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I got my socks! At first I thought I would never get to wear them because Eleanor kept them in a shopping bag for a couple of days saying "They're mine." but I managed to sneak them away after bedtime. So soft, so cute and festive. I really like them! Both socks and the May Mamas make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
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jacquie--oops! phlegmy is the word though. ick! I think I prefer that to coughing and hacking which thankfully I'm not doing yet. Nursing babes do not like to be jolted by a coughing mama!

lisa--warm and fuzzy indeed! E is still enamored with her 'magic' ribbon.

We went and chopped our Christmas tree down and it was slim pickins in the field we usually go to so we had to walk around and around until we found our Charlie Brown. E was a mess, but C had fun. At one point she exclaimed, "It's like we're in the forest!" And on the way over she wanted to know if I knew the way to the "Christmas tree patch" ....guess she's still got Halloween in mind!
Pics later on the bloggy if I can get HJ to snooze. He was up lots last night so I'm hoping the poor dude isn't getting what I have.

I just devoured the last of the quiche I made for dinner last night. Why had I never tried to make quiche before? So easy and yummy and everyone ate it!

Happy weekend mmf!
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Cute about going to the Christmas Tree Patch, Heather. Eleanor keeps play acting Santa asking her dollies, "What do you want for Halloween?" I think she thinks that Halloween=Holiday.

On a more serious note, Annie needs to have a CT scan. I think I wrote before that her head is off the charts large. Well, it's still growing and our doctor wants us to do a CT scan to see what is going on. If it is hydrocephaly it is better to treat it early. I am terrified - for both the scan, which will involve oral sedation, and the possible diagnosis. Heahter, did your little have to do sedation for the tests you had done? Annie is 10 months and not very good about being out of our arms/eyesight. I don't expect her to handle a CT scan well. And then of course, the possible underlying issues causing the head growth are terrifiying. I try not to focus on that because we just don't know if there is anything yet, but it is hard not to fear and get anxious about the worst.
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We were lucky for C, her fontanel was still large enough that they could do an u/s. For her MRI this summer she had IV sedation, but I think the first med (versed) may be what Annie will get. It's supposed to make them happy/loopy so hopefully that will help w/ the separation. Did Alison have a big noggin as a kid? Hopefully all will go smoothly and you'll get some answers/reassurance.
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lisa: that sounds scary. you may remember that marek's head was also huge as a little babe. like 90th % and his weight was like 7th and height like 15th... can't remember exacts... our naturopath was concerned about his large head compared to his smaller body, but the MD we saw twice because of the weight gain issues was not concerned because he indicated we would see other developmental and physical things going on, which we didn't at the time and still haven't. are there developmental or other physical things with Annie that are also pushing you to get the CT scan?
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Heather, I am seeing online that a CT scan is more common but an MRI is more accurate. Can you share what the MRI (and iv sedation) was like?
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We had it done at the Children's Hospital satellite center so they were very experienced and nice. They let her play until just before they were ready for the MRI then quickly put in an IV and gave her the versed. I'm blanking on the name of the second sedation med penta something or another? pentabarbitol? maybe. Anywho....that second med is the had part of the sedation to watch because it depresses their breathing and they monitor and administer oxygen as needed until they are stable. She didn't need oxygen until they took her back, but the MRI went smoothly and she stayed asleep.

The hard part for her was the waking up from sedation as she didn't 'sleep it off' for 30-45 min like they like them too and proceeded to cry, writhe and talk about wanting to get up to leave for an hour or so. The second med takes 24hrs to leave the system and she couldn't walk for that whole time w/o great assistance although mentally she wanted to.

So not a rosy picture, but if it the more accurate test for looking at the ventricles and structures, then maybe that is somethign to ask about. I'm sure the deciding factor is $$ as MRI's are really costly.

