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December Declutter Thread!!

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Anyone in?
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oooo.....count me in!

We are downsizing so tons of things must go!
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I'm excited@!
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I'll try to be in. I need to get a move on before baby makes his or her grand appearance! Amazing how I had so many plans and so much time and now....ack. crunch time!
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I'm in too!

I tried this once before, I think in August, but did what I always do and started off strong and then fizzled...:

Now I cleaned and straightened my house for Thanksgiving and want to keep it that way for Christmas...but I also want to work on the internal organization so it doesn't quickly fall apart. KWIM?!

Today I will sort all of the paper piles from the dining room that I pushed under my bed before Thanksgiving!

Susan Mama to DD(12) DD(15) & :
too much so I need &
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I'm in! I only reached my halfway mark in November and probably brought too much in! Need to purge!

Happy December Decluttering!
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I'm in for 150 items!

I got rid of 20 cds yesterday, so I have 130 left to go!

This is my first time joining the challenge. I hope I can make my goal despite all the things likely to come in from the holidays.
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I'm in for another 300!
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I'm in but can someone direct me to the 'rules' please - what counts, what doesn't? I've been lurking for a while and I'd really like to dump the lot : but I can't seem to get motivated.

Thanks in advance
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I am so in

we are moving dec 31st...

I have one bag in the car to drop off at goodwill so far
and a HUGE pile of stuff in my bedroom to sort through...list on Craigslist to sell and/or dontate to goodwill

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I sold 3 bookshelves, train table w/ train set and a computer desk today.
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I just lurked a bit on the November site so I'm not very savvy BUT I totally need this and would love to join in... I think I better start small though so maybe 100 items? This will be heavenly...
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I'm in. I met my goal of 300 items in November. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'd like to declutter another 100 items but this month I'm only going to count things that I:

* Sell
* Swap
* Donate to a specific charity drive (Toys for Tots, One Warm Coat, etc.)
* Gift

I have set these rules for myself because I have found that I don't have that much trouble getting rid of things like worn clothes, broken toys, etc. but I have a harder time getting rid of things that I perceive to have value. So I have a big pile of stuff to sell, a bin of giftable things that I have picked up, etc. I'd really like to whittle these things down this month.

So far I have sold 1 child's dress, swapped about 17 items (with about another 40 to go out tomorrow from the November quick reverse swap), gifted one item, and donated a coat and 2 books to charity drives at DS's school. So I'm at 22/100 so far.
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OK, I'm pledging 50 things before Christmas.

I also need to pledge to de-clutter my desk and KEEP IT THAT WAY!
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I'm still working on the master bedroom challenge slow & stead wins the race they say though! I'm in for thinning out some stuff this month too. Tree ornaments are top of the list... I need to get rid of the horrible plastic balls that 18month old ds wants to eat, I tried salt dough but he ate THAT too :

Today one box of toys (probably 36very large 'lego' types, a pile of little people accessories and some action men as 3yo has agreed to be limited to 2 )
One queen size bed that was stored on my covered patio is gone, ebayed and one bulky double jogger pram leaving tomorrow by the same route! Plus a box of linens & such that is ready to go to lifeline with the toys. I don't really have a number goal in mind but I'll shoot for having no more clutter IN after Christmas.. if I do a good job thinning the ranks before then I should balance it out at least
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I gotta try this.... I am going for 50 items from the storage side of my closet, need to make room for Christmas stuff...and I pledge a trip to the salvation army to drop off 4 bags of clothes by Friday!!
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I'm in. Is it okay if I join and don't set a goal, though? I'm nearing my 8th month and I'm not sure how much energy I'm going to be able to expound I desperately need to work on getting stuff out of my house, though, to make room for the baby, particularly in my bedroom.

Accountability rocks.
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Originally Posted by loveday69 View Post
I'm in but can someone direct me to the 'rules' please...Thanks in advance
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I'm in. We will be moving (headed back East somewhere) early on next year and so everything extra must go by the 31st.
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Im in for 500 this month. I still need to declutter the basement.
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