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December grocery tally - Page 7

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Let's see where I'm at.
12/5 $15.12
12/10 $12.39
12/12 $17.42
12/14 $47.39
12/19 $82.22
Total of 174.54 for the month so far. Not bad considering my goal was to stay under $300. I'll probably spend another $40 for xmas food.
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previous total $244.25

plus $48.62 for this weeks veggies (regular CSA box plus a lot of extras for Xmas- herbs, leeks, celeriac etc)

So that puts me at 292.87/500 for the month.
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Spent $38.60 on xmas foods, brings my total to $213.14. And that's where I'm hoping it'll stay.
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Was $302
Added $170 and 68
New total = $540

I bit above what I wanted but I had a party for 30p today and that included all of the food. I am hoping I can get to the end of the month without shopping again.
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$457.14 Groceries
$238.97 Household
$696.11 Total So Far

But hopefully I am DONE for the month!!
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Got our grocery shopping done yesterday (except bread, I forgot that):

Food: $364.10
Household: $19.80
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We're currently at $189.65 with a very well stocked freezer and pantry. There were some extras that I spent on like cut organic apples for a fussy toddler at Costco, rotisserie chicken and sushi because I was running late and trying to catch up on running errands after being sick for a few weeks, profiteroles because I really wanted to indulge.... etc...

I still need to pick up some organic eggs and potstickers at Costco tomorrow morning but I think we're doing okay with the budget. DH budgets $300 a month for groceries and it's a game to me to see how low I can get it while still buying mostly organic and good quality food for us. Ah well... maybe I'll get it closer to $100 next month.
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previous total $292.87

plus $38 for fancy cut of meat for Xmas.

plus $123.75 for super mega trip to co-op, some specific to holiday

Creme Fraiche
4 frozen entrees for back-up lunches at my office
pecans, walnuts and other nuts
Flax seed
Sparkling Apple Cider
Tandoori sauce for fast dinners at home
sliced bread for sandwiches this week when son is home from school
graham crackers (for snacks and cheesecake cups for Xmas eve)
1/2 gallon yogurt
2 gallons milk
whipping cream
maple syrup (this was a huge chunk of the bill, but it is what we buy every 2 months or so and we eat pancakes etc A LOT).
italian sausage
candy cane for son's stocking
bread for stuffing
parmesean cheese
sparkling wine

That puts me at 454.62/500 for the month. Should have no other charges till the end of the month other than the CSA delivery on Thursday. That should put us right at or slightly under the $500 budget. I am comfortable with that, considering we eat all organic, rarely eat out, are not on a tight budget and we are meeting our goal to eat a ton of produce.
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Our total for the month of december for groceries was $258.17. I guess this is not too bad an amount since we eat mostly organic food and it's for 3 of us including DH's lunch (he drives home for lunch). But this was more than I had hoped to spend and included some extras that we didn't really need. The pantry is rather stocked though so we'll see how next month turns out.

My big discovery of the month was that Costco sells organic ground beef.
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Spent $99.29 today. This was our regular grocery shopping, plus 26 boxes of Annie's organic mac & cheese that I got for .50 each!

Food: $463.39
Household: $19.80

And I'm done!
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previous total 454.62

plus $43.33 for CSA delivery.

Ends the month at 497.95/500 Woohoo, I can go crazy with the left over $2.05

Actually I have a $59 receipt from tonight that I am only going to count for January as it is ALL food for then, I just did not want to drive tomorrow and was already out.
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Out of my 600.00 Dec budget I ended up totaled out at 599.57
Food was 423.83, the rest was Christmas and household. Next month however household will be higher because I need toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo...

My goal is to only spend 70 a week on groceries so I went over that, but still stayed within my household budget, and I had houseguests for a week of that.

I'm satisfied.
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