**hugs** I know how hard it is to do all this research and inquiry to be her best advocate--it's still hard on the heart though to consider what could be wrong. **hugs** for Alison too!
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Lisa: s. L had sedation for his endoscopy when he was 1.5 yrs old. They gave him an oral anti-anxiety med 1st. We got to be with him while he was getting loopy. They wheeled him into the procedure room before giving him the actual sedative, so I don't know much about it, but he was totally groovy and out of it when they wheeled him away, so he didn't mind being separated from us at all. _I_, on the other hand, was a bit of a basket case (at least inside) and almost passed out myself. L recovered pretty quickly from the sedative. In his case, it really WAS harder on us than on him.

Socks: as in the case of most transitions, I want to plead for more time. Could we wait perhaps till Wednesday? It seems like there are still a fair number that haven't sent/received (though I've done both).

It is passed midnight and I'm tired so some of what I read is getting fuzzy in my memory:

Megan- Ugh. Hate the hard nights when you most need the sleep.

Danile and Juice- hope you're completely mended very soon!

Emily- totally understandable to fall off the MDC radar in a month like December! Good to hear from you. Yipes. No childcare at all. That is burly of you.

On spirited children: I think my kids have their own unique quirks, but aren't so stronly on one end of any of the spectrums mentioned in the book. Still, I liked the language to speak of our children's more challenging traits in positive terms. I think the book is helpful to anyone.

All right, I am SERIOUSLY tired. Nighty night.
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For those who know the backstory (oy!), this is classic. My mom called at 1030 to say they'd be here around 230pm on their way to Florida. Guess I needn't have worried about calling her after all. Should be interesting. She just assumed I knew what all was going on. I did, but still!!

HJ is all out of sorts so sleep was cuh-razy last night. As an added bonus, I heard my computer go kerplooey in the middle of the night and now it won't turn back on at all. TG I have this laptop already!

Wore my sockies all day yesterday! Sooooo cozy. If my gifter were a tree, this would be us. :

Okay...finaly got hj down for a nap so I should go relax before the fun begins.

Since this is all about me, help on sleep/napping stuff por favor....
The boy is awake nearly all morning! No napping=growth spurty stuff?? I might as well be drinking coffee!
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Just had to pop in with HUGS for Lisa - I am so sorry you guys are dealing with this! Sounds scary. I hope it all turns out to be nothing.

I also got my socks - so lovely and SOFT. I love them! Thanks, mama!

Gotta go help DH putting up beams in the basement...:

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lisa - that sounds worrisome! i hope you get some answers and that it is nothing. is the ct scan this week? we will think of you all

hf - i hope the grandma visit is smooth hugs for the sleep stuff too. it is so hard to tell with newborns. sometimes they seem to sleep all day and you think 'hey this isn't all that bad' and then other times they really don't sleep when you REALLY need them to! ebin woke for the day at i think 5ish and MIL came and took him (my mom would never do that....mega MIL points!). i didn't get up until ELEVEN. omg. MIL has also got ebin chowing on the baby oatmeal where i hadn't had much success in the handful of times i had tried it. sadly she is going back to corvallis to work this week and then going home next saturday.

emily - is it the no daycare for the babe that is hard? is the lentil still at his montessori? i admit i am more zen now that i have 2 nanny days a week : i can get so much done when i get in efficiency mode on those days.

have fun with the beams sarah we installed our new backdoor yesterday. which is not as easy as you would hope with of course nothing in our house being square. we're trying to squeeze it into a tight opening to avoid redoing the whole header so there isn't a lot to work with in trying to get it square and opening smoothly what a pita but i am excited about it

i love this :::

must shower and go buy birthday presents for a party this afternoon. i really want to avoid the toy store but i can't!
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Oh- the lentil is still at montessori all day. I'm not that burly. just wuss, I suppose. But I'm learning that I need my "me" time or I get pretty bitchy.

lisa, I'm sorry about the bigheadedness. Noone needs extra worries. parenting is hard enough.

no time! hi!
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el, love the drive-by post! I so hear you on the "me" time. I am an avid consumer of the scraps I get.

Lisa, I am thinking about you so much with the ct scan. That must be so frightening, and I am sending you strong warm loving energy. Also, holding little A in the light in my mind....

