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monique, and FSM. Tonight I will thank all the gods/goddesses I can think of that my IL's and my mom and sisters are relatively sane. Well, they're not, actually, but they're not insane in any way that makes Christmas hard to deal with. It's actually a nice time that's all about family and not huge presents for us. My mom told me to find a nice little table and chair set for Rowan, from her (she'd reimburse me) and then a friend of mine managed to pick up 2 perfect little table/chair sets at the Salvation Army for, like, nothing, and she said I could have one. So I told my mom that lucky her, she found a perfect little table, and it was free! So Merry Christmas, and she was cool with that. She sent DH some socks and a Canadian Tire gift card, and I got a Bay gift card, and that was that. My IL's ONLY got Rowan the trike (which is going to stay at their house, FSM - they have a big yard with a path that goes all the way around the house, and a large kitchen for when the weather's not nice - you are quite right in that it would be a stretch to fit it in our place!!!).

-- the child just got out of the bath, so I have to go lotion her up and put on her jammies.... I'll post more later.
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That's it -- who's in for a Christmas MDC trip to Vienna next year with us? Ha ha. Monique, that sounds like a horrible movie that you were trapped in. Did you ever see Home for the Holidays? Like that, but not funny. Especially the part about MIL crying about wanting to leave FIL. That's just not something you wanna hear.

Spughy, maybe I'll say it's a great bike for THEIR house. That will land me in the doghouse for a little while...but dude. It's the only way people will learn. It doesn't even fit him, being for ages 3 and up, and his short legs not reaching the pedals. It's like a big wheel trike (does anyone else remember those?). We figured out the tab, and they spent at least $300 on FSB alone. We spent $25

What's up with the yahoo group? I want in on that, so I can quit coming here. Let me know who to pay money to, or pledge allegiance to, or send my firstborn...wait, not that. I promise to be a nice member and participate and so on.
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FSM, come to us for Christmas and then go to Vienna for New Year Or vice versa.

Monique, I'm sorry, I was in a bit of a funk yesterday so I couldn't respond to your posts, but big hugs. While I love the idea of having a big extended family, stories like that make me grateful for my own lot. I hope they sort themselves out soon.

Had a really bad day yesterday, bad enough that I actually voluntarily went to hospital for monitoring. BP ain't down yet, and the oedema isn't subsiding either, but I am weeing more, which is probably a good thing. Maybe I need to spend less time around the internet, I'm just back to struggling with the pregnancy = baby thing.
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thanks mamas

On the Ikea note, I took some Christmas money we got and went out there yesterday... and finally, for the first time in my married life, we have a comforter and duvet!!! That WE picked out and that we love. AND it was on sale!!! It was so nice sleeping in a bed that wasn't an amalgamation of too small blankets spread out all over (which it seems to have become).The kids got another pots/pans set for their makeshift play kitchen as well (dh never finished making theirs... oh wait, he didn't actually *START* ).

So much for hating materialism

Now all we need are a few more baskets and canvas totes and we'll be set as far as getting the home organized and ready for baby. Then I can settle down and knit
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WTF is up with all the holiday drama with our parents? We had total drama here, too. Starting with MIL manipulating her way into our house with nasty passive aggressive e-mails. Then, crying and more crying. Then, she doesn't take the hint so comes here on Sunday afternoon. We have a long talk with her which doesn't seem to sink in b/c she's dense. Then, we decide to open presents on Monday and she'll leave Monday afternoon. Let me back up to say that she has been upset to not have any money and wants to change jobs, etc, etc. So, even though DH is only working part-time and we've been living off our savings for 6 months...we give MIL some funds to help her get through and so we don't have to hear her sob story. But, really I feel like she is just irresponsible. Point in case is that she spent probably all of the money on frivolous gifts for us. She bought ez and i robes. She's never seen me wear a robe or want to wear a robe in the ten years that she has known me. Ez has robe like towels that we wrap her in. She also doesn't need a robe. Then, she gave buxton (babe in utero) a gift set consisting of a blanket, a hat and a toy in a basket! This may sound harsh, but this babe isn't even here earthside, yet! This babe doesn't' need christmas gifts from someone who bitches about not having enough money! I know she was trying to be kind but she is also being wasteful with her lack of resources, IMO. That gift basket costs $44 online! That's a lot of money for a) someone who doesn't have enough b) a babe that isn't going to use it, yet c) a frivolous items that we don't need. We still have unopened baby blankets from ezra! UGH!

