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Yeah I'm not ready. I have my mom and sisters' gifts mostly all ready to go up to them tomorrow - still have to pack them up and unmold the last of the chocolates, but I have a hobby horse to make for Rowan, and some playsilks, some pasteis de nata (portuguese custard tarts) to make for DH, brioche-based cinnamon buns for FIL... it's gonna be a busy week here!

I do have to say, though, that Rowan is being such a wonderful little help. Today we did some mad rush-around-shopping and she was SO cheerful and so happy and store clerks were loving her to bits because she's so respectful of all their stuff and other customers were loving her to bits because she was singing all over the place (and really, you haven't lived until you've paraded through a liquor store with a 3-ft child singing "The Grand Old Duke of York" at the top of her lungs complete with all the actions) and I just love her to bits period because after being dragged all over the place and not fed she was still cheerful when her daddy came home and got SUCH a kick out of decorating the Christmas tree and THEN she got dragged out to a party where she gave lots of people, including our lovely hostess, wonderful Christmas hugs and was about the best behaved toddler on the planet until way past her bedtime. My little bunny. I just love her so much. Oh and tonight when we were heading out she grabbed her daddy's hand and kissed it and he said "oh thank you! what was that for?" and she said "because I love you very much". I want her to stay 2 forever.
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I'm almost ready. I want this week to finish off by skipping Wednesday and also Friday through Sunday (unless work lets me be on call for Sunday, in which case I'll take it). My to-do list is mercifully short: a trip to Trader Joe's and swimming on Thursday if Neela's not too sick. I want to finish sewing Neela's dress, but looking at the mound of gifts accumulating from relatives I can let myself off the hook and finish it late. And I want to make one more little gift for DH, too- but it's only a "one nap" project.

The biggest challenge of the week is figuring out how to get massive amounts of stuff to a cabin in a little car filled with people. And not freaking out at all of the people who want elective inductions to avoid Christmas babies :

Spughy, Rowan sounds totally delightful. I'm loving the terrific twos, too.
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I'm posting again just to say that my post count has been in the 800s for months. I need to spend more time on MDC, or at least more time posting than reading. I want a senior member title!!!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
I hear a rumour that it's Christmas soon, and I'm not ready. Anyone else?
That Christmas thing really feels just like a rumor around here. We have boxes stacked EVERYWHERE and piles and piles of stuff to go into boxes too. I won't let DH touch Jacob's playroom until the day we move and then it will be the last thing we pack and the first things we unpack. I'm trying so hard to make this transition easy for him...

We didn't decorate this year, besides getting out Jacob's LP Nativity. We play with it everyday and tell stories about the people. I can't even count the number of kisses and hugs *baby* keeps getting. I even nursed baby Jesus last night. Next Christmas I hope we are somewhere *home* like and very settled in.

Jacob scared us to death last night, we came home from playing at the Science Center and he was acting kinda lethargic, so I felt his forehead and he felt so warm. Temp was 101.5 From there we went on a roller coaster of tylenol, popsicles, warm baths, and the temp dropped then skyrocketed to 103. I was a wreck but the little munchkin took it all in stride. Bedtime he started looking kinda green so we set up for catching toddler puke...it didn't come until 4 am which immediately broke the fever. He's acting himself this morning but wanting mama attached at all times. I think I can handle that. Thank goodness for Christmas break

*hugs* everyone. Merry Christmas! (in case the move gets the best of me and I'm not on again till next year) and Happy New Year~!
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Funny you should talk about your post count, Mel!!!

This is my 2000th post :


Think I'll make 2008 by 2008????

Helen - I'm not ready either but oh well. I have cookies to bake for the neighbors (have to make one batch with spelt flour so I can have some and the celiac ds neighbor next door can have some too). And I have to wrap presents. Get something for my nephew, SIL (the 22 yr old has everything snob), and send my parents their gifts (well, I guess i should get started on knitting my dad's hat first ).
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I'm not quite ready, but close. I sent out 9 boxes yesterday - home-made goodies and a few gifts for our close friends (this in addition to the 8 boxes last week). We bought a Mercy Kit for my FIL and S-MIL, and I am really curious to see how that is going to go over! They are so totally mainstream and think we are weirdos for all of our AP stuff, so I can just hear them now - "Ohhhh, a vaccination kit for third-world families. Thats...interesting." I wonder how they'll feel next year when we buy a family a goat in their honor from Heifer. Ha! I'm kind of wiped out and the house is trashed, but I still have a bunch of stuff to wrap for Jason and Brynn, and actually stuff still to buy, too!

Speaking of the terriffic twos, Brynn has been SO SWEET lately, it just kills me. I love spending our days together. She's gotten a lot more affetionate the past couple of weeks (right after I posted that she wasn't, actually) and now she will give and receive kisses spontaneously and on request, especially if I ask her for some "shuga." Oh, and I finally got a few funny things on video, including some stories and two takes of Brynn singing Rudolph. It's pretty funny.

She's also been nursing her babies lately, and carries them around in slings a lot, but unlike most 2-year old girls, she nurses dinosaurs and lizards rather than baby dolls.

Man there was so much more I wanted to say but of course I can't remember it now. I hope that you are all traveling safely and enjoying this week and next!!
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Originally Posted by willemsmamma View Post

Helen - I'm not ready either but oh well. I have cookies to bake for the neighbors (have to make one batch with spelt flour so I can have some and the celiac ds neighbor next door can have some too).
Spelt flour unfortunately has gluten in it, too. Rice and corn flour don't, though. It' sucks, since spelt "works" so much better in recipes :
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then rice it is!!!!!!!
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I have a friend who's borderline Celiac, basically he can have some gluten but gets sick if he overdoes it. I baked him cookies using oat flour and they worked perfectly. Oats don't have gluten, but if you buy them in the US they've almost always been contaminated during processing and do contain slight amounts of gluten.

