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I was wondering about that, Els!

Glad the pukies are on their way out. I'm with Sherri and share an unusual fear of vomit/gi bugs after C's three in a row GI bug spell when E was tiny.

I'm still waking up. HJ slept a lovely 5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night, though I wasn't smart enough to go to bed with him. Anywho....he was wide awake for quite a while and smiling at me to boot. Ack!

My sockies arrived today and I was going to try to save them to open, but E spied the purty package and shouted "It's for me! It's for me!" so I opened and she has declared the ribbon her "magic" and "special" ribbon, thus saving the socks for me. Though I don't know how soon I'll wear them as I can't stop petting them! They are lovely! Thank you, thank you, mama!

HJ is such a wakey boy in the mornings that showers are becoming tricky. He's six weeks today...time flies!

Off to bloggy, blog, blogland.
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Still here, still sick. Still sneezing and sniffling and not able to swallow. : Oh well..

Sherri, You win my absolute admiration with your smilie art talent. Really, MDC should pay you for it. I am not such a crafty mama and can never figure out how you do it.

Meg- I totally understand that bedtime behavior. Dominic asks for his "go-go" (teddy bear) when it is clearly IN his arms. Among other constant requests as soon as we leave our room. And this is with him in OUR bed knowing that we'll be there in a couple hours... *Hugs* Hope it gets easier for you and that it will pass soon.

TC- Glad to hear you're doing okay.

Meg- Sorry about the long bedtime struggle... I do not envy you that at all...
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A C funny and perhaps a sign that I need a Meg-style project makeover as well. After we came home from getting her at school on Wednesday, I took off my sweatshirt and sat down to nurse the babe. She looked a bit perplexed and asked if I was wearing my pajamas or if they were my clothes. I guess yoga pants + t shirt = pjs I've been busted.
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Thanks for the smilie art... you make me blush.

My goal for today (major :... I am the bag lady) is to mail my socks.

Not jealous of the pukies, or the floodies. Heath, you got more sleep than I did. Ug.

Something I want to ask y'all... what do you for exercise? (if anything) Before I had kids, I ran daily, but around the same time I conceived T, I developed big foot problems, and I had to stop (I need low impact). I wish I were more consistent about walking/hiking/nordic tracking, but I'm not. And I just don't see me going to a gym right now. So maybe my question is more about motivation... :
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My fave exercise is just walking. That and I love the elliptical machines at the Y. We gave up our membership for now thought since getting there is not likely to happen. This summer I also took a prenatal aerobic swim class there and loved it. I hope to eventually rejoin and do some of the deep water aqua classes (you put a floatie around your waist so you dont have to be a super swimmer...I am so not) Definitely low impact and harder than it looks!

grunty baby summons me...
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I am an exercise junkie despite appearances to the contrary. I LOVE exercise because a) It means I am alone, and b) I get the endorphin rush and all other benefits and c) It can be fun.

Dancing is of course my favorite form of exercise. I also jog/walk outside my house around n around the plaza out front. Those are the main two.
I used to go to classes, etc., but right now time & money are at a premium.
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ahhh, fernie, thanks for the supportive words. Being a clergy spouse is different than anything I thought I'd be when dh and I met all those years ago (I wrote an essay in HS about being the first female president...). And, I don't like the stereotypical spousal roles anyway, let alone clergy spousal roles, so it's kind of a learn-as-I-go sort of thing. And I have ended up doing the very thing I didn't think I would do as far as being a SAHM, so I try to do it in my own way but often feel people see me in their own lens (of course they do) and that I've lost all sense of radical feminism. Of course, I know my choices say a lot more about me than I give myself credit for but it's still easy to question if I've lost "it" in the midst of everything.

DH and I have learned in the short time he's been a minister that it is, after all, just a job. Yet, it's also not just a job. It's a bizarre occupation to be sure.

So, there's my waxing philosophical for the day.

KK-about exercise: I'm starting to think about it again, which is much sooner than with G. For me right now, that means I might do the Denise Austin workout that's on Lifetime each morning. It's a bit lame, but does get me moving. I TiVo it and do it during nap time. That said, I've only done it twice in the last month. But, that's something! I do like to walk, but it's been so poopy weather-wise. I have a membership to the community center since I work there, but don't ever go just to work out. They only take babies 1 year old and walking. G can go, but A not for a while. I love yoga and pilates and did that actively at the Y in Texas when G was one. I want to get into that again. I really like Pilates and think it's so great especially for moms.

gotta run to the grocery store...again...and it's snowing/raining! Ick.
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Ugh. So tired this morning. Finally got Jett to sleep around 10:30 or 11:00. Not sure because I conked out too. I woke up at midnight and moved him/us into his bed (where I usually sleep most of the night) and I was in a pissy mood about it all, so then I proceeded to have really bad dreams all night. :

And no, this sort of thing doesn't happen all that often with him. But last night was especially annoying because the night before we went out to that company party and I was super tired (read: mildly hungover ) all day yesterday. I told John at 3 PM, "If I am in bed by 9 tonight, it will be too late." I must have totally jinxed it because Jett took and early nap and I thought for sure he would be out by 7:30. But no.

