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December grocery tally - Page 3

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did a major grocery shop yesterday.

i got at costco:

water (2 kinds)
frozen veggie mix
bananas (2 bags)
lara bars (5 boxes because they are discontinued

i got at the co-op:

6 jars apple sauce (different flavors)
B5 for dh
2 beef broth (on sale)
2 mushroom broth (on sale)
2 cans pineapple slices (on sale)
2 7th gen dish soap (on sale)
mushroom soup
icing mix for last box of cake mix for x-mas
curry cashews (for gift tins)
tamari almonds (for gift tins)
maple walnuts (for gift tins)
brazil nuts
3 alvorado st bread
pudding for x-mas pie


current total = 324.45
already overbudget = 74.45

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I'd like to join in. We have 2 adults and 5 year old and 2 year old plus cat. My goal is to get a better handle on what we actually spend (currently we have a set budget that we live under, but it includes gas, entertainment, clothes/shoes. While we live within our means I"m not sure wear it goes ykim) My goals are to eat healthy, track expenses better, and use my pantry as much as possible.

So far totals are

Food at home:

Food out:
$13 (all DH so far)

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2 adults, 2.5 yo, 2 mo

nursing both

week 1= 3.13 Aldis tortilla chips, tortillas, fr onion soup mix
28.88 Costco sugar, br sugar, eggs, butter, ital season, org diced tom
18.09 NatFoodWhs og cheese 2# $6.36, 2 og veg broth, millet bread, br rice flour, rice cakes, og tortilla chips (.97!)
week 2= 3 month stock up coop sale for baking staples, beans, vitamins so it will be high and my pantry & freezer will be literally bare come saturday when i go

i have 200 for the month to include said stock up; we may go over, given that our pantry and freezer/fridge are literally bare....

ETA: DD is gluten, dairy, soy, egg and corn free. Sigh.


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We're in. Family of three plus one very frequent houseguest. I'd like to keep it under $400 for the month. I don't think we've spent much of anything on food yet. I'll check into it and be back.
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I usually try to spend at very most $100/wk for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids, plus baby on the way) even when stocking up our big pantry. We are gluten, dairy and soy free and eat mostly organic. This does not include our weekly CSA share which is paid in advance (equals about $30/wk for produce, $6/wk for 2 doz eggs). I had been trying to keep it closer to $60/wk during the month of Nov. to save money. I have to buy some different gluten free packaged things this week as my ds is having some food allergy reactions and we are doing a trial run of rice, corn and egg free for him. So I'll just try to keep it under $100/wk with the special new allergy concerns and stocking up for the holidays.

Household budget is done separately and is a maximum of $100/month including organic pet food and ds's disposable diapers for bedtime. Frequently less than this but also on occasion includes consignment clothes for the kids, etc. Our Christmas tree will come out of this budget also.

Groceries total ($100/week): $85
Household total ($100/month): $32 (toothpaste, vitamins, craft supplies)

I'm planning a trip to Costco probably tommorrow afternoon. I will be using the rest of the grocery budget to stock up on chicken apple sausages and some fruit.
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First shopping trip of the month- 48.60, not much but a lot of each thing

smoked salmon
chicken sausages

Plus tomorrow our debit card will be charged $34.52 for

Delicata Squash
Baby Rainbow Carrots
Cremini Mushrooms
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Braeburn Apples
Braising Mix
Baby Rainbow Carrots
Braeburn Apples
Red Pears
Bok Choy
Cippolini OnionS

We p/u our CSA box on Thursday morning.

Total so far: $83.12 with 416.88 left for the month. 41.88 left till Saturday if I break the budget down weekly. But we have enough food till at least the 11th or 12th, including fresh things so I don't think we will need to spend that yet.
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I covet the CSAs some of you are able to get!

Ok, today I went to the discount grocery store on my way home from work. My budget for the month is $250 all inclusive.

I got;

2 pints of organic 1/2 & 1/2
3 qts organic soy milk
2 big boxes of cereal
4 stoneyfield farms smoothies
2/ 12 ct taco shells
2 pkts taco seasoning
2 boxes of organic fruit leathers (for kid's lunches)
three boxes of Trader Joe's au gratin potatoes
TJ's spanish rice
8 oz frozen peas & pearl onions (for pot pie... yum!)
huge bag of chicken fingers (I think it is 6 pounds)
3 frozen veggie pizzas
1 pound frozen ground pork
4 boxes of organic granola bars (for kid's lunches)
16 oz can of organic tomato sauce
32 oz thin spagetti
16 oz can of pinapple tidbits
5 pounds of sugar
small tin of coffee
one small chocolate bar (shhhh!)

