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Originally Posted by Gunter View Post

kavita- my bf is painting her kitchen this week after an inspirational ikea trip to check out cabinets. i want a couch from there, too. we had to get rid of ours after we got back from bali. it was way torn and had fleas and really gross dirty. disgusting. so, we picked one out with a lounge on it. just gotta get some decent cash flow first and then we can order it!
Oooooooh, Ikea! :-) We looked at their couches there too--I kind of like some of them there. Of course, the nearest one is about 6 hours drive from here, so the shipping would sort of defeat the purpose of buying a cheap couch. In the end we bought an inexpensive leather couch from Ashley furniture. Obviously, not a vegetarian option, but I think it will withstand the dogs and children better than fabric.

Anyway, hope that all who celebrate are having a very Merry Christmas Eve!!
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I'm going to jump the gun a little and wish everyone a merry Christmas now! It's not quite nine here, but I have a few minutes and thought I'd do a quick post.

Rowan's got a cold, poor little monkey. She had a hard time with her nap today, which was late anyway, and I ended up having to wake her at 6 for dinner. Now of course she's jumping all over the place, totally junking out on Toopy & Binoo so I could finish my baking. Things are resting in the fridge now, I just have the custard filling for DH's tarts to do and I have to finish FIL's cinnamon buns - they'll rise overnight and bake tomorrow am.

Tomorrow I get to spend most of the day in the kitchen preparing for our Open House on Boxing Day. SOOOO looking forward to that. I'm making many delicous non-Xmas yummies. Yay cooking!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.
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Merry Christmas!

Our new sofa is from IKEA, btw- a 4 seater klippan. It's big enough to hold two adults, two kids, a toddler and a dog comfortably, and I heartily recommend it BUT it needs cushions. I've been spending too much time on it today- my feet swelled up yesterday and the GP put me on antibiotics for a UTI, ordered me back on Thursday to have my BP checked and told me to keep my feet up. On Xmas Eve. Yeah, right. I think it's nice she tried, though.
Hugs to everyone, and Fern, can you keep track of the date your snuffles started for me please? I STILL believe that mother nature knows exactly what she's doing when so many full-term mamas come down with colds. That said, I hope you feel better soon.
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merry frigging x-mas!

well, its christmas.. its been a nice morning. the kids are upstairs playing with their toys.. ngaio got a waldorf doll with a sling and a teeny baby inside and a doll sling so she can carry her doll who is carrying her baby. its very cute. i gave her my old wooden doll bed that she had never seen with some new blankets made by grama g and she is ever so happy, she is trying to sleep on it but its about half her size . elwynn has a playmobil pirate ship with about 500 pieces, he is in heaven and above...actually it feels like i gave them way too much, but i guess im feeling like they will need a lot of other distractions while im having so much energy focused on this new baby very soon. nhaio is still sick as well, so im really hoping that this baby will wait a few more weeks so we are all healed up and healthy, but im already 2 cm dialated and a very soft thin cervix..so we shall see.

helen: i think i woke up sick monday the 17th..i know i was sick that wednesday because that was the day elwynn had his school concert. i was finally feeling better yesterday but this am i woke up with a new different sore throat (only on one side..)and a tooth ache on a tooth that ive known for months was eventually going to bother me..but why now. why? i need to get it pulled but i know most dentists wont do it when you are so close to baby having...i could get antibiotics but if baby comes while im on them im so worried about thrush. plus i never take them and i just dont want to do any more harm to my hurting body...

my bp is kinda irritating me.. its always been on the high side durring pregnancy and it hasn't changed yet so far but my midwife is still saying "lots of protein..rest..ect" which is hard at this time of year when a) im sick, cant taste anything and it hurts to swallow and b) there is way too much to do to rest
.. but my mom is cooking a massive organic turkey so im going to eat as much as i can even if i cant taste the stuff

so merry christmas to you all.
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: Merry x-mas. :

And take care of yourself, MamaFern. If your MW is telling you to eat lotsa protein and rest, it's pretty important...does she worry you're gonna go preeclamptic? You can also take epsom salt baths, up your vitamin B, folic acid, and a calcium/magnesium supplement, and feel free to PM me for any more natural tricks with blood pressure/pree. Good luck!
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Fern, your tooth could be doing your BP- look for the top figure rising, rather than the bottom. I'm in a similar situation right now on sofa-rest, (yeah, right) so you have my sympathies Have you tried zinc, B vits and vitamin C to kill off these infections?
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Merry post-Christmas! We had a fun morning of opening gifts - I got knitting needles and a VERY nice how-to-knit book, which includes a DVD, so I will have no excuse for not being able to knit some really awesome stuff this year. Brynn got WAY too much stuff, most of it nice (some crap, of course) but I am seriously going to put about 66.66% of it up in her closet for a few months from now.