Ellie was playing today on my exercise machine and before I could put it up, she fell off and busted right above her eye. Right on the outside edge between the corner of her eye and her eyebrow there's a big split. It looked deep, but didn't bleed much at all. I put some antibiotic ointment on it and a bandaid over it, and it didn't swell up too much. But I'm worried it'll open up and start bleeding periodically until it heals. I didn't want to take her to the ER, though. I hate going there (I always feel like I'm exposing us all to who knows what every time we step in a hospital, and ERs are the worst) and I didn't want to traumatize her with stitches. It'll be okay, right?
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willemsmama,try making mince pies with a shortbread base instead (use a shop-prepared gluten-free flour, I like a mix of potato, corn and rice. Just rice would do though.) Honestly. The original recipe was just cornflour and butter and sugar, but I tweaked it.
2 days. We have gas, units, but the painting won't be done by Xmas. I can live with that.

Jen, I think she's going to be fine, but if I were you I'd get some arnica in her.
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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups View Post
But I'm worried it'll open up and start bleeding periodically until it heals. I didn't want to take her to the ER, though. I hate going there (I always feel like I'm exposing us all to who knows what every time we step in a hospital, and ERs are the worst) and I didn't want to traumatize her with stitches. It'll be okay, right?
I think it will be okay, too If you're worried about it opening up you could put steristrips over it to hold it together.

Amy, Brynn is so cute. I have an almost identical video of Neela singing in dino pajamas! I think Neela might be her hairless twin, separated at birth.
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happy holidays, everyone!

we had some friends over last night and i made gingerbread cake with chocolate chips and a vegan "cream cheese" frosting. i was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out. so yummy. i have already eaten half a piece of it this morning. haha

i haven't gotten dh a single gift and don't know what to get him. we're just getting back into our life here but i cannot think of anything he needs or wants outside of having our kitchen gutted and a stove that isn't beat down and a fridge that doesn't hum constantly. but, i cannot imagine shopping for those things without his input or that either would fit under the tree. what to do?

ez has a few gifts from us and a whole box came from my mom. i am proud to say that are mainly wooden blocks, wooden vehicles and a few handknit things. this is the same woman who cannot recall what i liked in high school or what kind of degree i got in college b/c she was so not into my life. now, she knows how picky we are about what ez plays with and she works to respect it. that's one of the best gifts of all! mil, otoh is still gifting plastic crap from target. and, remains clueless about why we don't prefer it even after i have sent her numerous articles and websites about the toxicity of plastics and leads and toy recalls. ugh.

my dear friend is 11 days overdue planning her first homebirth. will you send her "come on out, baby" vibes today? we may go drop off a meal for them and hang for a bit today.
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thanks for the update, fern. what a cool experience and what a neat name!
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Awwwww. Helen and Fern....come on down!
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Gunter, that is cool that your mom is being so considerate about what she is getting for Ez! I just opened a box from Jason's aunt (for Brynn) and it's a really generic teddy bear dressed in a Christmas dress. Like, really? Does Brynn need *ANOTHER* stuffed animal that's just going to sit in the basket in the corner of her room? Apparently.

Anyway - I went out and braved the malls today to finish up my shopping for Brynn and Dh, and I will say that it was pretty much fine until around 4:00 when i started getting a vicious headache (which I still have). We met Kavita and Ella for lunch, and Brynn and Ella were being totally adorable - they started out blowing kisses, and then Ella came over and stroked Brynn's hair, and then they hugged, and then they rubbed noses, and then they kissed about 20 times. And then Brynn spotaneously told Ella and Kavita that she loved them so much! It was the cutest thing ever!!

Kavita then passed on some holiday cheer to me by offering to let Brynn come over to their house to play so I could run a couple of last errands sans bebe, and I have to tell you, it was almost comical how much easier it is to shop without a toddler! Who knew??! Brynn had so much more fun with them than she would have with me, and she got to run around naked to boot!

We totally bypassed Brynn's naptime (1:00) though, and she fell asleep in the car at 4:00, which I knew wouldn't really bode well for sleep tonight. And now it's 6:00 and she's STILL sleeping, good lord, even though I've tried to wake her up twice. Admittedly, I didn't try too hard because my head hurts so fricking bad right now that all I want to do is go to sleep too. So it's a crap shoot tonight. Wish us luck.

Helen, I'm sending you kitchen completion vibes!!!

Mel - Neela is so adorable! I watched her video and was cracking up; she knows more words to that song than I do! Brynn's bald twin - bwah ha!
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I hope you all will send mama Awaken some of your love. I read on this thread that she had lost her wee one.
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so it's for sure then?
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oh no!
how far along was she?

i just found out yesterday that my brother and SIL lost their baby, at 8 weeks.
they are devastated.

here, we are definitely feeling the christmas spirit, although i'm wretchedly behind on sending gifts out and to-do's. am hoping to get on top of everything in the next few days (i guess i have to!) i hope my family is okay with the bare-minimum gift -giving we're doing this year. it's all we could manage, and i'm just awful with crafts, so that wasn't really an option.

amy, brynn is So cute! i just watched the videos, and it made my night! thanks for sharing.

QofC, i would think your wee one is going to be okay. ditto on arnica, though.

helen, hooray on the kitchen being almost done!!!

off to try and rest, so i can be productive tomorrow, with mailing out our dvd's, food shopping and planning for christmas, and wrapping.

gunter, that is so great about the gifts from your mom.

oh, and i wanted to chime in with the adorable, sweet two year olds. i have been extra-bursting with love for my little boy, who has been so sweet, patient, and loving. wish i could think of a specific story, but am too tired at the moment.

hope everyone is relishing this delightful, delicious time of year!!!
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