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We just looked at a house down the block that is for sale, within our price range (which we thought was an impossible combination, especially in the neighborhood we're in). It would be perfect for us because the backyard literally butts up to the back alley entrance of our office. Timing is way off right now though. There is no way that we could put an offer on the place RIGHT NOW. And no way we would move before this baby (btdt, not doing it again!!!) unless it was RIGHT NOW. Dh is sort of kicking himself in the butt for letting the practice plateau after I left (I'm only there an hour a week). He just sort of still expected me to keep up with my end even when I was puking my guts out. We've started to have meetings again and he's starting to take my suggestions and follow through with them (mainly with marketing) so it's all good, in the long run, it's just now that this turned up he's a little frustrated with himself for allowing himself to slack off in order to "adjust" to the change in our plans (pg-wise).
I just hope everyone else who looks at it decides that it needs too much work and it doesn't sell until we can buy it.

ANYWAY. Keep your : for us for the next couple months
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Originally Posted by willemsmamma View Post
We just looked at a house down the block that is for sale, within our price range (which we thought was an impossible combination, especially in the neighborhood we're in). It would be perfect for us because the backyard literally butts up to the back alley entrance of our office. Timing is way off right now though. There is no way that we could put an offer on the place RIGHT NOW. And no way we would move before this baby (btdt, not doing it again!!!) unless it was RIGHT NOW. Dh is sort of kicking himself in the butt for letting the practice plateau after I left (I'm only there an hour a week). He just sort of still expected me to keep up with my end even when I was puking my guts out. We've started to have meetings again and he's starting to take my suggestions and follow through with them (mainly with marketing) so it's all good, in the long run, it's just now that this turned up he's a little frustrated with himself for allowing himself to slack off in order to "adjust" to the change in our plans (pg-wise).
I just hope everyone else who looks at it decides that it needs too much work and it doesn't sell until we can buy it.

ANYWAY. Keep your : for us for the next couple months
Why don't you meet with a lender to see where you're at?

Another possibility to consider is that you could put in an offer with a far-off closing date (2+ months) if you are pretty sure that you'll be in that position in a couple of months but just need a little time. If the seller isn't getting any other offers or is desparate you might have success with that.

Be careful with buying a house in general though--people want one so badly that they tend to be overly optimistic and gloss over any problems with the house and/or the financials, until they are living in the thing and then it's too late!!
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Kitchen's done Just got to paint the living room, get the tree out and then we're set for Xmas- oh, and plumb the washing machine in. : There's always something, isn't there?

Mary, if you come and read this here my little tribe are all praying really really hard for you and your family. I know this really isn't the way you hoped the holidays would be for you, and I know the next week is going to be tough in your life. We're here for you.

So, I have one and a half usable days before my mum gets here. What shall I do? :
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I love you guys so much, I really do. You are the best DDC ever. It has not been a fun week. But it dawned on me today, that maybe the upside of having every birth and loss at Thanksgiving and Christmas, is that each time we have already been off of work, spending extra time with loved ones, and making happy memories so it really is a good time of year for this to happen (Well I mean, if it has to happen- you know what I mean.)- we have something positive to remember the season by, not just the sad things.

Thanks for all the car discussions a while back- it really gave me some food for thought.

Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
I love sending goodies out in lieu of "gifts". Brynn and I had so much fun making them, and then we made a glitter hand-print (of Brynn's hand) on a piece of brown recycled paper (like a paper bag) and wrote "Made with loving hands" and put it on top of all of the treats so it'll be the first thing our loved ones see when they open the box. So fun!
Amy, that sounds delicious!! And the 'made with loving hands'- so cute! I may have to steal your idea for next year!

Originally Posted by barcelona View Post
Speaking of moms, I find it remarkable/interesting that so many of us have poor/non-existent mother figures...and here we are, mothering so consciously, with such awareness, purpose, affection, and attachment. We are breaking cycles everywhere!
That is awesome I see it as something good, and some purpose coming out of the crap that we went through. I doubt I'd be half the parent I am today if I hadn't had some struggles along the way.