I got really sad seeing a picture of my family all together at my Dad's house, and started crying, and asking DH what the hell are we doing here? I kind of felt down for the rest of the day, despite having Christmas dinner with friends. It just doesn't feel right to be so far from family, especially at Christmas. But as we discussed again last night, this is where we need to be for now. Sigh.

Today I'm going to the gym (by myself!!) and then we're going to Barnes & Noble to spend our gift cards, and maybe over to Kavita's to collect some worms. Good times!!

Fern, try to take good care of yourself Mama. It won't be much longer now. Helen - you too!! As of today, there is nothing else that must be done, is there?? Time to rest, lady!

Jen, what a beautiful collage of your family photos! How did it go with the extended in-laws yesterday?

Spughy, can I come for your party? Sounds like fun!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Fern, your tooth could be doing your BP- look for the top figure rising, rather than the bottom. I'm in a similar situation right now on sofa-rest, (yeah, right) so you have my sympathies Have you tried zinc, B vits and vitamin C to kill off these infections?
my bp is bordering on high, but it hasn't changed since 25 weeks (my first time getting it checked..) but i guess my midwife just wants to be sure its not going to get higher. and yep..ive been taking zink and vit c and extra cal/mag and echinacea and homepathic remedies..i havnt taken extra b vitamins, mostly because my prenatal is high in them.. but i could add it.
last night i barely slepy because my head was spinning and i had such bad heartburn (it only happens once in a while for me) im not sure if i was feverish or what but im still feeling queezy and unsettled. im trying to take care of myself, but its friggin hard right now.

on a nice note its my baby elwynn's 5th birthday! i cant believe that 5 years ago today i was in the end stretch of a very long labour..he was born at 1:41 in the afternoon dec.26th. so tiny and sweet
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It's only been a couple days and there is so much to catch up on already! First of all, a very merry christmas to everyone- I hope you all had a wonderful day.

And speaking of Ikea, dh and Ethan just walked in from being there all afternoon!

alicia oh no! I am so sorry to hear about Jacob's foot. How is he today? I hope it's something that can resolve on it's own. I agree, I don't see how anyone could keep an active toddler on bedrest! I like the long walk in the stroller suggestion! I am thinking of you, esp. w/ your job, pregnancy, and living situation.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by kaspirant View Post
willemsmamma Praying your perfect house is there and ready when you are. *even if it isn't the one you think it is now*
I couldn't say it better myself. monique, I hope it all works out for you when and how it's supposed to. It will be so exciting, one of these days in the near future, when you have a new baby, new home, and thriving practice!

Originally Posted by Gunter View Post
"the birth of jesus" and they never actually say ANYTHING about the actual labor or birth? must be the doula in me that gets upset about that!
I really like the jesus' birthday cake idea! We have so many birthdays around the holidays here, what's one more?! I think it's a great way to make it more concrete for kids. I always think about what it must have been like at the actual birth- how did Mary and Joseph feel having a first baby in such an unusual situation, what was it truly like in that stable, and were there any women around to help out during the birth and get her started nursing? And I do wonder why He would be put in a manger, instead of just snuggling with mom, esp. considering the circumstances!

Originally Posted by barcelona View Post
Oh, and good things have happened with my career this week, so that is helpful and hopeful, especially as the strike looks like it will last so long, and my career will continue to be on hold. Ah, patience. And I will happily focus on motherhood and learning more in the domestic spheres of my life, while the strike keeps going on. And I will have to write on the side, too, which I'm doing, and am excited about.
barcelona- I'm glad you have this perspective on the situation! It must be hard since the strike situation is so open-ended, it's hard to plan for the future. I'm glad you have a little one to keep you focused and active and occupied! Enjoy this extra time with him and hope you get some good writing done!

Helen- so glad to hear the house is coming along! and yay about your new, big, comfortable couch! enjoy it!!

Fern Hugs, mama!! I hope you can get enough rest, and the vitamins and other stuff help you feel better and knock out whatever infection might be there! sorry Ngaio is giving you a tough time right now- I am thinking of you with the birth-day approaching!

I was so excited to read about Aubrey's and Christa's babies! It sounds like both births were awesome!

