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Okay, I'm back. Saturday I got dh to help me declutter and reorganize the boys' room. We de bunked their beds, stored one in the basement, and rearranged the shelving so that THEY can REACH their books, puzzles, blocks and cars. We are totally penniless right now (when you own your own business and you are waiting on people to pay their bills so you get a paycheck....) so I can't go out an buy the canvas totes I want for the shelves but it's okay. Anyway. THERE IS ACTUALLY AN ECHO IN THIER ROOM NOW!! And they WANT to be in there (: please make it last, please make it last).
So now I have more stuff to take to the thrift store (which didn't accept items on Saturday. Another boxful of miscellaneous clothes and toys that don't fit anymore and a HUGE pile of books that my 3 1/2 yr old ds said he wanted to get rid of!!!!!
I love reporting back here because I feel it keeps me on track!

ETA I got a few more items today:
- a set of curtains I redid before we moved but ended up not fitting the window I made them for.
- an old, ratty jewelry box
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I have 5 items due to be picked-up in 10 minutes And a bookcase that is pending pick-up tomorrow (making $$ on this one )

I do have several other items posted on freecycle, hopefully someone will come through today. I plan to tackle the curtain rods this week too...

Adding 6 to my total...
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Ok...getting a late start, but jumping in

My goal is 100 additional items this month. I estimate that I've already decluttered at least 100 items, because I've run to the donation center 3 times this month.

I'm sorting through things today, so hopefully I'll have some stuff to take to Goodwill tonight.

Edited to add - cleaned out my pyrex, glass vases (who needs 6 vases?) and extra baby blankets - all in a box ready to go this evening once the hubster returns.
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Originally Posted by mamavegan View Post
On a whim, just cleared an additional 21 items from my master bathroom.

New total: 141 (goal was 150)

13 clothing items for a newly pregnant mama
8 sold items of baby clothes
1 pair of jeans to donate
22 items gone!

I made my goal!

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Broken Recliner is gone!
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took all my stuff to the thrift store!!!!!! Yipee! I am seriously on a roll mamas! Someone remind me to SAVE the things we actually use. I'm such a space monger I'd get rid of 85% of what we have just to make more space:
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I'm in!!

My goal is to:

Clear out my book shelves

Donate/get rid of a bunch of James' toys that he no longer plays with

Trash the broken ones

Go through my closet

Go through DH's closet

Go through the 6 totes/boxes of James clothes and goodwill it all...I tried selling in a garage sale this summer and it didn't work, so it's getting donated

Clear out under the bathroom/kitchen sinks

Clear out the hall closet

Clear out the front closet

Do all the above without DH knowing because he's the biggest pack rat EVER

ETA- Force DH to go through his closet and his jeans, he has 15 pair (seriously) and he only wears 5 or 6 pair of them. They will more than likely be trashed because he wrecked them at work, I'll let him keep 1 or 2 pair for when he changes the oil in the cars. The rest are GONE.
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Okay, it's kind of late to be starting.... but I want in too! My goal is 100 items before Christmas.

Here goes! :
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I'm much closer to being done with my huge book-organization-storage project in our garage, and the garage looks so much better already.

I tidied up the office/spare room and just moving a few things made it look *so* much less cluttered. I have a wall-of-tubs (LOL) and now I have a plan for them. Two are things to get rid of, three are clothes to donate to three separate places, two are mending, one is stuff going to our storage shed, and six are sewing-related. The plan:

- Sewing stuff stays in through Jan-Feb because I have major projects to work on then, but after that those tubs are going to the shed.

- Mending will get DONE and eliminated in Jan-Feb when I'm sewing.

- Stuff to donate is going into a closet in our laundry room that is currently just random storage. The tubs will fill half of it and I am sure I can declutter that closet well enough to fit them.

- Things to get rid of - I made a "free for shipping" list, prepped photos, posted it on a small list I'm on, and soon I will post it on the TP as well. I am sometimes frustrated that there is no easy way to specifically connect people from this board and the frugality board when they're looking for or getting rid of stuff. The TP is so huuuuuuuuuuuuuge and posts whip by so fast. I don't know if this is allowed, and I will remove it if it isn't (or a mod can remove this sentence for me if need be), but if anyone from here wants to PM me for my FFS list I would be very happy to share it with you directly. I am guessing TP spam on this board is not allowed, but if I'm wrong, correct me and when I get it up there I will post a link to it.