Originally Posted by MelW View Post
It is perfect, Amy! I love Brain, Child. It's kind of the New Yorker of parenting mags. It's less AP than mothering, but smarter (and less glossy, less advertising, too).
I Brain, Child! Highly recommended. I don't subscribe b/c it takes me forever to get through any mags and I don't want a ton of them sitting around, but whenver I can get my hands on a used copy I'm all over it! Sharon- I'll have to check out that magazine you mentioned.
A friend at yoga brought me a whole bag of Utne magazines, just to be nice! I am so happy to have some interesting reading material!

Mel, and Amy- I'm so glad the girls are sleeping a little better! Any little bit of improvement is something to celebrate! I hope they keep it up.

Jen, Helen, Mel- I hope the girls are feeling better! Helen, I'm glad it was 'just' a pompom!

Spughy- your body scrub is a great gift idea! I'm going to keep that in mind for next year.

Alicia- scary! I'm so glad he was all right, and the fever broke.

Originally Posted by MelW View Post
I think Neela might be her hairless twin, separated at birth.

Happy weekend, and happy holidays everyone
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*sob* please be the end of this...

Oy vey what a day.

Jacob couldn't/wouldn't walk today. At first I thought it was a sleeping foot...but after an hour of him refusing to stand on it I began to realize something may be much more seriously wrong. 2 hours after he woke up he still wasn't taking more than one limping step without bursting into tears and falling down.

So we left at 10 this morning for the ped. We left the ped's office at 5 pm. We have a best guess but nothing for certain. When we got there, Jacob was trying to take steps but couldn't hold his weight for more than one step before he would fall down. He finally figured out he could get places by crawling so he just gave up on walking at all. Dr B checked him out and agreed "yep something is not right" She ordered x-rays and blood tests to rule out fracture and bacterial infection. She gave us a worst case scenario of a bone infection that would end up with him hospitalized. We tried desperately tried not to worry and took him down for the blood draw. The phlebotomist was HORRIBLE. She couldn't get his vein so she kept jabbing him with the needle over and over and over. She was rude and had no skills with working with kids at ALL. Adam finally told her to stop (I had no clue she hadn't actually started the blood draw yet because of how she had me holding him I couldn't see what she was doing) Jacob was hysterical. We decided to wait on the blood draw and went for the x-rays. I was SO glad at this point that I chickened out of doing the doctor on my own and called Adam at work to come too. I couldn't go in because of Leah, so I laid Jacob on the table and left as they were getting everything ready. Jacob and I both SOBBED through the x-rays. It was horrible. Not even THREE minutes after the x-rays were finished the entire hospital lost power. I was SO glad the x-rays were done before that happened.

As soon as they started doing labwork again with the power still out, Adam went and asked if there was a different phlebotomist to do the blood draw. We were told we would have to wait an hour to an hour and a half. I wasn't willing to wait that long and then wait for the results as well. The lady then started refusing telling me I'd have to wait for the new one to come on. I looked at her and told her to do her job and we got the blood draw done with no problems this time. I held Jacob *my* way and made sure he was comfortable before she started. After she was all "That worked really well" No joke, sherlock.

Both the blood draw and the x-rays came back normal. The doctor *thinks* it is transient synovitis but if it doesn't improve by Christmas we will go back and start more tests and such.

