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winter weather/keeping our newborns warm outdoors...

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ok. my mom keeps telling me i should not go out in this weather w/ sheamas. sorry but it is not THAT cold to me. it is like 31F and yahoo weather says it feels like 28F. i suppose i could wrap him around his nose and mouth w/ my knitted large-holed scarf like i did w/ megh in maine when we lived there and she was about 16 mos. old. she could still breathe fine, it was only one layer across her nose/mouth.

there is a slight wind chill but not bad if i face him away from it and/or hold his head in towards me...i bundle him up very well and hold him to my body for more warmth. any other suggestions and is my mom just being old school ignorant about this? or should i not take him out when he is so young still? when is the time to take newborns out? i don't mind the ice rink here as it is outdoors, there is a fire pit to sit around while watching megh and i don't feel its too cold out there...as long as i take precautions to keep us all warm from head to toe.

there goes my mom again, doubting my wisdom and choices as a mother of 2. so annoying. :
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This is my first winter baby...and we are all sick..so not going anywhere...but I think if you guys are bundled well, you should be fine fr short outings, I carried Zoe(dd2) out trick or treating last year for hours and she was 8 weeks, and since she was right next to me bundled well she was warm and snug and happy with no ill effects. I would bundle him up and trust your judgement. I think it can be easy for others to stay stay in with the new baby, but when you have other children and not a lot of people to help with things, life has to go on.
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Well it's very cold right now where I live (-20 celsius which is about -4 F) plus there is a windchill. Still life doesn't stop with a newborn and I have to walk my kindergartener to the bus 2 days a week and pick him up - each time it involves 5-10 minutes of outside time - which seems like a lot in the cold!! Last week DH was off work so we kept the baby and 3 yr old inside, but this week I have no choice but to take all 3 kiddos out. I have a snowsuit and warm hat for babe, plus I plan to carry him in a sling and wrap a blanket around him. I hope it's enough but I don't know what else to do.

I think in your weather it is fine to take your little one outside!
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My ped. has a child the same age as my older son (also a winter baby), and I saw her out with her baby every day. Literally. Even on the really cold ones. I think if the baby is in some kind of carrier that keeps him up next to you, he'll be fine. For cold outdoor walks (I wish there have been more) I put the little guy in the Moby D carrier. There is no part of his body exposed. I honestly worry about him getting too warm. The real hassle is getting everyone into snowsuits, boots, etc... Arg. I want to move to Florida.
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Loving Savannah, GA!!! :

Bronwynn was also a winter baby in Kansas where it was much colder. I think it's fine to take them out as long as their bundled in a snowsuit and/or you're carrying them in a sling close to your warm body.
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I was going to say what Laurie said - life can't stop for a newborn sometimes. And how do they do it in the really stinkin' cold areas? I think it's fine to take a baby out in the cold. In fact, COLD COLD will kill more viruses off (like the flu) supposedly than a warmer winter. At least that was the complaint in NY when it was a warm winter - there were more illnesses.

So just bundle him up and watch for chapped cheeks that you can rub something on at home. My oldest got those
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ITA. Life must go on even with a new baby. We took the boys for a hike last weekend and it was cold, so we all bundled up. I had Caleb in the Ergo with a cotton hat and a wool hat; he was next to me and zipped him into my jacket but with his face just barely peeking out. He was nice and toasty even after 45 min outside. It was aound 35-40 F and windy.

I guess just bundle and check frequently to make sure their mouth isn't covered and their temp is not too extreme either way.
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i have all winter boys.. one in mich two in pa .. the yr ev was born was record breaking cold all winter... i would snowsuit then sling under my coat and that is how i get dean to bus now.. it works...
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