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Add another BFN! She's here today, and she's a beast!

The only good side to my obsessing throughout the 2ww is that by the time my period gets here, I'm already convinced it didn't work and have cried and gotten all the sadness out. So right now, mostly I'm just glad to have the 2ww over with. But of course I'm sad too.

sigh....someone's gotta get a BFP, right? It's just the odds!

mhiccup, for what it's worth, over thanksgiving, we talked to my whole family about our ttc process and all had a fun time laughing about our entry into cervix gazing (my mom would let us use her room every night for it and then we'd all have a glass of wine together and talk about the insanity). for me, it was great to include them more. BUT...if it's stressful at all, i wouldn't do it. and i also agree that travel can mess up your cycle.

JenInMpls, codeine saves me every winter! without it, i cough so hard i throw up (sorry...) and have to sleep sitting up in a chair. it's the only thing that works. it'll be awesome for you!

So i can be moved to taking a break, cause i'll be in sunny mexico, drinking margies and eating all the seafood i want when i ovulate this cycle.
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mhiccup - I vote d as well(unless money is no object). My reason is that traveling makes me dehydrated and I have bad CM. For me, inseming while traveling is throwing money away.
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Originally Posted by mhiccup View Post
Move me to waiting to O. I F*$&king bled today. This is the first time my period actually made me cry.

Well, I think I'm waiting to O. We had said that we would take December off if this month didn't happen because we will be in Houston for the holidays, but with O falling right smack in the middle of our trip we could safely have the goods sent there.

So, a poll. Is it:

a. Ewww, shipping sperm to your parents' house is too weird;
b. It is weird, but who cares. They want this grandbaby too;
c. Not weird at all - go for it! or;
d. Weird or not, trying to do this during the holidays while traveling might just be too stressful and a doomed proposition

Sorry to post and not contribute to the really great conversations in the last few days. Work has been crazy. But I will try to improve my lurking ways.
I vote "b," since I'm a sucker for funny insemination stories (and I travel a lot without it really affecting my cycles... )
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I'm a b as well. It'll be good to involve them &, unless your cycle gets outta whack (can you save it if so?) I don't see why you should waste a month.
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greetings, all! JenInMpls pointed me your way. My sweet darling, M, and I will be inseminating this cycle. I am so impatient.
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Hi all, AF came for Heather yesterday. We'll be taking off Dec for the holidays, so it looks like the end of Jan before we'll try again.

I guess we're still in shock, so there's not much to say over here.

Sorry for all the other BFNs around here...

Oh, and as for the poll, I was just glancing at it, but I say if you're okay with your parents house and trying there, then go for it!

I guess move us to taking a break?
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hey miep for you, yet another person I could possibly hit up for donor milk if we had a baby the same time
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Originally Posted by BurtsGirl View Post
Whoa, astraphell, are you my long lost twin? This is scary it's so me. Are you a Cappy too? And yea I'll teach you to knit. Well, I can give you some resources if you'd like which really taught me what I know.
Actually I'm Aquarius and we're not supposed to be obsessive! But I have a Capricorn moon, so I think that's where I get that from. It's funny, certain things will pull me in and I'll get crazy, while I let other stuff (like housework!) go to someone else to take care of.

I would love it if you could PM me some of the resources you used to learn how to knit. I can make a very basic scarf, (no frills, no color changes!) and that's about it.

I found out today just how much this stuff has been on my mind... my temperature dropped a bit today, and I started getting my usual period backache and pre-spotting stuff going on. I thought I'd be upset, but I think the past couple of days of depression have been more related to the "what if" and the dread. Now that it's here, I'm actually really okay with it. I got a lot of work done that I've been putting off, and even went and knocked out a big portion of my Christmas shopping list. I'm still bummed about it, but just knowing what is ahead, at least for right now, really helps me to focus on a direction.

So, I suppose we're technically in the "Taking a Break for the Holidays" column too. I should O around Dec 30-Jan 1, and my partner will be recovering from surgery on Dec 27. I'm thinking maybe it will be for the best so we can recover together from all the stress. I still plan to temp and chart as if we were doing an insem, though, because I haven't done it that long and could really use the information.
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I think I've got all the updates!

If you're including a request to be moved in a longer post, could you please bold the request? I'm afraid I'm going to miss something.

Alternatively, you could PM me.

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good morning. I'm new and have been obsessing over the internet for information and friendly words and am so glad I finally found this site. my partner and i want to try to insem right after the holidays, but it seems crazy to do now.
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Originally Posted by tiggerkong22 View Post
good morning. I'm new and have been obsessing over the internet for information and friendly words and am so glad I finally found this site. my partner and i want to try to insem right after the holidays, but it seems crazy to do now.
Welcome! It's not necessarily crazy to insem around the holidays--it really depends on what your holidays are like, how your body responds to stress, etc.
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I am also flipflopping about my donor decision, that's probably what makes it crazier. That and trying to work out shipping. Thanks for responding to my question about Xytex.
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Hi tiggerkong22! I just found this site myself this week. We are 2ww right now. I agree with Frog...if you're holiday's aren't too crazy and you don't find yourself too stressed out...go for it! I should actually know how successful this cycle is for us on Christmas day! Crazy. But, at least I'll have a lot on my mind to keep me busy if the news isn't good. Anyway...good luck to you...and keep us posted here!
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Thank you Jenn and good luck to you too. Is this your first time TTC?
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Yep...first timer here. How about you? I think I was absolutely nuts right after we insem'd...but after a few days...I'm trying to take the whatever will be will be attitude. I'm TRYING at least. I saw your other post about the sperm bank you were selecting. Did you make a decision on that? You said they have a 40 family maximum?! That sounds like a lot to me too...but I don't know. I'm using PRS...and I'm pretty sure they said their's is 20. And THAT seemed like a lot to me!
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Originally Posted by tiggerkong22 View Post
Thanks for responding to my question about Xytex.
Oh, sure. They're our second bank--we're switching because the first one won't ship to our home directly and we're no longer working with the midwife practice where they would deliver.

I'll share my impressions/comparisons as things move along.
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I need to be moved to Waiting to O

at least for this cycle, we are doing a bit of a test run per se. Still waiting to get a handle on when I ovulate. If we don't catch it this month, no big deal.
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JennM I found out I was pregnant with my son on Christmas day back in 2003. I hope you get a wonderful Christmas present.
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JennM, I tried in october with a different bank at my ob office, which was not a very good experience. also decided to have an open donor so i had to switch banks and find another option for insem. i have found a wonderful midwife who will help and she is registered at xytex, which is why i am researching there. also, it is important for us to have a donor who is part Cherokee like my partner and the best one I have found is at Xytex. so many decisions... so many ways to procrastinate...
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Is it bad that I am already starting this cycle out doubting things?
I honestly don't expect at all to get pregnant this month.
I will ovulate sometime between the 17th and the 25th.
I have a hard time getting a + OPK. (Recommend a certain brand?)
I never show any clear signs of ovulation. (Starting Vitex soon though)
So ... insem when?
17, 20, and 23?

I wish my body worked the way it should. Stupid ovaries.
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