The kicker. Jacob is now on bedrest. How, pray tell, am I supposed to keep my hyperactive 2 year old (just ask anyone who knows him this kid doesn't stay still) on bedrest?!?!?! I'm praying this heals quickly and I am so glad it isn't something more serious.
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Not to be cliche or anything but have you considered taking him to a chiropractor? Other than getting adjusted, if it were my child I'd do microcurrent therapy on wherever it hurt. I did it on Gabriel's face when he fell (I have no idea how) and his face swelled up to where his upper lip was an inch and a half thick (no exaggeration!). He looked like a duck. Was very lethargic because of all the swelling etc.
Anyway, Jacob would get hooked up to a muscle stim machine with electrodes but he wouldn't feel anything. They aren't sure exactly how microcurrent works but it is the "current of healing." Within ten minutes of taking the electrodes off of Gabriel, (after a twenty minute session) the swelling had gone down significantly, like almost 70%! We did it once a day for three days and after the second session his swelling was completely gone.

I'll ask dh if he has any suggestions too. Try not to worry. Can you get him to take any natural anti inflammatories?

Big big hugs!! Poor Jacob. I hope he got some Rescue Remedy today!
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Oh, Alicia! How awful. I hope he gets better soon, I hope it IS transient synovitis.

And Awaken, big for you too. I'm so sorry.

Helen, I'm so glad your kitchen is done! I think you should spend that free day and a half sleeping. (yeah, what are the chances??? )

Amy, Rowan LOVED the videos of Brynn singing the Rudolph song. I asked her if she wanted to make a video like Brynn and she was all "oh yes please mummy" and she said she wanted to sing jingle bells, so we went to our Christmas tree and I turned on the camera and said "ok, let's sing jingle bells!" and she promptly burst into tears. :. Well, that's what I get for being a pushy copy-cat mama, I guess! I did get some footage of her singing it tonight, but it's at the end of a lengthy video that involves some whining about her "books" (christmas cards, in reality), some humping of Daddy's leg, and her reading some of my recipe books ("there's an egg and there's another egg and there's another egg"), so I need to do a bit of editing.
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I had teno-sinuvitis after my wrist fracture in my teens, and it responded well to infrared treatment. I'd suggest that you get that possibility ruled out. You CAN'T put a 2yo on bedrest, but there are things you can do- like long walks with him in a stroller- that will keep him off his feet.

Spughy, I have one wall of the living room (the long one) which needs a third coat of paint, then I'm putting the sofa together, taking the other one to the tip and getting Xmas decorations sorted I did the food shopping this morning- I'm just pondering the question "to brine or not to brine?" It's a free-range, non-organic turkey, if that makes any difference to anyone's answer.
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Kaspirant, that sounds so scary and horrible!!! I think when things like that happen, it's got to be at least as traumatic (if not moreso) for the mama as it is for the child. : Quick healing vibes for Jacob. Maybe instead of bedrest, could you sling him in some way? Do you have an ergo? Just thinking maybe he'd be happier to be still if he were attached to you or your DH?

Spughy, that is hilarious!

Awaken, I'm glad you can find a silver lining to your raincloud this holiday season. Wishing you lots of love and peace this coming week!
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Wow, so much going on! Kaspirant, that is so scary. Looking back, I think I had that one summer when I was about 7! My grandmother was scared to death I had polio, but the rest of the family just described it as "growing pains."

