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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did everyone have a fabulous evening? We did! It was just laid back and fun, and DH completely shocked me by secretly hooking up the television to the antenna on top of the house so we could watch the ball drop! I made him promise to disconnect it, though - I'm loving being tv free and don't want to be tempted.

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Jen, I can't believe you get in ~an hour a day! Do you have fitness equipment at your house, or do videos in a secret child-proof room?
I do have a super-secret room! Well, kind of. One of the huge bonus points about this house is the extra room in the basement that is my sewing and exercise room. I have a gazelle (a really cheap elliptical type trainer), a step, some dumbells (I usually use 8 lbs ones for my regular workouts), and a ton of videos. But my favorite workouts are definitely ones outdoors - hiking, biking, walking, and I've most recently added running. I love my jogging stroller! I also have a baby-seat on the back of my bike. And we have Ergos for hiking, we start out with the kids walking and when they get too tired they get in the Ergos, usually after the first hour or two. So, I'd say I work out with Ellie in tow about 1/3 of the time, the rest either DH watches her or I work out after the kids are asleep at night (this is what happens a lot). I have two accounts at Netflix, one for movies and one for workout videos - I like trying new things often, it keeps me interested. Its definitely easier during the summer when I can do outdoorsy stuff every day, but boy do I appreciate the days that get up to 45 degrees or more now!

On a somewhat related note - today while running, I had tingling numbness in my right arm. To the point that I cut my workout short and came home and could hardly type "numbness in arm while running" into google. None of the hits seemed to apply, though - I wasn't dehydrated, I'm pretty sure I wasn't running with poor posture, I'd only been running about 10-15 minutes when it happened so it was a prolonged stress type thing... I have to admit I was a bit freaked (my MIL had a massive stroke when she was 50 so I'm extra paranoid about things like sudden numbness!) but felt kind of silly afterward for being so worried. Anyone have any idea what that was? I'm also going to post to the dingo thread in Fitness.
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Happy New Year mamas!!!

I am way behind on reading posts. Having had an eating disorder most of my life, it's not so healthy for me when it comes to talks about weight gain/loss. I am glad everyone is seeking to be healthy though!

I want to make some goals for the year. Off the top of my head: Read 25 books, travel to south or central america to volunteer, gut our kitchen and put it back together and get hot tub working/fixed, get post partum doula certified, love my babes, go on more "dates" with hubs, learn more about eating local this spring/summer, then canning for next winter, promote my etsy shop and do a few craft shows. Anyone else want to share their ideas?
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Happy new year!

Here's the new thread.
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