Okay, I need to stop ranting even though I could keep on complaining about her. You all have heard enough and I know most of you can relate. It's just so annoying! Aren't they supposed to be the adults here?
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I have to go back and catch up on five or so pages, but in the mean time, I wanted to check in and say hello.

We took down our holiday decorations today, mopped the floors with yummy lemon-oil vinegar water, put on the Old '97s and are presently playing with the Lincoln Logs. We're having a great time, so I'm putting off checking all the recall and danger lists. They were a gift from my mom ("They're wooden, and they've been around forever! You'll let him play with them, right?" She tries, truly.) that I probably would not have bought myself, but there you go.

Man, do I love the winter break. I don't go back until January 8!
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Originally Posted by willemsmamma View Post
So much for hating materialism
I think for me, it's really about hating waste. I hate wastefulness. I hate throwing stuff away that didn't need to be made in the first place, I dislike things cluttering up my house that I don't have room for. It's a waste of resources, time, and space to deal with it.

OK, I promise, I'm done too. I just wish there was a more constructive way to cope than venting. But she won't go for alternatives, so I really think we need to go away next year to tamp it down.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
FSM, come to us for Christmas and then go to Vienna for New Year Or vice versa.

Monique, I'm sorry, I was in a bit of a funk yesterday so I couldn't respond to your posts, but big hugs. While I love the idea of having a big extended family, stories like that make me grateful for my own lot. I hope they sort themselves out soon.

Had a really bad day yesterday, bad enough that I actually voluntarily went to hospital for monitoring. BP ain't down yet, and the oedema isn't subsiding either, but I am weeing more, which is probably a good thing. Maybe I need to spend less time around the internet, I'm just back to struggling with the pregnancy = baby thing.
{{{Helen}}} thinking of you and sending you healthy vibes!
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i can't complain too much about our christmas and wastefulness, except for my SIL, who showered finley with all of the exact things we said we did NOT want. ARgh! i cannot keep them here (plastic, movie-related crap, dvd's, etc), so maybe we'll let them stay at her house for when she takes care of him. don't know how well that'll go over...sigh.

but other than that, the other family members were pretty good about honoring our wishes and not being too wasteful.

but i wanted to jump on board with fsm and say that we really would love to go abroad for christmas and dream about it every year...and as soon as we can afford it, we're gonna do it. so maybe next year in vienna (and england to see helen) is a go!

so sorry that your families were so difficult, willemsmama and fsm and gunter! (and anyone else i'm forgetting).

we were especially blessed this year to be without family (except an evening visit from SIL), for the first time ever. that sounds awful, doesn't it? to be glad to be without family?...but you know how mine is. so it was such a joy and a relief to just be OURSELVES, to keep things simple and free of any guilt or tense vibes, to be joyful and peaceful and all those good things that the season is about.

going to play with finley, per his request!
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and you can see our christmas pictures under "december", if you so desire. enjoy!
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I'm with y'all on the holiday abroad! Maybe we can do what they do in the movie The Holiday and just swap houses, provided they are on different continents!

barcelona, no that doesn't sound terrible! I was really happy not to have anyone here, too.

HoneyTree, sounds lovely! I want to take our tree and decorations down this weekend too and just get life back to normal.

Helen Sorry you are having problems. It's probably from all of that LAYING AROUND like a slug you are always doing! Ha!

Gunter, good lord - totally sounds like drama I used to have with my own mom. People are such freaks. You know what bugs me about it? Here we are, trying to be enlightened adults and loving parents, and yet OUR parents are all still stupid, selfish, irresponsible, and immature. What's up with that?

FSM, I am with you on the hating waste thing. I've gotten to wear I get so annoyed with all of the CRAP, because I am the one who has to choose between throwing it away, which seems like a really horrific waste of resources, or giving it to Goodwill or somesuch, and letting some other little kid play with crap. It's a no-win.

I can't find the post now, but whomever made the reference to Home for the Holidays - That movie is so true. Especially when Holly Hunter looks at her dad (I think it is) and says, "Who are these people? Where did I even come from??!" That's one of my favorite movie lines ever.
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We, for one, had a great Judeo-Hindu Christmas!! I made a really lovely high tea on Christmas Eve just because we were all home (DH is off work, from the Friday before Xmas until Jan. 2!!! Woo hoo! with the slight exception of having to go in a few hours this am to do a few things.) And we spent the last few days, including Christmas, painting the house and letting (well, forcing ) Ella watch DVDs of Elmo and the Backyardigans and curious george. Our house (well, living room/dining room/hallway and soon to be the master bedroom) is now a lovely cream color with white trim--it's not a drastic change since it was plain white before, but it looks fresher since it's a new coat of paint (eggshell so it's more scrubbable/cleanable) and it's a warmer color than just the plain white. We have some more to do--I still have to get things cleaned up and back in order and then DH is also going to paint the trim, which we didn't do yet. But overall, the bulk of it is done. DH's boss's 14 y/o kid came over to entertain Ella for a while the day after xmas, so we could work in peace while she was playing out in the yard and riding her bike under supervision.