I've decided to start a new tradition this year! On Christmas Eve we go to my parents house for a traditional Christmas dinner, then we go to church for the Candlelight Service, then we come back to their house to exchange presents. The next morning we'll do our Christmas at home, then go to the in-laws house to exchange presents. I think they'd been expecting us to stay and have Christmas dinner with them, but I let them know that we'll be coming back home and having our own Christmas dinner (and they didn't even throw a fit! it's a Christmas miracle!). ANYWAY, I'm going to make lasagna for dinner and then we'll have a birthday cake for Jesus. I think its really hard for the kids to recognize that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birthday (for Christians, at least - I'm Christian and DH is atheist) and I'm thinking a birthday cake will make it more real/obvious. Anyway, I'm excited to start a few of our own traditions... holidays are always a bit stressful for me because my ILs have these very precise traditions that they are usually pretty fanatical about, to the point that its intimidating and makes the holiday a lot less fun for me, at least. For example, on Christmas morning, everyone comes down and opens their stockings one at a time, then you must go get a plate of food - sausage balls, cheese braid, and Christmas tea are always served, then we go around the room opening presents one at a time but the Santa presents must be opened first, then at the very end you may open the family-exchange presents... oh, and my MIL sometimes gets really obsessive about what order you open presents in, so every time its your turn to open a present, you have to ask "Is this one okay?" about six times before she okays it. And, there's seriously 20+ presents for everyone in the family. Prior to Christmas we have the very regimented Christmas Tree decorating party (last week), plus the annual Christmas Cookie baking day (luckily I can send the kids to do that now instead of participating myself, last time I did it MIL spent the whole time pointing out how I don't do it exactly like SIL always has - even though SIL doesn't care enough to come participate), and I know I'm forgetting something else during the season... Its insane (and kind of weird to me, since they're not even Christians), but it has gotten a bit relaxed since the kids started participating. And, I'm stressed about our trip next weekend to visit their extended family. My FIL told me a few years ago that his mother and sister like me, "Because they think you're a knockout, that's what's important to them." So, now I'm always insanely stressed about being judged based on my appearance, I struggled with an eating disorder in my college days and you never fully recover, you know? Anyway, I've gained a few pounds since last Christmas and am really struggling with not liking how I look at the moment and knowing that I'm going to visit a bunch of people who like me based solely on how I look freaks me out. Plus, I'm mad at myself for even caring! Its so silly! Its shallow of them, and I'm just buying into it if I let myself get all worked up.

Okay, there was my little pre-holiday meltdown. Thanks for letting me vent! I can't write much about this on my blog, since my ILs read it everyday. And DH goes into, "Why are you so stressed about this? They don't mean any harm! Why are you being a bitch?" if I try to share with him how stressed I am. You know, I want to create traditions for my family, but I want them to be a celebration and not a ritual that will exclude anyone who ever joins our family, you know?
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*hugs* mamas.

I'm so sleepy. We do have an beco...but I'm 29 weeks preggo so that makes using it near impossible...for me but DH has tried. I am curious if it's hip pain though how the beco is on that pain..I don't even know if our ped would really know the answer to that...I guess if it hurts he'd tell us.

I thought of the stroller too...Here's hoping for a nice long walk today. I know I can't keep him on bedrest, but it's so heartbreaking to see him *try* to walk, and fail in pain. We are doing the best we can with keeping him out of pain. I can't try many new things for the pain for him because with us moving next week we had to pay rent in both places this month so we are kinda seriously broke.

I hadn't thought of the chiropractor and kinda wish we had done that first. I know I freaked out a bit too much when it all started happening. With being pregnant, and an emotional wreck from work right now I pretty much lost it when he woke up and wouldn't walk. We love our ped and she has been so supportive of our semi-crunchiness I just wish we hadn't had to do all that stuff we didn't *want* to do to rule out all the bad things it could have been. I'll have to call and see what my co-pay is. SUCKS that money is such an issue right now...

He is such an active little guy. It's crazy when we get together with barcelona because her little guy will just sit and play with things for periods of time happy as can be and Jacob runs and runs and runs. He's always been that way.

Awaken You are in my heart and prayers. I admire you in all you say here, I pray your heart is where your words are and you find comfort and peace in being with your family.

barcelona I miss you. I wish it wasn't so dang hard for us to find time to play together. *hugs* to you and all your family!!

flapjack YAY! on the kitchen. How seriously exciting.