Fern, thanks for pleading for more time especially wrt Sock Exchange Losers like myself. I swear, they're gonna be awesome, when they get around to gittin' to their recipient.
There just isn't a place here where you can say, "oh! I'll go to _______ (the mall, target, walmart even ffs*), and pick up those socks on Monday. Then, I'll go to the post office, (which is downtown and there is NO PARKING anywhere close, maybe a block away if you are very very lucky,) and just pop it off in the mail.
*for f's sake

So, I went to the "mall" or what would pass for one, and the huge new department store just opened last month, our first one in SAn Miguel? No sock department. Not even nylons.

Then, I cruise along Canal street, which has tchochke stores galore, all made in china...nope.

So, I'm still looking. I want to send off cool socks, yk? Not just made in china stuff you can get over yonder, not cool in anyway.

If it sounds like I'm justifying my behavior, well, I am. I could have started my search long ago.
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maybe you need this or just buy non-socks

heh. new smilies :
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You have saved my sanity...sock recipient, here I come!
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Top o' the mornin' to y'all.

Lisa, I hope that this procedure is done ASAP (so you can stop worrying about it) and that the 2 mamas get through it all okay, too. I'm glad that they check stuff like this, but I've known a few other people IRL who've gone through this, and their kids just had big heads. Hoping that's the case with Annie.

Heath, how'd the "visit" go?

I need that new smiley... cold here, and plenty o' snow left over. : (ooh, look, it's KK:
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and els, you could have them shipped directly to the recipient (though I'm bettin' you already thoughta that.)

Another big hug for Lisa and the fam. The worrying and waiting are so hard, they suck the life right out of you. Allison had to have a bunch of horrible tests when she was a babe, but she was much younger and she was never sedated (except for the actual surgery, but that's kinda different). And while an MRI might be more accurate, I know a CT is much faster (a few minutes vs. 20-45 minutes) and less expensive, so if a CT would rule out hydrocephaly, I'd go that route first for sure. I'm so sorry you hve to deal with any of it in the first place.

I'll be back with an update on us, but I had to interrupt this post when Ethan threw up all over the couch (yep. still.) and now I've only got one hand.
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oh gods, jui-say. that suuuuucks. Hope this too passes like, pronto.

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ugh. nauseous migraine. nanny mcphee is going to babysit us all right now while i lay on the couch and wait it out. 3 advil have done nothing. maybe the toast and halfcaf will help

stress? maybe. our client is expecting two things to submit today and M was supposed to review them friday. she was so busy friday she told me she was starting at 7pm. well i heard nothing and she flew to mexico sat morning. so i''m not sure what to do about that.....and am expecting my client to call at some point soon

i hope eeefan can get over the pukies soon.

ebin went down for the night around 9 and then was awake and giggly from 10 to midnight this headache had already set in at that point. and then he was screamy screamy when he woke up a few times during the night. i think the baby oatmeal is messing with his tum or something. i have a sposie on waiting for tHE BIG ONE he's a seldom pooper to begin with so i'm not sure what solids will do to his system.

we went to a birthday party yesterday at an *amazing* house. just georgous

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oh dear God, jstar, I am drooling over sock dreams. I cannot afford that link! I hope your head feels better soon. Not good at all.

I agree, totally KK : Master Gardener full of love!

Um, when is the universe going to look kindly on the Juice family? This is way too much vomiting for a may mama.

Thank you all for the support regarding the CT scan/big head scare. So we’re waiting on the HMO approval for the CT scan and then we are going to schedule it. I have no idea what the wait for the procedure appointment may be. Our ped implied that it would be something we could do right away. The tricky part about hydrocephalis is that has no symptoms besides a large head under 18 months unless it is tied to another disorder/disability. Annabel is on time/early for all milestones but she is small and that is a possible indicator. I have no hunch that she has any developmental issues at this point, but it is hard to “trust” her. She had been a blissful baby in many ways (sleep, in particular) but she has also brought us: late breech turns, c-section, placenta accreta, coughing blood when boarding airplanes, pneumonia, low weight gain, and now a big head. It’s not that this is a lot to handle (though it is) but more that it has had a cumulative effect on my confidence in “everything will be fine.”
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