In other good news, we just joined a gym, that has a playroom/childcare!!! And Ella's regular babysitter works there, so I have the inside scoop on it and feel comfortable with leaving her there. And I think she will really enjoy it at this stage of her development and with her personality type--she is really very extremely sociable and extroverted, and so I think she'll really like having some other adults to talk to and play with and some other kids around too. Even six months ago, I wasn't quite sure about putting her in a group care type situation with adults who weren't special people in her life, but now I feel okay about doing that for a little while, especially because her own sitter who loves her and who she loves will be there probably most times that she goes. I am feeling like I need more time to do a few things by myself and not be running after a crazy toddler who is busy wreaking havoc and getting into everything all the time.

Also, the gym has a "jump start" program, where you get 3 hours of personal training for half-price for new members if you sign up when you join, so I signed up for that and will be taking advantage of that. My first appointment, for a consultation, is this Monday. I'm actually really excited about being able to work out regularly again, although nervous about the personal training more than anything!! I did join the health sciences gym downtown in the fall because it was cheap as a "dependent" since DH's work is somewhat affiliated with the University, and DH and I were trying to coordinate to have him watch her on his lunch hour while I worked out, but it just didn't give me enough time by the time I dropped her off, got to the gym, found a parking space (on the street downtown) put my crap away, worked out, and got my crap, and went to pick her up, found a parking spot, etc. I think this will be much prefereable.
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barcelona- don't know if i have said this before but your family is gorgeous! everyone is totally beautiful! thanks for sharing the pics. we have a park like that here with a train ride that goes around it and a merry go round but i haven't been since last spring.
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Kavita, I'm joining a gym too. We've been to the YMCA a few times with a guest pass, and I really like it. Brynn is definitely NOT wild about being left in the playroom, but I am going to try to slowly get her adjusted so that I can work out ~3 times a week. How lucky that Ella's babysitter works there, so she will have someone familiar when she visits! I had major anxiety about leaving Brynn in their playroom for a few days, but DH and talked about it and came to the conclusion that 3 hours a week won't hurt her, and might actually be good for her. I am *so* looking forward to being able to exercise regularly again and feel healthy. I have felt like such a slugh since she's been born. Don't like it.

barcelona, I just loved looking at your pictures as always! I get so caught up in everyone's blogs...I looked at yours, and then went to Fern's, and then Aubrey's, and a friend of mine...before you know it, an hour is gone! The digital age is truly awesome, I think, if for no other reason that being able to keep up with friends' and families' lives.

Besides reading blogs, I'm cleaning and de-cluttering today. The house has really gotten out of control over the past few weeks and I HATE clutter!! I spent an hour or so cleaning the kitchen and could honestly spend the whole day reorganizing in there. When we moved in, I just threw things in whatever cupboard was available, and I've been realizing how inefficient my use of space has been. I also need to do some reorganization in Brynn's room, get rid of or box up old toys, and figure out which of the new ones to keep out, and which new ones will go up in the closet for later. Then I have to tackle our office, which is a **disaster**. I can't keep anything organized, there are papers everywhere. UCH! It's a nightmare. Anyway, that's my exciting life right now!!

Helen, how are you feeilng today?

Hey, we haven't heard from QoC since the holiday, have we? I'm curious how her visit to the in-laws went. If she's posted on Yahoo, will y'all tell her to come check in with us?
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helen and fern, i'm sorry i forgot to ask about y'all in the previous post...i'm sorry you are both not feeling the greatest, and i hope that you feel better soon.

i'm so excited for all the pregnant mamas, and so anxious to hear how everything unfolds in birthing.

i have been having baby cravings physically, but in my mind, i know i'm not ready/that this would not be a good time to get pregnant. ah, the battle 'tween body and mind...and i'm not sure where my heart works into that. but, before finley was conceived, DH and i had a very strong feeling of his presence, of his wanting to join him. it was so strong, we were in tears, and missing him (and we knew it was a boy). at that time, we "knew" and were saying we wouldn't have a baby for another two years or so....and we were just having a profound experience of our future child. (this all happened on christmas day...and DH even had an impulse to buy a little baby onesie for our future child. a crazy, irrational move, that seemed eery soon). less than two months later, i conceived finley, quite by surprise. so, i am hoping and trusting that when the next wee one is coming, i'll have that feeling again. i am trying to stay open to being able to feel him/her.

thanks for the compliments on my family photos, gunter and amy!
i love looking at everyone's blogs that i have, and am always blown away by how beautiful all of our children are. i love learning and reading and sharing in all of your lives. thank you for sharing!