Be careful with buying a house in general though--people want one so badly that they tend to be overly optimistic and gloss over any problems with the house and/or the financials, until they are living in the thing and then it's too late!!
That is exactly why we will rent when we move to Colorado before we buy our house...but DANG it is going to be so hard to wait. We have our down payment it was our wedding gift from our parents. I'm really hoping though, that the house we buy is the house we retire in. I want a home for my kids to come home to. A place they can bring special people to and
reminisce about their childhood. DH has that and it is so very special. When he first brought me *home* to his parents we spent days wandering around and I got to see into him in ways he never knew how to open up before. I got to hear stories of the places, people and things that made him the man I love and cherish. I want that for my kids.

willemsmamma Praying your perfect house is there and ready when you are. *even if it isn't the one you think it is now*

*hugs* mama. The boys just woke up so here we go for a fun-filled day of packing and trying to keep Jacob off his feet.
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Kaspirant~ I hope that you guys have a better day and that the rest isn't too challenging! How exhausting

QofC~ Enjoy your family celebrations and may the rest just roll off your back.

Awaken~ Big hugs to you and your family.

Spughy~ about Rowan's movie. My biggest challenge in toddler video making is trying to shoot only above the waist, since she rarely wears bottoms

I feel like this year I have the "spirit" of Christmas in a most positive sense. My mind-space is so good about it- I'm enjoying Neela's delight in the lights and music, the joy of making and choosing gifts for family, baking foods that we celebrate with and spending time with family. I certainly have had a few moments of wanting to snap at a toddler who would watch Christmas specials and eat candy all day long if I let her, but I feel like enjoying Christmas through her eyes has really made the traditions special for me. I was raised and remain totally secular/non-religious, but still love the specialness of the Christmas/Soulstice/Yule celebrations.

We're off to our cabins tomorrow, so wishing you all a wonderful week!
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happy winter solstice today! we loaded up the bird feeders this afternoon to celebrate then baked gingerbread cookies for the first time ever. so much fun.

helen- s glad that your kitchen is done! and, so jealous, too b.c mine needs some serious help.

kaspirant- what a roller coaster. i hope that jacob's foot heals asap. and, i hope that he doesn't go stir crazy while trying to rest. how do you feel about movies or signing times videos? i would even mail you our whole stash of signing times for a long borrow time if you want. just pm me about it.

willemsmama- the house beside me is for sale. PLEASE buy it. I even know a Realtor who had all his kids at home! I love where i live!

QoC- as someone trying to know/love god, i struggle to figure out how to celebrate christmas each year and am finding it especially hard now that i have to talk about stuff with ezra. my roommate in college always grew up with the jesus birthday cake. i am thinking about doing it this year, too to help ezra frame it more as a celebration of the birth of jesus. OT but, do you ever get frustrated with things dubbed, "the birth of jesus" and they never actually say ANYTHING about the actual labor or birth? must be the doula in me that gets upset about that!

it's too long of a rant for now but i am having MAJOR MIL issues right now. she's basically bordering on screwing up our chirstmas plans with her smothering! she didn't tell or ask when she would come to visit until thursday night...she assumed she would come sunday and stay through christmas! uuuhmm, what? she's only been here on christmas eve to stay the night and that was a month after ez was born more than it was about the holiday part. i love waking up at my own house on christmas morning and doing the cheesy under the tree dive after making a big breakfast. the shameful part is that i just don't want to share all of that with her around! someone kick me. how lame that i don't even want my own MIL around on christmas. she sent us a major guilt inducing e-mail about having to spend christmas "alone or with another person's family". sorry, i meant to not rant and to stay positive. just send the spirit of kindness my way, mamas!

happy holidays, everyone!
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Gunter, I *completely* understand where you are coming from. DH & I are both very protective about our sacred Christmas day, especially that morning. This is actually the first Christmas we'll have, since Finley's birth, just the three of us. I can't wait!!!! SIL and her boyfriend will come over for dinner, which will be nice, but I'm anticipating, with great joy, sharing our special Christmas morning together. I hope your MIL can understand...or if you do decide to have her over, that it is still special for your family.

QofC, your new tradition sounds great! And I'm thrilled it went over easily with the IL's. And talk about stressful, with them! I was stressed just reading about it. I don't blame you for wanting to take back some of the holiday for yourself. I hope it's a wonderful few days, with family and yourselves.

Helen, YAY on the kitchen!!!!

