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I'm in for 100 items. I did a lot of decluttering in November and unloaded about 6 full garbage bags but I got more work to do. I want stuff out before the gifts start coming in. :
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I'm in! My goal was 200 for November and I made that goal plus some! So, this month, I'm going to set my goal to 150.
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So, I guess there are no rules I'm in with a goal of 100 items this month. Nesting has me by the throat so I'll probably get rid of more than that but I want to have a small goal since I am eight months along, I might burn out soon.
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already have a 'selling' pile going and about 5 or 6 items going out to charity..YAY. only 95 more to go! :0
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I'm here but I have to hurry

Dh will be done classes soon and I have to get the stuff out before he sees me.

yeah, I know, I know, but he's a packrat and I can promise that he has no clue about the stuff I want to get rid of. But if he sees it, he'll want it. Just like the kids

So I want to get it out while he's at work. I'm still leaving MOST of his stuff, I just want to declutter.
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I'm in, but I always lose track when I'm counting. I do well with lists, though:

*DD1's closet
*my/DH's bedside table
*kitchen cabinets
*entertainment centre
*pare down holiday decorations

Okay, that's enough for now, with company in town this month and a newborn in the house :.
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I'm in. So far since last week I've gotten rid of 7 boxes of books, 3 to FreeCycle & 4 to Half Price Books. i have one bag of clothes to go to the donation bin & another box of books to give to a friend from out of town who'll be heading this way soon. Will continue with clothes & other items & figure out a total per week.
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Yes, yes, yes. Me! I am in.

This morning I made great headway on a HUGE project that has been looming for a very long time. Sorting through, organizing, and preparing to store long-term our book collection. I got so much done in a few hours (in a freezing cold garage!) that I am in awe of myself.

I think I'm 1/3 to 1/2 way through this project and when it is done, we will have more garage space and a much neater garage.

Yesterday I decluttered the yard and got a huge amount of cluttery brush moved to the brush pile. Also I moved all the little things that had accumulated around the garage. Good thing, too, because we had a snowstorm last night. Nothing like a snow prediction to get the yard cleaned up.

December is traditionally a month of slowing down for me. But I am going to work on keeping the house tidy and clutter-free and continuing to amass things to donate (and I will go at least once to drop them off this month).

I might get around to Craigslisting and Freecycling some big-ticket things I have lined up in the garage. I'm mostly ready, but need to clean up the pics I took and get the listings done, then deal with people.

Some holiday projects create clutter, so I am going to do my best to erase the clutter I create.

And I'm not going to give myself guilt for holding off until January to deal with the mending/sewing and organize the camping gear.
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It seems to me the rules are simply to list de-cluttering goals for the month. Easy peasy!

I'm linking this months challenge with one of my 43things goals, "get rid of stuff." I just love it when things connect like that Our goals for this month are:
  • Keep coffee table clutter-free for the month.
  • Keep dining table clutter-free for the month.
  • Clean out and organize armoire/computer desk; designate places for the stuff that keeps cluttering the coffee and dining tables
  • Finish dressing room organization (hang up vision boards, purge clothing) and trim work (crown molding, quarter-inch round molding, caulking, painting).
  • Donate or sell 50 items.

This is our first de-clutter challenge, and it’s hard to know where to draw the line. I don’t want to overestimate our ability, but at the same time, it is a “challenge,” right

Also, the clutter around the house is due in large part to organizational issues. We wanted to take a holistic approach and actually solve the problem, opposed to just the symptom. I’m thinking that it’s unreasonable to say “keep the tables clutter-free” without addressing the issues of why the tables are cluttered. The stuff has to go somewhere, right?

Okay… here we go Clutter be gone!
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I am right there with you Mikaela...both with the goals and the desire to get at the organizational (or lack thereof) root of the problem. My dining room table is always covered too!

I also like the idea of setting general goals rather than counting items:

Deal with dining room table issue
Organize bill drawer
Straighten basement, donate excess
I'm sure I'll think of more...

On we go...

Susan Mama to DD (12) DD (15) & :
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OK just read all your lists - I'm motivated now, small goal as this is my first challenge so I'm going for 100 items. I'm starting in the living room tomorrow (well later today really as it's 3am - note to self: remember night time is supposed to be for sleeping!)
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I'm in but I have to think about my goals. Is "find the floor" a goal?
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just subbing.

took this week off work to clean, straighten and de-clutter so hopefully that will build up some momentum for me. also got to make room for the boatload thats coming later this month:
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Originally Posted by lucky_mia View Post
I'm in but I have to think about my goals. Is "find the floor" a goal?
Ahahaha - this made me lol And I say, yes - absolutely!
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I was reading your post and thought, "hmm...she sounds on top of things!" and I looked at the name and thought "hmmm, mikaela...like my mikaela". Then I got to the 10 year old monster and I was like "it IS my mikaela!"

Nevermind the Souderton, PA part...didn't see it until afterwards.

Anyway, how convenient to see you here...I need to email you but don't have it on my new account. Please send it to me again.

Okay, so on to my de-cluttering...:

My main issue right now is clothes. I have 10 years of clothes piled up, that I've never gotten rid of since I had my fist baby. (Well, a couple things here and there, but nothing really, in the grand scheme of things.) So I need to organize and pare down all the kids clothes.

So I am going to count bags of clothes - my goal is to get rid of 25 bags of kids clothes. And believe me, that is quite a challenge!
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Yay! I love that I'm your mikaela Interestingly, in my de-cluttering efforts, I've collected a pile of "MonkeyPrincess' family" things. Hee hee!

So, I'm loving everyone's lists and positivity on this thread. It's much more motivating to be de-cluttering with a group and a deadline I actually worked from home today with the express intent on getting into the computer armoire and cleaning it out. Thanks for the inspiration, mommas!
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OK, I'm in. I had to toss several of DD's natural rubber bath toys due to mold inside They were pricey too :

Anyway, so that's 4 items so far -- I'm in for 150 again this month.
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My original goal was 150 and I think that's probably a good one considering the holidays. I will be giving myself negative numbers for anything that we don't 'consume' being brought in.

20 cds out
33 clothing items out
-3 cloth diapers in
50 items so far
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Originally Posted by mamavegan View Post
...I will be giving myself negative numbers for anything that we don't 'consume' being brought in....
Oooh, you're tough I thought about that too, but I don't think December is the month for us to try this!!

I returned 2 large items to my sister, so 6/150.

I plan to hit the decluttering again in full swing this weekend - this week is a little crazy around here.
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I have someone coming to pick up this monstrosity of a recliner chair that is BROKEN, I just sold a bag full of yarn, AND I filled up a garbage bag and a half of toys on its way to the thrift store.

I lost count. I'll put it at 30/100 though I think it's more. That dumb recliner should be worth 20!
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