SIL, MIL, and FIL gave DH and I the best christmas gift ever--a couples massage!!! DH has never had a massage in his life, and i've had two, a long time ago. we are going today, and needless to say, we are ecstatic! it is going to be so nice, and such a nice way to start the new year.

and amy, your day of decluttering sounds lovely! (seriously). i love decluttering and simplifying too, and this time of year always re-inspires me to get clarity and simplicity in my life.

oh, and kavita, your day of painting and celebrating sounds great. enjoy your time with DH! how wonderful.

honeytree, your cleaning always sounds like it smells so delicious. i have to try your concoctions some day!

off to shower!
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Oh man I am sick sick sick. Bleh.

Good news is everyone is still in bed (except me, I woke up with a horrible coughing fit that wouldn't quit) so I am enjoying some quiet time. It's a rare moment so I'm trying to enjoy it.

Winter is starting to talk in full sentences and we are able to understand a good amount of what he says. It's really nice because I find he is less easily frustrated when his needs are being understood. The cutest things he's said lately are "Airplane in the sky!" and "It's raining outside." It just amazes me how these connections are made in his little head and come out of his mouth.

I need some tea.
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Thanks, Amy, for asking!

Our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day was wonderful! Great time at my parents, FABULOUS time at home just ourselves for Christmas morning, and then a pretty good time at the in-laws. There was one incident where I got annoyed, MIL didn't want Killy to open any presents until everyone was sitting in the living room to watch, and DH and his sister and BIL stood around in the kitchen chatting till I came and fussed at them to get in the living room so MIL would stop the torture of poor Killy - he just wanted to open the massive pile of presents! Anyway, DH always regressed to being a 15 year old kid who thinks everything revolves around him when he's at his parents house, so when I asked him to please help me with the kids at one point, he got all snotty and whined, "I've only gotten to open two presents, you know!" but when I pointed out I'd opened NO presents except for the ones Killy opened for me, he snapped out of it and started helping and then it was more enjoyable for everyone. I think DH did get a touch of food poisoning there, though - the in-laws laid out a yummy buffet for brunch/lunch, but that means the ham and sausage balls sat our for 4+ hours. Eek!

Finally, the big trip to see the extended family in TN and AL... didn't happen. Ellie came down with a stomach bug. We got about half an hour into the trip and turned back. She threw up about 15 times yesterday, then had diarrhea for a few hours. We were thinking rotovirus, but she seems just fine today so it had too short a duration to be that - thank goodness!

My house is a disaster area of new toys and gift bags and stuff, but its been so crazy since Christmas with the trip preparations and then the stomach bug clean up (amazing how much laundry can be created in 12 hours!), I'm thinking that tomorrow will be a big organize and clean up day. Then we're having a New Years Eve Party for our families. I don't know if the in-laws are going to come, and if they do I can guarantee they won't stay till midnight. But, it should be a fun night. Our basement has a huge rec room which we have divided into a theater area (complete with red curtains!) and a board game area in front of the fireplace on the other side. I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Count me in for a 15 lb weight loss goal. I was doing South Beach Diet right after Thanksgiving and lost 4 lbs, but then all the Christmas baking ruined me and I've put it all back on! Last year, my new years resolution was to exercise 1500 minutes/month and I've met that goal every month this year. This year my goal is going to be 2000 minutes/month until I hit my goal weight, and then I can drop back down to 1500. I'm guessing the biggest motivator will be to get to my goal weight in order to get those 500 minutes a month back for quilting! So, between my new exercise goal and doing South Beach again, I think I should be able to loose the weight in the first couple months of the year. Ever since I went back on hormonal birth control, though, I've had a terribly hard time loosing weight. Maybe its just a coincidence, but it sure sucks!
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I'm glad you had a good Christmas, Jen - and it sounds like Ellie's stomach bug was maybe food poisoning too? It can take up to 72 hours to hit, especially I think in littles if their digestion isn't at full swing yet. I guess it doesn't matter, she's over it and fine, right? But I learned in my FoodSafe courses that there's no such thing as a 12-hour flu - any time you get a sudden onset course of just vomiting that passes quickly, it's food poisoning, there are no viruses that do that. And food poisoning will frequently hit just one or two people in a group, internal conditions have to be "right".