Kaspirant, let's make sure to get together as soon as 2008 is upon us. We'll come help unpack in your new little cabin I'm so sorry for your big scare with Jacob. We are sending all of our loving healing vibes your way. I hope he can walk by Christmas. Poor little guy!!!

Awaken, I am so sorry for your loss, and am so inspired by your positive perspective during this time. I am glad you are surrounded by family, love, and the warmth of the season. I hope it continues to heal you.

Mel, it all sounds delightful! And I know what you mean. This year's Christmas feels sort of like the first one since I was a kid...seeing and feeling it all through Finley's wide eyes. It is so much fun.

I have been a bit stressed getting presents out the door, and money stress, as usual, but I think that is all behind me now, and I am relaxing, enjoying my family, our tree, the lights, clementines and cookies, carols, and our sweet angel of a boy.

Oh, and good things have happened with my career this week, so that is helpful and hopeful, especially as the strike looks like it will last so long, and my career will continue to be on hold. Ah, patience. And I will happily focus on motherhood and learning more in the domestic spheres of my life, while the strike keeps going on. And I will have to write on the side, too, which I'm doing, and am excited about.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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Gunter, I too understand about the MIL thing, believe me! My MIL has toned it down quite a bit this year but we have had many a struggle about boundaries and expectations - especially around birthdays and holidays. (That being said, I got two boxes via express mail from her yesterday, totalling $90 in postage, filled with size 4T and 5T clothes - for my kindergardener, I guess? - and other bizarre/used crap. I really would have preferred a nice card sent regular mail with a gift card to Gymboree, but hey.) I thought she was going to come up for Christmas but turns out she won't be here, and neither will DH's (extremely annoying) childhood friend we were expecting either, so it's just the three of us. YAY! We're going to have a quiet family Christmas morning, and then have dinner with two other families who also don't have family in this area, which I think will be nice and relaxed, but fun. And it won't be at our house, so even better! I'll get to cook some of my favorite dishes to share, which is one of the things I love about Christmas, but won't have to worry about our house getting trashed by six kids (four of whom are toddlers!). Tomorrow is when we take our stuff to the Home of the Innocents for the orphans and pregnant teens, and then open our new jammies.

We didn't do anything for Solstice yesterday, which I feel kind of bad about, but I have to remind myself I don't have to do *everything* this year. We did take Brynn to a living Nativity last night, which she really enjoyed - especially the goats - so I guess that will have to count as our solstice activity.

And back to your post, Gunter, I can totally relate to your struggles about how to celebrate Christmas. I am not a Christian, but DH is, although more in a "Jesus was a great teacher" kind of way than the dogmatic save-your-soul kind of way. Even though I'm not, though, I still feel that since we are celebrating Christmas, we need to teach Brynn the reason we are doing it, so I've been trying to keep everything as "authentic" as possible. The birthday cake is a really good idea, too! I hadn't thought of that. But last night I was at the living Nativity thing, and one of the ladies asked Brynn, "Did you see the baby? Did you see the Savior?" and I was like, "Brynn, that is baby Jesus, just like on our Advent table!" Savior...? Not so much, for us. Anyway.

barcelona, I was thinking about you the other day, and the whole writer's strike. What a bummer that is going on right when your career is really taking off! I hope it resolves quickly!

Kaspirant, still thinking of you and Joseph.

Helen, how's your down-time going? Getting lots of rest?

Mel, that is awesome. Glad you are really feeling the spirit.

Jen, umm...DH's family sounds kind of awful. I don't have any words of advice but I hope you can come to a peaceful place inside yourself about it before you have to see them. My best friend has some really weird issues with her family right now and was worried about how to handle her dad when she saw him on Thanksgiving, and I suggested just deciding not to let any of it get to her that day and focus on making it a special day for *her* family - herself, her husband, and their kids. I think it helped to remind her that she is indeed an adult too and has her own family to think about. I know sometimes when we are with the older generation of our families, it is easy to feel like the "kids" ourselves, so I have to remind myself too, I am a mother, a woman, and a wife - not a child - and I don't have to engage in anyone's family drama bullshit. But here's a hug to get through the next few days!