- The "stuff going into storage" bin might go in with the donation bins in our laundry room. We'll see how much room there is in that closet. I hate to have a lone bin up here.

The "clear spaces" thread inspired me to work harder at keeping my house in photographable condition! LOL. I started taking photos and decided I'd better work a bit more at it before I do.

Now my goal is to keep chipping away at everything I'm working on, and continue to keep the house as clutter-free as possible on a daily basis.
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20 magazines out to recycle,
10 items from unmentionables drawer gone
2 stuffed animals to Goodwill
1 fuzzy poster to Goodwill
2 ceramic dolls to Goodwill

35 items added

92/100 items for December.

Easier than I thought.
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I don't know if this "counts" or not but I suppose it does for me (I'm terrible at keeping up with returning stuff while I can still get the $ I paid for the item back).
I returned 2 Christmas things to the store because I wasn't thrilled with them. Go me!

I also got my feng shui declutter book out last night and browsed around it some. I took the "how cluttered are you" quiz and I got 40 points. 40 - 60 points had the following diagnosis:
"Clutter seems to be taking over in your home and affecting your moods, depleting your energy levels and inhibiting your progress. Take a long look at the areas that are causing you problems and immediately schedule in time to start decluttering. This is your path to a junk free life."


I think I'm going to start on the bedroom today. There's not much in there but I'm sure I'll be surprised by what is under the bed.
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I am at 260/500 Got slowed down this weekend due to pg issues but plan on doing some more tonight/tomorrow. I cleaned out my half of the closet (need dh to help me with his) went through toys and tossed the broken/missing pieces/cheap ones, went through most of my craft stuff (waiting to get storage bins for the rest), went thru a few boxes in the storage closet and park of my kitchen. It felt great and I can not wait to do more. We will be moving to a smaller place in a few months so I really wanna get rid of a lot of stuff.
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Originally Posted by mamavegan View Post
13 clothing items for a newly pregnant mama
8 sold items of baby clothes
1 pair of jeans to donate
22 items gone!

I made my goal!

I'm subtracting 6 because I bought DS some clothes.

New total is 157
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YEA!! We were without power for a while so I decided to purge the bookshelves! I recycled 4 of our 6 phonebooks (how the world did I accumulate 6 phonebooks?? Kept 2 because they are for different areas). a HUGE stack of old magazines, a TON of paper junk that was completely worthless, threw away 4 books of James' that he ripped to shreads, and threw out a bunch of other random crap.

I also cleaned out under the sink and have SOOO much random soaps and shampoos and crap that I pitched (WHY do I keep bottles with half a shampoo job in them? Duh...)

Tomorrow I'm tackeling the BEDROOM! We have SOO much of the kids old clothes in totes all over, if the weather cooperates I'm going to take gobs and gobs of it to Goodwill.

I'm loving getting rid of this stuff!!!
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I just wanted to say that everyone here is kicking some serious clutter butt. It's so motivating - I love reading these posts!
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I just found this thread.

So far I have donated 3 garbage bags full of dh, mine and the girls clothing.

1 bag full of blankets etc that we have just to much of.

3 bags of dry and canned goods of food that is yummy but that DD2 can't eat.

2 boxes worth of craft stuff
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I did it - YAY! (with pics)

Living Room Sorted - Sorry forgot the before pics but here's the after - hope it works, let me know if it doesn't, my first time with photobucket.


Just having a quick tea break, then onto the next mess - I can't count how many items I've got rid of cos the heap's in the dining room on it's way out of the house but I'll count it up on the way out. I've got a few days off so I'm aiming to do the whole house - well that's the aim we'll see how it goes.

Now I need to decorate! De-clutter first though I think - onward and outward
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I have gotten rid/ or given away about 100 items so far.
With a goal of 500. I need to get my but in gear and tackle the basement.

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OK, 15 items picked up by a Freecycler today

Thank goodness I am getting better at telling my MIL "no" when she wants to "downsize" her stuff to us :
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So far today:
1 black sack rubbish
4 Telephone directories
1 tub of dead pot pouri
1 holiday catalogue
6 horrid placemats
1 salt pot & pepper grinder
2 tupperware tubs without lids
1 saucepan
5 baking trays
2 cardboard boxes
3 bags of ancient banana chips
3 bags of ancient gothia mix
1 dead printer
2 carrier bags of bits to family

total: 33/100

Found my living room and dining room

Now to find my bedroom which was burried in the process
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