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Soft blocks for 6-month old-made in the USA?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some soft stackable block-type toys for my 6-month old for Christmas. DH and I like to buy from either small companies who do all their work in the states, or (if need be) larger companies that have great business practices.

We try to buy from local shops, but I haven't found any type of soft block in my area as of yet.

Does anyone have an online company they can recommend? Thanks!

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I don't know if this will answer your question or not, but in terms of websites, I love http://www.oompa.com/ - they have a lot of toys from smaller European and US companies, and they clearly label where everything is made. Even with the companies on here that do make some things in China (I think Haba makes its cloth toys there, for instance) I have a lot more confidence that they're overseeing things carefully and making certain that they're safe.

Then you might also want to check out http://saras-toy-box.blogspot.com/
She has a ton of links to websites on the left side that are smaller, reputable, and in general have toys made in the US or Europe.

I haven't specifically ordered soft blocks (though that's something I should think about getting - I think DD would love them), but I'm sure a bunch of these sites carry ones made by smaller companies with good business practices.
Good luck!
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Thanks a bunch! I'll check those sites out ASAP. Christmas is only 21 days away! Eep!
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I realize your probably thinking of smaller blocks... but... http://www.softblocks.com/ are made in the usa they'res a bunch of other block makres on toyreport.blogspot.com... (my site
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I'd try Etsy. I know of a few craftspeople who make soft blocks on there.

Here are some cute ones, or a search for 'soft baby block' without the quotes turns up quite a few (sometimes searching on Etsy is tricky)


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I second Etsy... Here's another link:

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awesome... thanks a bunch!
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Those are really nice. In fact, I just bought some off of etsy for my little baby's first big holiday. She should be getting to be just the right size to enjoy them.
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