Well Brynn's still sleeping so I need to go balance the checkbook while I have a few moments. So enjoy this Christmas Eve-Eve, y'all!

PS: I really miss Fern.
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I miss Fern too. I'm really excited for the point when she moves back down to the city to have this babymoon. (Anyone know if Christa's popped yet, btw?)

Downtime- well, we wimped out of the walk around the woods tonight, the boys and I had a nice mellow afternoon wrapping all the family presents and putting the tree up I can't believe we did it and got the living room redecorated and the whole house ready for Xmas in two days. My family kicks ass.

Gunter, I go for the total hypocrisy option with the nativity. I'm pretty sure that the reason that we celebrate Christmas in mid-winter is because there was an established tradition of big, big parties just after the winter solstice and Christianity couldn't find a reason for one of their own, so they drew parallels between the christ child and the sun god, and frankly, fair enough. For us, it's a time for celebrating family- and remembering those of our family who were practicing Christians- and being grateful for what we've got. We have a tree, we choose not to have a nativity, and we have a heck of a lot of greenery and candles- or at least, we will.

Did I mention I'm exploring Quakerism, by the way? Whilst I think following the celtic wheel of life is something that's going to stay with me for the rest of my life, I'm too far away from where I started out and my family were/are spiritually- so the journey continues. Their message, of god in everyone, ties in so closely with what I believe myself, that I want to know more.
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Hey Helen, if it helps any, all the Quakers I've known have been completely awesome people. :

We celebrated the solstice last night with friends and a duck for dinner. Needless to say, the duck occupied a different place at the table than my friends did. It was a very nice locally raised pastured happy duck, and it went very well with the sour cherry confit. : And my friends' little boy is Rowan's BFF and they play SO well together and have little conversations which is just the cutest thing EVER. Anyway, it was a wonderful evening and a good time was had by all.

Today is DH's birthday - poor guy, it always gets eclipsed by Christmas. In a weird coincidence, it's also my friend Marci's (who was over for dinner last night) birthday. Anyway, I have to make an angel food cake today, so last night I separated a bunch of eggs and made eggnog with the yolks.

Rowan has a snuffy nose and I feel like I'm fighting a cold. I hope it doesn't really materialize.

I sympathize with those of you with difficult families. That's one good thing about having DH's parents in town, we just wander over to their place when we're ready in the morning. But, we're also always expected at their place for dinner, and it's the usual overcooked bland everything. But, I've stopped looking at it as an eating occasion - it's a socializing occasion, and so it's fine. I never feel horribly stuffed late on christmas day, at least! I miss my family though. We always had awesome Christmas dinners - and my sisters and mom will be doing so in my absence. I think this year it's the same thing we always had growing up, wild goose with wild rice, mushroom & waterchestnut stuffing, braised spiced red cabbage, etc. In the past we've done lobster, or turducken, or other fancy stuff.

I also just found out that my younger sister MADE Rowan's present... a collection of wooden blocks. All different kinds of wood, so they'll all be different weights and feel different, and she cut, stained/painted and finished all of them. What an awesome aunt. I can't wait to see them.

I need to go relight the fire now. Sorry for the ramble. I like the jesus cake idea, but I also like the flaming christmas pudding And since Rowan isn't that into dessert, I think for this year anyway something on fire will go over rather better than boring old birthday cake.
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Just popping in quickly to read up and say hi! I need to get to bed/sleep!

We went to a nice xmas party tonight, with a bunch of DH's coworkers and their families who moved here with us. It was actually quite fun. Of course it took for-ev-er to get Ella to sleep later. And by the time I did, I was just so wired up myself that I couldn't sleep. And here I still am. Sigh.