Anyway... exercise. Ha! Nuff said.

HF, please remind yourself that you are 6 WEEKS PP! If you want to walk around in street safe pjs, so be it. My "I just had a baby" excuse ran out a loooooooong time ago.

I have always been jeans and t shirts person, but only some of the time. I used to really enjoy sporting cuter stuff now and again (esp for work) but for years now I have wearing them every day and it feels stale to me. I also know how much better I feel about myself when I put in a little effort (word up to that, Jess). I'm not really looking to be dressed up, just..... dressed.

Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. My parents are taking the kids for the afternoon and John and I are going to lunch and then Christmas shopping. Then at 5:30, we scoop up the kids and head to a holiday party with a bunch of families from our playgroup. Note to self: pack pjs because if we play our cards right, at least one kidlet (hopefully Mr J) will conk out in the car during the 7 min drive home.

Gotta run.
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i am erratic with exercise but really love how it makes me feel. i am not really a gym person either but that is what is working for me at this point in life. i have to have a goal though to be motivated. i'm snowboarding in january so i know i have about 5 weeks to develop some muscle tone! i bought a jogging stroller but have yet to jog. i feel like i'm not even in shape enough to do that right now. the elliptical at the gym is an easy quick way for me to work up a sweat although i really prefer to take an hour class because it feels like a better full-body workout (usually step or the kickboxing/weights but i'd like to try the yoga and pilates too at some point). i don't think ebin will be ready for 1hr classes for a little while yet though. i am also more motivated when people i know are going to the class too. i'm a social exerciser. one of my friends said she is doing the 9am m/w/f class but since we collectively are waking up at 8:45am here lately...that is not working!

i was going to go to the gym today but the trip on wednesday resulted in a very stuffy-nose snotty baby. so maybe tomorrow i can duck out while MIL is here. and for all my complaining about missing the good ol days MIL is coming back tonight for the weekend and said 'you guys can go out tonight!' cool. i don't know what we'll do.

juice - thanks for the morning chuckle

ooh the sidleline smilies just changed.

claudia - i'm glad everything was ok with the beach house. it is getting a little nuts how long they've been without power now over there. no showers no cooking! poor people

and that flooding in chehalis was nuts. i saw some burly pictures.

danile - i hope you survived your presentation. being pregant and sick is the PITS!

ok babe fusses. my time is up
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Presentation sucked. I live in WAY too mainstream of a culture. I knew better than to mouth off about AP practices... but I voiced the "no cry sleep solution" as a middle of the road between AP and crying it out.

My fellow students just DID NOT get it. The repeated comments went something like

"My mom never had bad experiences with us crying it out and I'm fine today."

"Isn't it good for their lungs?"

"I've seen young kids manipulate"

"I don't think that works for every kid. Some kids NEED to cry it out"


Oh well. I guess all that matters if what my teacher thought... and that remains to be seen. I have to revise it and return it by Monday- and then I'm finished! I took my biology final today (went through an entire box of kleenex in the process) and feel pretty confident that I'll get a good grade there.

I'm off to one of our best friends houses (whom are all sick too...) to share some relaxing laughs amid kleenex, vitamin c and a fellow AP kinda parent that will make me feel a lot more normal if only for a few days. I probably won't post over the weekend... but if I do- it will probably be because I'm in labor at her house. She's a fellow MDC mama and would totally understand.
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Oh jeez, Danile, that's taking the bull by the horns. But maybe you got through to someone who needed to hear it...well done, mama! Now that's over!
Have a great, relaxing weekend. Get better soon!
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been out allllllllllllllllllll day:

first to a breakfast playdate at a local mdc mama's house, then off to another mdc playdate in portland, then to the local non-chain, babies and kids' gear and furniture store to learn how to install marek's carseat forward facing (yes, we are just now doing this, as he is not even 30lbs and will be 3.5 tomorrow but we figured it was time, since with clothes on he is closer to the 33lb carseat rearfacing limit), then to the grocery store to pick up chicken for dinner, and then i remembered that is right next to a powell's books location and i wanted to pick up a book, then i remembered that the mac store is down the way and someone told me they have really good, attentive service and since i was completely ignored at the apple store the other day when i wanted to ask them questions about ipods, i thought i'd give this one a try. still contemplating the ipod vs. iphone vs. mp3 player sitch. i need a new phone because i hate my razr and we are a cell phone only family now. bill is not helpful in answering my questions with this because he uses technology like this in a completely different capacity than i would/do. so i have some more info now but am undecided still. anyone have thoughts?

whew. it was a long day. stefan napped 45 minutes this morning on the drive from one playdate to the other, was a total grumpasaurus and whiny, crying mess at the 2nd playdate because he was hungry and then he was tired but he didn't fall asleep as i was headed to the carseat place and then he didn't fall asleep while i was headed to the grocery store but he FINALLY fell asleep on our drive home from the grocery store and has been sleeping for just under an hour now. i will let him sleep for another 30 minutes or so and then wake him so we can have a reasonable bedtime around here. marek fell asleep on the drive home, too, but i brought him inside and lay him down on the couch and he woke up a couple of minutes later, so hopefully he will have a reasonable bedtime, too...???

anyway, hope everyone has a groovy weekend!

oh, and i opened my socks package and they are nifty! thanks, mama!

so has everyone sent their socks packages? has everyone received theirs? shall we plan on doing a big public reveal/thank you on monday afternoon? whaddya think?

