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Originally Posted by anthasam View Post
Thank goodness I am getting better at telling my MIL "no" when she wants to "downsize" her stuff to us :
I hear ya!!!!

well, I've gotten most of the kitchen decluttered (I know I said I was going to do the bedroom but I need to catch up on more laundry before I go there). Here's what I've boxed up:
- four pots and two lids to post on craigslist (they are good quality but we rarely use them).
- my "extra" dishes that I never use: 8 dinner plates, 6 bowls, 7 dessert dishes, 5 soup bowls, 2 tea saucers, one condiment tray, 10 glasses, crab forks, an extra pie wedge server thing, an extra spatula, a plastic tub, a popsicle form with most of the inserts missing,
-a pair of stride rites to go on ebay
-plastic colander (the one dh used to use in college)
-two springform pans
-a bundt pan
-a glass half gallon jug

stuff that isn't going to craigslist/ebay is going to be posted to freecycle tonight and whatever isn't gone by Sunday will be taken to thrift on Monday.

my total count thus far is 216 (conservatively because I didn't count every magazine and every article of clothing I got rid of)!
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ohh I have so much to downsize. I am working through my basement slowly this month and have tons to get rid of. Right now I have tons of stuff piled up that I have been sorting ready to take to the thrift shop just want to finish one more section down there before hauling it all out.
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Never to late to jump in!!
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1 more black sack of rubbish/old medicines/tatty clothes etc. from the bedroom
1 more bag to pass on to family/charity

Almost found my bedroom - found the bed :yawning: and most of the floor
the rest can wait til tomorrow.

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Keep going ladies!!

I'm at a stand still for today!

When I get off work (7am)

I'll be back in swing!
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It's taken me almost 2 weeks, but I finally got rid of some things:


A loooong way to go still!
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Well, I'm not doing so hot. And I need to get rid of 120 items this month.

Yesterday we made gingerbread houses using graham crackers, a very old container of frosting from the pantry, and various other snack food items, cereals, and candies too stale to eat. All in all I think I got rid of about 15 items, and we even put some of it to good, festive use!

That leaves me with 105 to go.

ETA: After thinking about it I know I got rid of more than 10 items yesterday. Two frostings, four boxes of cereal, two snack boxes, three bags of stale pretzels, some other packages which were partially eaten and left to go stale. I upped it to 15.
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I am going to get rid of 100 things this month! I will try to count. I am pretty good at getting rid of things, less good at counting, but I will try this month and see how it goes. I also have two other goals:

1. Get rid of giant buffet thing in dining room (know anyone in Pittsburgh who wants a giant buffet thing?)

2. Figure out how to make my kitchen less ugly. It's relatively clean, just ugly. I don't want to necessarily do all the changes this month, I just want to have a plan.
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Okay, I put 7 Cd's and four books up on ebay today.
that takes me to 237!
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I got rid of 165 items today..... hmmm, my original goal was 100 before Christmas. I think I'll up it to 300 before Christmas!
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Today more things are going out! Not much to be donated, but more items have gone to the trash and recycling bins:

10 magazines
2 boxes
4 sets of disposable breast pads to be donated (trial packs)
2 'decorative' items from the kitchen
1 shirt

My decluttering has slowed down a bit because I've been more focused on cleaning. My apartment is really starting to look the way I would like it to look!

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I have decluttered...

1 pair worn out toddler shoes
1 thing I can no longer read on my list
2 bathroom things
4 kitchen things
3 bedroom things
2 handfuls of paper-type stuff I got rid of while trying to find the church directory

I think that makes 13/100!

Now I am off to start a thread to solicit some help for my ugly kitchen.
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Still working on it:
1 pile of kids art work
4 empty plastic containers (big ones for oils) recycled
10 under used toys
10 empty boxes and their shipping materials
1 set of felt numbers


After nap time I'm going into kids drawers & closets - I'm sure I'll finish up there
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1 box of tea to a friend

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I have :
4 kitchen towels out
3 shirts
a pair of socks tossed out

I helped/nagged dh to clean out his wallet. He still has loads of junk/phone #'s on scrap paper etc. but STILL. At least I got him to get rid of old receipts and some useless business cards !
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A few piles of paper, coaster, misc junk. I'm only counting it as 5. I need to get moving...
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ooh! super late but i'm in. our dining room is a dim zone of vagueness and drifting objects. we divide our mealtimes between the kitchen breakfast nook and tablecloth picnics on the living room floor. something MUST be done.

goal: create filing system and office space in dining room for mail sorting, bill paying, and storage of transient items.
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I that juunk drawer cleaning would inspire me and I did a second kitchen drwer too. Today I got rid of a bunch of junk mail and magazines and I cleaned out my linen closet. I'm on a roll.
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I have done a massive 7 items this month. A plastic stepping stool from the kitchen (I moved DD's wooden one in there), some mardi gras necklaces, and a couple other little things. Unless I can count the fish and snail that DD killed by dropping playdoh in the fish tank...no?

I don't think this is going to be a good month for me, since it's the holidays and all that. I can't even begin to count how many items have come in, we had Hannukah, and we do Christmas as well.
I think my goal will be to declutter bathroom items, if I knock that out I will move onto something new.
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I'm not counting in numbers this month. I'm looking at it as more of a purge. I did bathroom #2 today and got rid of two big garbage bags full of empty, unused or expired. I also scrubbed and scrubbed.

I then went through my clothes again (those that weren't put away) and got rid of a huge big green bag to charity. Those that are put away still have to go through the "will i ever wear this again" routine. I think this is the hardest part.

Hubby and I then tackled DS's room (he has not slept in it yet). We got rid of two bags of trash, packed up all summer clothes for donation/consignment in the spring. We also have a huge bag of toys to give away or donate. We moved the furniture around to get ready for the transition from cosleeping after the holidays. I think he will love his room once it is done and may make it easier for him.

I feel we accomplished a lot but can't wait until the clutter is gone. Tomorrow night we will do more in master bedroom and I will hit my closet.

Oh, I sold 1 book on half.com today! Bonus. Tomorrow I will craigslist DS's snowsuit and boots from last year and a bag of higher end baby clothes.

Yea! Progress is a good thing!
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