DH and Rowan have taken off for the day, so I have a day to myself! I'm going to take the dog for a nice long walk and then go to the gym, then pick up bits and pieces at the hardware store (oven light), sewing store (buttons for a sweater of Rowan's), etc. Just a nice puttery day. The weather here stinks though. Rowan and I got thoroughly soaked yesterday on a 20-minute walk with the dog. It hailed briefly too, and Rowan had to bury her little face in my sweater because it stung. Not nice. But, this is Victoria, so we will probably see snowdrops any day now Yay spring! I've given up on snow.

Barcelona, that's weird about you sensing Finley's presence. I had a moment like that when I was pregnant with Rowan - I was driving and all of a sudden I felt like there was a baby in the back. It only lasted a second but it was very powerful.

DiD - I'm sorry you're sick. Bleh. I managed to escape a cold last week by massively overdosing with echinacea, but I don't want to think about what that did to my liver. It would have been better to just get sick, but I didn't think I could afford to! It's your body's way of saying "take a break, dude" so you should listen to it! I hope you get time to curl up on your couch in a fuzzy blanket with a nice hot cup of tea and your lovely family waits on you hand and foot. (mmm... is that wishing for too much? )

Kavita, Amy, Jen - everyone else who's on the New Year's weight-reduction thing... I am so with you, and then some. I did the no starch or sugar thing at the beginning of December but I found it made my brain stop working, so I stopped. I regained 3 of the lbs I lost but that's ok. Apparently the dumbitude is a common side effect of dropping carbohydrates, but it's transient. So I'll give it a month, make lots of lists, and hope that it doesn't get too bad. I really feel good, physically, when I'm not eating starch and sugar, I really hope the brain effects ARE temporary.

The dog is looking at me. You know, that look. Gotta go.
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I'm doing better, thanks for asking. I think it's a combination of realising that I've spent 46 weeks out of 2007 pregnant, with nothing to show for it except swollen ankles and horrendous heartburn whenever I look at DH's favourite food, and having suddenly hit "very" pregnant. You know that state, right? Where awake and moving is too much trouble and all you really want to do is sit quietly until the sweet release of labour is over?
But freakily enough, I'm now 35 weeks and totally lacking in prodromal hell, so the universe is probably not going to be able to land me with more than, at most, 6 weeks. I can deal with that, right?
Barcelona, I had a moment like that with Alex- where I knew I needed to be pregnant, that being pregnant was the right thing and that there was a baby on the way- and then sort of again this time, when I hit my "pregnancy is a miracle" epiphany in the science museum. Not with the others. You might have to do this one the old-fashioned way
Jen, I'm glad that your Christmas went well. Enjoy the get-fit thing (same to you, Kavita and Amy...)
DiD, go get some sleep, and I hope you feel better soon.
Spughy, enjoy the peace and quiet
No Fern- does this mean babymoon?
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We had a lovely Christmas in a cabin on the coast with my MIL and BILs. The drama was only minor or at least nothing that made me crazy, the food was good, gifts were lovely, etc. And we got in several walks on the beach and despite really tempting fate nobody was shit on by any seagulls. And in a pinch a two year old can spend forever standing under seagulls and being entertained by their flight patterns

We did, however, go from being almost tv-free to totally addicted to christmas dvds in under a month. To the point that she said in her sleep "I want to watch the grinch. I want the grinchy claus". So we came home and rearranged our office and living rooms to move the tv out of the living room and all of our book and cd shelves into our living space. We're officially no longer very childproof, but the tv is less of an attraction.

My next reorganization project is to tackle Neela's room, and really pare down the toy collection. I want to find some kind of basket/shelf system that she can find what she wants and someday put it back, too. Right now we have the massive toybox that she just dumps everything out of looking for a marker at the bottom.

Big hugs to all of the pregnant (or newly not pregnant?) mamas, and to everyone who is sick. I'm not on a weight loss campaign, but really want to keep running and stay fit in 08, so I'm in with the exercising mamas. I would love to be triathlon-ready by summer, but don't know if I can realistically get much swimming done.
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