Thanks again everyone for your support I'm so glad I have you all. I am doing as well as can be expected, but what is hitting me now is that I'm left with a 3-months-pregnant body and postpartum hormones, and no baby to show for it I feel really awful about myself and how I look. Part of it is the lack of routine around this holiday/birthday time- everything has been so off schedule- work, Ethan off of school, naps are off, all kinds of holiday treats hanging around and not enough physical activity are all combining to make me feel so yucky on top of dealing with the emotional aspects of the loss.

I think in the new year, when school, work, naps, and meals get back to normal, and my yoga classes start up again I'll start feeling better about life. I have some major goals and projects in the first few months of the year, so having that focus I think will really help, too.
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Mary. I remember the day that I fastened my trousers after the twins were born was the worst day of my life. I just cried and cried and cried. It's tough, but we'll get you through it. Just come and vent when you need to, OK?

Fern, I'm glad you're doing better, and happy birthing day to you and happy birthday to Elwynn! I can't believe he's 5- I know that makes sense, given that he was 2 when I "met" you, but it still feels strange somehow knowing that we've all grown 2 years older together. KWIM?

Amy thanks! No, nothing left that needs to be done apart from parenting three kids, tidying the house, routine housework, maintenance and possibly redecorating our bedroom, and all of that can wait.
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Originally Posted by Awaken View Post
Thanks again everyone for your support I'm so glad I have you all. I am doing as well as can be expected, but what is hitting me now is that I'm left with a 3-months-pregnant body and postpartum hormones, and no baby to show for it
I went through that too, with my miscarriage. My body didn't get the message that I wasn't pregnant for several months so it took a long time for the weight to come back off. The first few days were really hard, but I actually think the day that I really grieved the most was the EDD for that pregnancy (2/21/05 - I still remember!) when I didn't have my first "baby" and I wasn't yet pregnant with Brynn. It was really hard. I hope your new year projects help to keep you occupied and get you to feeling good again.

On a happier note, I just have to say that Brynn has been off-the-charts cuddly the past few days (for her, anyway) and it just makes my heart want to explode!! Tonight we were sitting on the couch together and she was just snuggling on me and asking me to hold her tightly and telling me that I'm "special" and that she loves me soooo much! It was honestly like the best thing ever. I'm on an emotional high!
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Awww, Amy aren't cuddly little girls the *best*???

Our party went pretty well. Not as many people as I'd hoped, and most of them came at exactly the same time - I'd done a "show up anytime between 11 and 5" invitation and between 2 and 3:30 we had, like, 15 people in our house which was WAY too many and barely anyone for the rest of the time, but it was ok - although of course that was exactly when Rowan was asleep! She slept through all the noise and fuss, and woke up just after the huge crowd had left, when DH's cousin and her husband arrived. So she got to see them, which was nice, but she missed a couple of her little friends who came while she was asleep. Oh well, they enjoyed her toys at least!

Rowan got a Radio Flyer tricycle for Christmas, and a wooden toy train, and the set of blocks from my sister, plus assorted other sock-type things and some books and dvds. Altogether it wasn't as bad as I'd expected - everyone was mercifully restrained except for DH's grandma, who got her some sort of Dora playhouse thing that we haven't given to Rowan yet because it needs to be, er, assessed.

Anyway, we had a very nice Christmas, except I feel completely overstuffed - WAY too much food for the past 2 days. Tomorrow I'm going starch and sugar-free again, and it'll be almost a relief.

Off to finish the shortbread cookies...
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Just checking in. We got back last night. Ugh. I'm still sick with this sinus infection.
I ranted and raved on the yahoo group about my Christmas. I'm so glad we'll be home next year.

Be catching up on posts here soon!!!

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Warning: long

Mamafern, have you told your MW how you're feeling with the head spinning and heartburn? Because those can also be PreE symptoms (when I had it, I thought I had the flu), so you should really talk to her. Have you had any weird eye or headache problems? Do you have any of the other signs (i.e. if you push your finger into your calf, is it leaving a big mark? Have you been gaining weight very, very rapidly?). Even though your BP has been the same, sometimes women just get a sort of PreE look about them from the water retention -- maybe she's worried about this?

On a totally different note, Spughy, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT RADIO FLYER BIKE?!? We got one too, and we have no room.

It hurts and upsets me, because this year, I told grandma we did NOT want a bunch of random stuff. If she wanted to get us something, we gave her a highly specific list (hey, she asked) of what we needed to make our small house more livable (i.e. puzzle organizer for Emmett for his dozens of puzzles). Instead, we drove home with about $1600 worth of freakin' returns in our trunk. I mean, it's totally ridiculous. She goes nuts with the shopping, and then we spend the next week in the mall returning everything. We got so much stuff, it wouldn't all fit in the car (we had to leave the bike there).