Tomorrow we will begin celebrating the Christmas holiday with our own very special family tradition--Yuletide Home Renovation. I have a 5 gallon bucket of paint sitting here and we are going to repaint the living room, dining room, hallway, and master bedroom. We just got our new couch on Friday, and I'm liking having a couch instead of the ratty futon! So that's life in the fast lane over here!

Alicia, hope your LO recovers quickly and that things go smoothly with that and moving. Make sure to drink enough water!!

Q of C, that does sound really rigid with the family thing! Glad you'll have time for your own immediate family away from the whole extended family brouhaha.

Barcelona, I too was wondering about the strike and how that's affecting you at this point. Heck, I'm just freaking out that Grey's Anatomy (my one show that I actually watch) is grinding to a halt . . . I can't imagine if my livelihood were involved too, that would be very difficult. But it sounds like you're taking it in stride and making the best of the situation and the time with your family!

Helen, glad that your house is coming together!! Sounds like it's going to be so nice to have it all done!!

Mel, glad that you are enjoying the wonder of the season through Neela's eyes!

Gunter, hope things work out with your MIL and you have the Christmas morning you desire with your family, one way or another!

Amy, not much to say to you since I just talked to you on the phone not too long ago! glad you are feeling better. (And on a purely selfish note, also glad that you and Brynn didn't end up having something horrible and contagious right after Ella and Brynn were makin' out! )
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I miss Fern too. I'm really excited for the point when she moves back down to the city to have this babymoon. (Anyone know if Christa's popped yet, btw?)

im here! ive just been sick.. sick.. sick.. the worst cold ive ever had times 20 and now i have a cold sore on my bottom lip to add icing to the cake. sheesh..

and im trying to get christmas shopping and crafting, baking and all of that stuff done. plus im having to re-nest all over again in the big darkish living room of my parents and ive been moving things around and trying to figure out where top put everything so it feels cozy but also practical for a water birth, then baby moon ect ect..

i've been peeking in here but not with enough time to read everything and respond and i always feel lame when i just say hi but have nothing of substance to say.

and ngaio has been possessed by the devil or something. she is downright horrible at times.. mostly at bed time. two nights in a week she has woken with screaming and yelling and sobbing at like 3am but wont let me near her to comfort her. she even goes as far as screaming "i hate you mom" "leave me alone" "no mom no" and in between sobbing with her hand over her mouth like she is in pain. and ive nearly been in tears both nights. i don't know if its nightmares or what but its hard to take. im so worried that she is going to do this when im in labour or when the baby is tiny and its a bit stressful...nothing has changed except everything, and i know transitions can be hard on little people, but still..this is pretty drastic. and last night it took me 3 hours to get her to sleep when normally it takes moments...it was more of the screaming and yelling and sobbing but not letting me hold her or comfort her. she is usually such a happy, easy going little munchkin. this is just so not like her

ps. i think christa did have her baby.. a boy i believe.. she posted in the december ddc.

ETA link..

so thats my update. sorry for being MIA
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yay for christa! i just saw her post. she and i were swap partners back when we were preggo together last time. dh and i otally liked the name landon which she named her nov babe!

sorry to hear that ngaio is having a hard time. ez sometimes puts her hand over her mouth like that (while crying and other times) and i always ask if her mouth is hurting her. but it doesn't seem like that is what's wrong. she has been throwing things just this week and it's really bothering dh and i. like, where did that come from all of a sudden? hope they both can get settled back into themselves soon and especially while we're in labor/nursing newborns!

kavita- my bf is painting her kitchen this week after an inspirational ikea trip to check out cabinets. i want a couch from there, too. we had to get rid of ours after we got back from bali. it was way torn and had fleas and really gross dirty. disgusting. so, we picked one out with a lounge on it. just gotta get some decent cash flow first and then we can order it!

spughy- that is so awesome that your sis made rowan's gifts! sorry that you don't get to be close to them right now.
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