Total- $39.50; left- $211.50

Later I stopped at a small store in town

Second stop;
2 bottles of shampoo (free w/ coupons)
2 tins of cat food (free w/ coupons)
cottage cheese
2 lbs broccoli
ground beef ($1 lb/11 lbs)
18 eggs
lb frozen corn
lasagna noodles
two little pies for the kids

total - $23.54; $188.16 left
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I'm in. It has been a while since I kept track. We moved about 3 months ago and now I'm getting back in the frugal stage again.

12/1- Trader Joes $40 (majority of this is goats milk for DS)
12/3- Winco $185.23
12/3 -Costco $126.45 (included one christmas present)

We should be good for 2 weeks. The total so far included supplies for christmas baking for gifts (cookies, granola, fudge).

Total: $351.68
monthly plan $600
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I spent another $24 today to that puts me at:

Food: $107
Household $20

I went to the store specifically to get 4 items that were on sale and that was all I got. I was quite proud of myself. The bonus was the cereal I got have coupons on the boxes for the sposies I use. So I spent $6 on cereal and got $6 in coupons for something I use. Can't beat that.
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Am I the only one spending here? Add another $36 but now I am stocked up on some things for a at least a few months. I will have to take it easy next week.

Food $143
Household $20
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I still haven't made it to the grocery. Yesterday I didn't finish my other errands before the babysitter needed to leave and today it snowed here and my dh is all freaked out and doesn't want me on the road. Luckily, we have enough stuff here, but we are starting to get low. Hopefully, I will make it there tomorrow morning. So far, $0 for the month!
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We have not made it to the store yet either I am trying to go this evening so we shall see .
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Hi! I saw this thread last month and it really got me thinking about my grocery spending. Then I realized I went to the store three times in the week before Thanksgiving and spent almost $250! In a week! That was a pretty big wake-up call as money has been extraordinarily tight lately. So, my plan for this months is $100 per week. This had to include household and cleaning supplies. Also, there is only one grocery store within a 45 minute drive so I can't play the grocery game or shop around for the best sales.

It is only my dh, ds (3.5), and me (well, and baby-to-be sometime in the next six weeks or so). My ds eats no meat and my dh comes home for lunch some days. We don't eat out (see above about living in the middle of nowhere) so we have no "outside" food sources.

Dec. 5: I've been concentrating this week on emptying the pantry and freezer. I did spend $84 this week at the store, but I'm guessing (as I tossed the receipt) that only $50 of that was on food. Money's tight so I'm not sure if we'll have enough for another $100 trip this weekend. My new plan is to only go to the store on Sunday, and by myself if possible, to avoid the thrice weekly trips which add up in an instant!

Anyway, thanks for letting my join in! My husband is extremely lax about money and figures I'll take care of it, so I'm not really accountable for how much I spend on food! It'll be nice to know that "someone" is watching to see how I do!

Off to raid the pantry for stuff for dinner!
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DH just picked up some organic eggs and danactive at Costco today. So that's an additional $10.98 bringing the total to $84.86 so far. I think my new goal will be to keep below $150 for the month. Keeping at $100 is just too tough this month. I still need to get carrots and celery and we'll need to restock danactive, codfish and eggs later in the month.
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Our weekly milk delivery came today so another $40.
The $40 includes
9 half gallons organic milk
an organic produce box that this week had:
one pound of califlower
one pound of cranberries
3 apples
3 tangerines
butternut squash
one huge head of romaine lettuce.

So my total for the month is $190 something.
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Food at home:
Food out:
$21 (still all DH so far)

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Dec 1: $0
Dec 2: $0
Dec 3: $17
Dec 4: $0
Dec 5: $0...but $10.21 at McDonald's :
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First Trip of the Month:

$14.59 Household
$94.44 Groceries
Plus $7.98 on groceries this morning.

New totals:

$102.42 Groceries
$14.59 Household
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14.81 on food today --2 loafs of bread, hotdog buns , apples, bannanas, hot chocolate, items for oreo balls for cookie axchange , almond extract , shampoo , small pack of diapers for night time . I did have coupons thank goodness. Thats it till the 19th when dh gets paid agian . we have a full pantry and freezer so we should be good .
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Finally made it to Trader Joes. Total $120

Here's what I got
tortilla chips
orange juice
chicken nuggets
brownie mix
lots of cheese
mac and cheese
sour cream
several different breads
hot dogs

We should be good for awhile. I won't need milk, bread or juice for 2 weeks. I'll need to make a produce run next week.
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