might, and they tend to still drop in occasionally (hi, Emily!)

Kripa, you're so close! But you obviously don't need me to tell you that. I've sucked on photos, too, and I was also worried that the babe might take offense to this later in life. I think it's probably an illogical thing to worry about, though.

Welcome, Aimee!

Sarah, yay for 1000! And your photos look great. I think you're overestimating your ass because you can't actually turn around to see it well anymore

As for me, I've been on a research trip for over two weeks now -- shift work at a synchrotron (big experimental facility that generates radiation for doing experiments and runs 24 hours a day.) Every single shift I was on included the overnight (midnight-08:00) component, so I feel like I'm practiced up for late-night feedings etc. Of course, I still have weeks for my body to forget this. Anyway, I'm tired of hotels, and I'm tired of restaurants, and I'm really happy to be home so that I can get back to focusing on other things (eg, buying a car seat, sewing wipes, waiting for this BABY!!!)

More later... I've banked up lots of stuff to chat about...
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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
Every single shift I was on included the overnight (midnight-08:00) component, so I feel like I'm practiced up for late-night feedings etc.
That sounds like hideous torture to me. Of course I'm usually ready for bed by 9pm.

I want to just sit on the computer today and catch up on posts but I have to keep moving. Have a chiro appointment at 9:30 and man do I need it. I'm on a once a week schedule right now, but I could happily do 2x a week, just not bad enough to spend the extra money.

I'll try to post more tomorrow maybe.
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Happy December!! Thanks Mel for the new thread!!

Welcome to Radiowave and Mama-in-May! Welcome back Nico!!

Radiowave: I had that fear of M/C in my head until I got past the 1st trimester!

December Mama's are you ready?!

Update on me. Now at 28 weeks, wow! Time really has been flying by.
I have my first shower this coming weekend, the one given by the in-laws. Should be fun, it is at our house--the inlaw's house is tiny so I offered to have it at least then we wouldn't have to drag stuff home! Not much else new, babe is doing good she likes to do a little Tae-bo some mornings after the alarm goes off, I just hit snooze and lay there then she goes to town!!

Well, I guess i'll get some work done... at least I only work 4 days this week, I took Friday off because it's DH's bday and also to get the house ready for the shower on Saturday.
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Hope everyone had a good and warm weekend. It is hovering around -20 right now where I am. Brrr!

Update on me: I'm at 21 weeks now - officially past the halfway mark. I'm working for a friend for the next 3 weeks which will be nice for our speedily dwindling bank account plus I am now walking for 20-25 minutes each way which makes me happy (happier if it were warmer out but what can you do?)

Spent the weekend trying to get rid of stuff on Freecycle to make way for the things we really need.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet with me - oh, except for the insomnia which means I have been awake since 3:30 this morning. I could do with out that but I'm not actually doing too bad today all things considered.
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Originally Posted by radiowave View Post
so, since i just got the bfp, and it is cd 28 for me, i am wondering about the possibility that this is a chemical pregnancy...I have no particular reason to be concerned...just freaking out...any advice?
Yes... try to relax! I remember so well the anxiety of my first tri... seems like I didn't really relax until I was 14 weeks. I understand the fear... everyone everywhere seemed to have a tale of their miscarriages to tell me, what is wrong with people! Just know that you will be through this part before you know it and that anxiety in your first tri about actually keeping the baby is totally normal. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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Ok! I'm going to join (again, and hopefully for the LAST time)!

I'm Michelle, this is attempt #4 at baby #1 for me and my hubby. I'm 32, he's 30.

I finally started seeing an RE, and we're being monitored fairly closely this pregnancy since I've had 3 losses this year.

I recognize so many of you from the TTC thread, awesome!

Hi, Hi!

So far, I'm feeling optimistic about this pregnancy since the beta #s were good, 904 at 20DPO, then 3174 at 22DPO. I have an ultrasound on Friday, I'll be 6 weeks exactly. I have stretch marks on my sore, sore boobies, and am starting to feel nauseous, ugh.

I'm hoping that since this was the month we were trying NOT to concieve (well, not THAT hard...) that this will be when the baby decides to stick around.

It would, of course mean I'm 7 months pregnant as a bridesmaid in June, and MIL will not be thrilled, hee.

Oh, EDD: July 31st.
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