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I have to come clean here:

I STILL have not mailed my recipient's socks, and she's going to have a great pair much later this month.

So, reveal away, without me...

Feeling mega-: about this but can only do what I can do, and in the few short sock-searching episodes have had burly bad luck.
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Holy Carp, friends! I just went to look at MDC and realized that it was december already. And I haven't logged in since Nov. And I had forgotten that it was time for a new thread. and it's already the 7th. Do I feel like a MDC slacker or what. I've been totally broadsided by the sheer enormity of parenting two kids without daycare and it's getting me down. But I'm hanging in there, trying to prioritize, trying to figure out what my priorities are in the first place. A lot of it is happening on my blog, thanks to the challenges of holidailies.

My socks have been sent. I sent them on Wednesday, I think. It was late, but they're good so I hope I get a pass. And I sent them priority mail. speaking of priorities.

Danile, I'm impressed you were bold enough to suggest to people that forcing their babies to cry themselves to sleep was not the best plan. totally impressed. People believe so strongly in the crying thing, I just don't bring it up. good for you.

I've finally gotten around to reading the spirited child book. Wow, is that good stuff. Yup, we've got a spirited child here. And even if he wasn't spirited, there's still a lot of great parenting tips in there for every parent. I need to go back and look at my myers briggs score again. I feel like I'm about ten steps behind all y'all- didn't we talk about this before? doh.

this morning my friend hosted a Mary kay party for me. It was nice, although only one other person could make it. It was supposed to be 5 of us. Now I'm all made up and I'm sort of surprised my skin can look this good. silly girlie.

time to go. bedtime.
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Man, Danile, that's BRAVE. Most of my RL friends are more mainstream than me, and that is one topic I am just too chicken to talk about with them. Let alone strangers. Or for a grade. :

I had a long-@$$ day, too. I can totally tell that things are turning around for us, because when I went to the P.O., it was nearly deserted--no wait for me! (No express mail slips for the kids, either, HF!) Then the HF store (not Heather, the other HF). Got my castor oil for my pack (and the usual other stuff). Then non-sleeping QT for Z : while I tried a bunch of Pilates mat exercises (I'm old! I'm lumpy! I'm not very strong!). Then picked up T for a Pump It Up (anyone else have these?) b-day party. The little ones fell asleep, so I sat knitting in the car. Then we went to Costco on the way home (I succumbed and got a membership a couple of months ago, but I'm very disciplined about what I buy). Then to the Humane Society to make a donation in the name of our neighbor boy whose b-day party T is going to *tomorrow* (he asked for that instead of gifts, isn't that sweet?). Made dinner, waiting for it to finish.

Don't feel bad about the socks, Els. I had difficulty finding something I liked *and* managing the logistics to get out and find the socks in the first place (small people thwart me.... hmm... new sr. title). I don't feel horrifically guilty (yet) about my lateness, because mine haven't arrived yet. We're all mamas, and we're all herding cat herds of various sizes (and temperments), and I think we can be understanding if socks slide down the to do list. :

Off to check EL's blog. I hope life is treating you well, though it sounds like the little legumes are running you ragged.
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Originally Posted by emmalola View Post
My socks have been sent. I sent them on Wednesday, I think. It was late, but they're good so I hope I get a pass. And I sent them priority mail. speaking of priorities.
LOL I think we're the same person! I was going to send mine on Tuesday but couldn't with all the puking, and did send them on Wednesday and sent them priority to make up for being late. And they're good. Haven't received mine yet, but so not stressing about it. I so totally know how sometimes it's easy and sometimes it isn't.

Danile, you rock. And at least the presentation is DONE. Now have a wonderful, restful weekend, since you have a baby to birth on Monday. (totally kidding. But you should rest anyway.)
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i feel the sock love :

i never even thought about babies crying it out before i had one (didn't know anything about *any* parenting philosophies). and i learned about the detriments of cio at my hospital new mom's group. funny huh? i actually learned a lot at that group.

i should read the spirited child book. i know i've got one. i do not think i have two. no. 2 is a very different creature indeed. ha! as if i have time to read a book. i am making my way through positive discipline about 2 pages a night before i conk out
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Claudia- iPhone. Get it.
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sent my sock mail last Thursday (11/29). haven't received any yet, but I figure it will come in good time. Not worried.

got the start of a little sore throat last night and woke up feeling more, well, phlegmy. Thanks Heather Just kiddin. DH has been fighting the crud for a week. And, with all the sweets I've been making (and consuming) I'm not too surprised the immune system is a little compromised.

EL-good to hear from you. I hear ya on juggling two. Hang in there

gotta go start baking again.
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