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I'd like to join. Right now we are only two humans and two kitties. I try to keep our grocery budget to $125/mo. as our income is very low. Unfortunately we did get food from restaurants early in the month because I just couldn't bring myself to cook after losing my mom, but I think I'm OK now, even if it's just simple stuff like taco rice or what have you. I'm having a hard time staying to budget this month because I'm so drained I'm much more susceptible to buying things I want but don't need.

So far:
8th: Meijer $43.87 we got
Egg nog (indulgence)
3# onions
2# deli ham
big bag of cat food
12pk soda (an addiction I am trying to break, very slow going)
3 boxes crackers
lettuce - enough for our salads for a week
smoked salmon cream cheese (an indulgence)
5 cans tomatoes
Garden Vegetable chips (had free coupon)
3 jars spaghetti sauce
8# bscb tenders

9th: Trader Joe's $10 (put change in jar so it's not exact amount)
Brie (another indulgence)
capers, big jar
Lox (indulgence again but it makes me $4 worth of happy)

My shopping list for this week includes CVS - no really great deals but going to stock up on cola as it's 4/$9 and we have enough bottle/can returns to cover the cost practically. Meijer shopping list is pretty basic, as we are basically pretty set right now with canned and frozen veggies both from the CSA this summer and from the store, as well as a lot of chicken, shrimp, enough hamburger for chili that will feed us 8-10 times, and DH's dad got a deer so we can get some venison at no cost. I am in desperate need of restocking my rice supply - I've got one pot's worth left, and I always buy the 20# or so bags from the Japanese store since that's the rice I really prefer. So that will be $15 or so this month.

Total so far then is $53.87. Oh plus like $8 on HPTs

Edited to add that I feel like I should be able to trim this budget more if I could just give up some of the indulgences and do more planned leftovers.
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Originally Posted by emilys_mom1 View Post
Update Below
12/1- Trader Joes $40 (majority of this is goats milk for DS)
12/3- Winco $185.23
12/3 -Costco $126.45 (included one christmas present)
12/6- Sam's club $88.84 (Diapers ($27, hot chocolate, donuts, gifts, membership fees)
12/10 Trader Joes $36.60 (Goat Milk for DD $29.90, banana's, cereal, half-n-half)

The total so far included supplies for christmas baking for gifts (cookies, granola, fudge).

Total: $477.12
monthly plan $600

new total:
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Grocery Tally (Includes toiletries & cleaning supplies):
12/5 $63.73
12/8 $14.04
12/9 $8

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Dec 1: $0
Dec 2: $0
Dec 3: $17
Dec 4: $0
Dec 5: $0...but $10.21 at McDonald's
Dec 6: $182
Dec 7: $0
Dec 8: $0
Dec 9: $0
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We're two adults and I'm really hoping for $100 this month. Plus an extra $10 for another bag of rice and toor dal, I imagine.

Yesterday I spent $25 for this week. I can't find the receipt, but I got organic fruit (bananas, a mango, oranges and tangerines), organic veggies (celery, carrots, tomatos, a bell pepper, an onion, potatos), two packets of tea biscuits (the biscuits were my indulgence for the week, but they were on sale for 70 cents each), 4 yogurts, 2 cans of organic garbanzo beans, 1 can of organic black beans, 1 big can of organic tomatos, frozen corn, frozen spinach, and a box of pasta. I think that was all.
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398.22Total So Far
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Today, spent $12.39 at the groceries.
Total so far $27.51
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$83.12 previous total.


(Costco sized)

Smoked Salmon
Cheese- 2 kinds

for $36.12

so 119.24/500 for the month so far.
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I spent $102 at the store on Sunday. $95 of that was food and $7 was cleaning supplies.

So I'm at:

Food: $186.30
Household: $16.80
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For just food so far I have spent:

previous total $107
today - stores $180
misc milk etc. $15

total = $302

It's only the 10th but I think I can still make my goal of $500 for the month.

I really didn't mean to spend that much today and I'm feeling kind of bad about it. I have stocked up more than I usually do and I feel like we can last a while on what we have. I am having a party right before Christmas and I have been buying some food for that so that I don't need to get it all at once. Last year we ordered the food we served but this year I am going to try to make it instead so in the long run we are not spending as much.

The one thing I hate including in that total is DH's Diet Coke addiction. It really puts a dent in the budget but if I don't buy it for him then he buys 20oz. bottles for $1.50 each. It's ridiculous!
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minor shopping yesterday: 55.10

current total = 379.55
already overbudget = 129.55 (though the 250 budget is sort of arbitrary. i normally budget 600 but have been going over so i'm trying to make up for it)

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$217 at Sam's Club on Saturday- that was for groceries AND some non-food items like laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent.

Still need to order some bulk spices online soon, but $217 is my total so far for the month.
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previous total: $119.54

plus was charged today for tomorrow's CSA pick-up. I upped our box size a little because we have so many guests and because we are eating more fresh vegetables. So $38 for the larger sized box + $13.16 for the extra items.

We are getting:

Bunched Carrots
Ginger Root
Red Cabbage
Green Bell Peppers
Royal Gala Apples
Red Potatoes
Cascade Pears
Green Kale
Satsuma Mandarins
Green Bibb Lettuce

total $170.70/500
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OK my total was $217 and I spent $33 today online buying bulk spices (and a couple EOs, but I'm just gonna include it all here because it's easier for me, lol). So $250 is my total so far. I have some more things to get tomorrow though. I'm just hoping to keep it around the $500 range for the month.
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OOOOH! Can I play?
We're me, BFing DS, and DH.
The Dec grocery budget hasn't actually been dipped into yet, even though I've done some shopping. I used what was left over from Nov. So it will reset when the last $120 is gone... Or maybe, since we're expecting snow and doing holiday meals with family, it won't have to... We'll see. Great thread!
Thanks for doing this!
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current totals

$144 food at home

$122 food out

$2 household

We had a nice meal out. Sushi. I was pleased because the kid ate great, behaved well, the food was great, and it was a very pleasant experience.
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Bought some produce for $17.42.
Brings me to $44.93 so far for the month.
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$444.35/ $600
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I spent $9.23 today at Trader Joe's for mini pitas, meatballs and marinara sauce, plus a peppermint bark bar.

So I'm at:

Food: $195.53
Household: $16.80
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Dec 1: $0
Dec 2: $0
Dec 3: $17
Dec 4: $0
Dec 5: $0...but $10.21 at McDonald's
Dec 6: $182
Dec 7: $0
Dec 8: $0
Dec 9: $0
Dec 10: $0
Dec 11: $0
Dec 12: $16
Dec 13: $0

Hmm: $225/225. Crap.
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