I about wanted to cry when I saw the bike. When I told her our garage was overflowing and we didn't want any more big stuff, it's like she went and got the exact opposite. It's like using X-mas shopping to get in your emotional digs.

What would you guys do? We've tried suggesting other ways of celebrating xmas, but then she starts crying and insisting we're ruining xmas, and how this is an important family memory of a big pile of presents under the tree, etc. I wonder if it's not some sort of insecurity thing, a middle-class, we've got enough money to run the credit cards up to excessive levels sort of syndrome.

I think the only way to deal is to go away next year. Like, far, far away. Where tinsel is banned. They can join us if they like.

It's like eating an entire cake, instead of one slice. You just feel empty, no matter how full you're "supposed" to feel.

And along that line, I joined Weight Watchers online last week. Anyone want to join with me?
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Awww FSM. I feel really disappointed in my family this year too, so all I can say is people are selfish, and they suck. Seriously.

I'm not going to join WW, but I'm on the chubby mama wagon! Fifteen pounds is my goal. Maybe I'll go add a ticker to my sig.
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Yeah, I'm trying to lose 15 lbs too. I like weight watchers because you can eat really whatever you want, there's a really easy point accounting system. so I'm not denying myself any one thing anymore, just keeping a more honest accounting of what i'm eating and when.
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sorry all yahoo mamas... I'm cutting and pasting here because I don't feel like typing it all out again.

It's so nice to be home again. I had (and still have) a sinus infection the whole time we were gone. I think it has settled into my maxillary sinus (the cheekbone) because everytime I take a step I can feel it in my tooth. I really hope the tooth isn't involved because THAT would just be a huge hassle. I'm just starting to get my sense of taste back, but I still can't smell anything.
We stayed with Chris' gparents (his mom's side). They were really sweet but I am pretty sure they were ready for us to leave when we did. They had an upstairs room for us, and though we were out of their way I'm sure us being there threw them for a bit of a loop (being old and set in their routines etc). I was really glad we went because now I can truly say (to everyone; the family out there, my parents, and anyone else telling us to come visit) that we are traveled out. I don't want to travel for a long time now. At least not before this babe is born and not for a while after.
Christmas day was "santa" galore. That's all that frickin' family can talk about!!! I finally made the comment that I thought it was ridiculous because is a lie and I'm not one that appreciates being lied to so why should I demonstrate to my children that sometimes it's okay. (the whole "be good for santa or you won't get any presents" theme). My mil sort of looked at me and was like, but it's tradition, and it's a legend. To which I replied, okay, then let's talk about the legend and the tradition... not the lie. Next year we'll be home so we can correct any misunderstandings on the whole Santa Claus/st. Nick theme.
Just about everything my kids got was plastic and required batteries. My SIL got them a melissa and doug ramp racer which is really nice. And of course, everything is MIC (sorry, Kavita, but the MIC thing has bugged me for far longer than it has been a bandwagon subject on MDC ).
My MIL's excuse was that she had already bought presents before we sent her our list (she always asks for one). Funny thing is, she asked for ours again because she lost it and "didn't know what to get them."


