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Baby Wrap carrier (as seen in mothering)

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Has anyone tried one of these: http://www.babywrapinc.com

This is always advertised in Mothering. I wonder about compression of breast tissue being a problem and would love to hear any stories from moms who've used one.

It really looks good.

I'm very interested in an alternate form of back carrying for my ds (8 mos, about 28" and 20+ lbs.) I've got a Tough Traveler backpack, but it's really kind of bulky for using in the house.

I adore my Maya Wrap, but wearing him on my back in it, would be tough on my shoulders (disk trouble.)

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I wanted one of those so badly, but was never able to get any positive feedback from anyone who had tried it. Based on the feedback I have gotten it would be better to get a podegi http://store.yahoo.com/peppermintcom...y-carrier.html
for back carry purposes.
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I'm looking for exactly the same thing for my 9 month old ds. I was also checking out that baby wrap.

I heard the podegi works best for Mamas who are on the busty side. Apparently, thin women and men often have a hard time with the podegi. (see www.peppermint.com) As a 32B (and that's my nursing size!) I didn't think it would work for me. I wonder if people have the same problem with the baby wrap.

How easy is it to put on the Maya wrap in the back carry position by yourself? Do you feel your baby is secure enough?
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what about a Sutemi Pack http://www.sutemigear.com/ or a Packababy http://www.packababy.com/packababy.html? both seem to be based on a Mei Tai carrier but with modifications to make it more shoulder/back friendly. Better yet i have heard lots of Raves about both carriers. both are made by super nice wahms.
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Sorry DS double posted for me
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I had one for a short while, but quickly sold it. I just didn't like it---ds didn't feel secure in it to me and it also strained my upper back. Incidentally, I had the same problem with the podegi (loaned to me by a Korean friend). I just don't like carriers without shoulder straps; they're all very painful to me.
The Ergo, though, is fantasterrific!
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