So our Christmas day was,
1)open a couple presents at the gp's house. Dh loved his new robe and felted mocs that I made him. Have early breakfast.
2)get dressed/ready and went to MIL's for brunch and gift exchanging with dh's brother (and SIL and nephew) and sister. FIL showed up for the whole of five minutes. MIL was upset that everyone kept "hanging out" in the rest of the house and not in the room she partially cleaned for "us." The rest of the house was, as usual, a clutter disaster. It takes all my wits to keep me (especially when I'm nesting ) from getting a box of contractor size garbage bags and filling them. Yeah, and try to keep the 2 two year olds and the 3 1/2 year old in one room for three hours! OH, and I got a few comments about how big I'm getting and how "is that all you do??? (get pregnant)"<Breathe, just breathe.>
3) drive over to the rich aunt's house to have hors d'oeuvre & drink for a few hours and then dinner and presents and pictures. Everyone had to ooo and ahh over what the interior designer had done in the past few months. <roll eyes>
Oh yeah, so when we got to the aunts' the first thing that met my ears was "what??? Are you pregnant AGAIN????? Then the aunts proceeded to apologetically pet my arm and call me crazy. For having three. <Just breathing is not working anymore.> Must duck and hide out with the kids. No one talked to me other than to say hi except my BIL here and there and my SIL (we always pair up at these family gatherings because they are a bit overwhelming) . Dh usually mingles and comes to check on me every so often but after the family pictures were taken, he got bombarded for adjustments. There was literally a line. I sat on the fireplace warming my butt, sipping my seltzer water with lime and after the second or third person I looked pleadingly in his direction. I was trying so hard to be calm and maintain my composure but my hormones were having a heyday in my head. He came over and I told him I needed to leave. I started getting a panic attack because I knew I was going to lose it in front of all these people. I tried to explain to him what was going on but ended up just having to get up and leave. A minute or two later he followed me out to the car and gave me the keys. My excuse (to the family) was that I wasn't feeling well and I needed to drive out to get better reception so I could call my family on my cell. I had my cry and then I was fine. The commercialism, the superficiality, all of it just did me in. They left us out of the polyanna this year, didn't ask for pics for the family calander, I could go on and on. It's like, we're only 4 1/2 hours away... no need to cut us off. :The straw that broke the camel's back was seeing how dh was being treated. Not once in the 16ish months that we lived in that area did he get referrals for patients from any of his numerous family members... in either of the practices he worked in/ tried to start. They all treated him like some sub-par "couldn't make it into med school" drop out or something. He CHOSE chiropractic over med school. And has gotten treated like some misfit ever since. And yet, here they were, literally bombarding him to take care of them. It really pissed me off. None of them offered any sort of support or encouragement or anything when he lost his job, both times. None of them get "it" (meaning they are very medically minded and really don't care for themselves until something goes wrong). None of them supported us in any way... and the reason we'd moved there after school was to "be around family" and all that entails. Everyone kept making these comments about how we moved soooo far away or about pittsburgh (yeah, it's not as stuck up a region as philly but it's still a nice area) in general. And then the whole, you're pregnant and you really shouldn't be, what's your problem attitude. ugh.:
All of it just got to me. I was thoroughly exhasted, from not sleeping, from being pg, from having this sinus infection, from traveling, from visiting... everything just came to a head. I spent about an hour and some change out in the car. My SIL came out and we had a good sister-sister talk. She hadn't realized how hard things have been for us, not just this year but basically always. I have more faith that this addition to our family is going to be easier than the the last two (transition wise). And I have more experience to draw on and have sought out my own support.
I had a bit of a pregnant rage/rant with her and she listened and hugged me and all was better because I felt validated and understood. By the time we went back in and had dinner, I was so light headed and exhausted. This trip did me in. I spent the rest of the evening darting around the mansion, hiding out in the playrooms and trying to rest and get away from the drunken noise. And my wasted MIL kept finding me, wanting to hug up on me and tell me how much she loved me/ us and then proceed to tell me (again) how miserable she was with dh's father and how she wanted him out etc etc etc. Fake tears. Ugh.

The good part of it all was the kids really did have fun seeing everyone, visiting and playing with their cousins. And Gabriel scored me some MAJOR "good mama" points. He is completely potty trained at this point. It just sort of happened on its own. I'm curious to see if it will last. The aunts were aghast when he went to the bathroom all by himself. They actually tried to block him from going in the bathroom and made him have a little drip accident because they didn't believe him when he said he wanted to use the potty. Apparently two year olds have no business in the bathroom, alone. (The one aunt has boys who potty trained at 4 and 3 1/2... the ones who would scream on the toilet for 45 minutes straight before they'd pop out a little turd and then freak about it.) Anyway, I so gloated when I just nonchalantly remarked, Yeah, um, if he SAYS he needs to use the potty, he NEEDS to use the potty, this with five adults staring in the bathroom as he struggled to get his pants down. They were incredulous. I finally had to tell them that he probably wasn't going to go if they kept staring.
And then later on when he went pooed in the potty! I gloated. Yes. I did. Because you all think I can't handle three???.... ugh.
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Originally Posted by flyingspaghettimama View Post
it's like she went and got the exact opposite. It's like using X-mas shopping to get in your emotional digs.

I hear ya on this one!!!!!!!! so true. my MIL to a "T."

then there is my mom who got us an acrylic blanket, and a bunch of kitchen towels in colors that are so far off anything in my house Uh, thanks. Yes. Something "practical"
Oh, and shoes an entire size and a half too big for Willem, and one size larger than we had asked for/said he could use.

It's not being ungrateful, it's hard to be happy about stuff you can't use, doesn't match anything you have, or stuff you need to store for a year before you can use (but yet you don't have the space).

... And no gift reciepts so could at least use the money to get something you want/need.

I never thought I'd be the person to say it, but I'm so GLAD IT'S OVER!!!!!
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