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Earliest pregnancy symptoms? Even the impossible ones!

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Tell me all about the earliest pregnancy symptoms, even the ones that are considered "too soon"?

I'm just looking for stories, not validation.
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"just knowing"
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I had lots of heartburn, a some crampng and sore boobs before I had my BFP with both pregnancies.
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I second the "just knowing"
feeling "funny"
I had this weird soreness...kinda like when your abs are sore from laughing or coughing too much, but a bit different.
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I had a couple funky things happen with my first pregnancy. I was maybe 7-8 DPO and was drinking a glass of milk, and it had this crazy metal aftertaste. I had DH try it and he said it was fine to him.

I also had a stuff nose a couple days before my BFP. I don't have allergies and wasn't sick, and I have seen this before as an earlier symptom.
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Mine was the sense of smell and suddenly being suspicious of food. I had no idea I was pregnant at the time but after I found out, it made a lot more sense.
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my sense of smell always goes wacky within mere days after I get pregnant. I end up POAS waaaaay before I'm missing a period. And of course it's neg. And so I POAZillionS until I get a positive.
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headaches and having to pee all. of. the. time.
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I knew about three days after I ovulated I was pregnant. My breast started to get sore within a couple of days after that. Sure enough I was my midwife thought it was impossible that I came at 7dpo saying I was pregnant and the blood test confirmed it Barely by the way!
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I usually get nipple soreness with ovul that is gone within a couple of days. When preg, it stays, so I can know within 2-3 days of ovulation. Another really funky symptom I get is horrific insomnia in the first trimester that pretty much starts before my period is due too.
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The week before I found out (or even suspected) I was SO TIRED that I was desperately trying to nap at work. I was konking out on the floor...falling asleep at my desk...arranging chairs so that I could put my legs up and curl into a ball...It was ridiculous.
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I got pregnant with donor sperm via an IUI- or intrauterine insemination. Several hours later I was sitting at my computer with my left leg tucked under my butt. I felt the oddest "electrical" kind of sensation in my left fallopian tube area. I believe it was conception
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Both times I noticed that my heartrate increased (noticibly) within the first few days. I just felt like my body was running a marathon while I sat there. I attributed it to the hormones (in retrospect).
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Nothing has been 100% consistant over five pregnancies (six if you count my chemical) but I consider it downright WEIRD that the latest model deviated from the pattern of the last four (with three different fathers) as far as my earliest and most reliable pregnancy symptom.

With all the other kids, the smell and taste of coffee and cigarette smoke became absolutely nauseating. I smoked when I became pregnant with the older kids, and quitting wasn't the issue, it was continuing to smoke enough long enough for the "gradual withdrawl" that the midwives insisted on at the time. I didn't want exy to know about ds right away, and I don't think I'll ever forget how miserable I was gagging down a cup of coffee and trying to smoke without puking so he wouldn't find out.

I did get the breast soreness with this one long before I tested (and I tested before was due) and it was very intense! It felt like let-down, but it was painful, sort of like I imagine the phantom pains that amputees sometimes feel in their missing limbs must feel. At first it only came on when I read about or thought about babies, but then I got the worst agonizing case of it while I was reading about exploiter workers in 3rd world countries for my Sociology class. I can laugh now about how I wanted to give the whole human race nursies and make everything all better, but it certainly wasn't funny then.

With dd1, riding a motorcycle was positively excruciating because of the cold blast of wind on my breasts.

With both of the girls I was incredibly tired in the early first trimester and wanted to sleep all the time. With all three of the older kids, but especially dd1, I had to pee ridiculously often even before I tested, but this was another case where the babe in my belly has to be different and I had no urinary symptoms at all until the tail end of the 2nd trimester, when I finally noticed an increase in frequency, and didn't have any stress incontinence at all until I caught the flu a couple of weeks ago. Neither problem is particulalrly severe or interferes much in my day to day life, but it was BAD with the older kids.
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nighttime pee wake-ups, that only happpens when i'm preggies and tipped me off both times

also coffee starts to gross me out.... i just can't drink or smell it

and just a "funny feeling"
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If I had any before I found out, I wasn't aware of them.

I think the biggest one was just the feeling that I was pregnant.
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The first I had NO symptoms before bfp, the second I knew at around 5-6 dpo because of nausea then at 7 dpo extreme hunger like I had during my first pregnancy.
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I have never felt so tired in my entire life. I'd wake up after 8 hours of sleep and feel as though it was still the middle of the night. ugh!
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For me, first thing I notice is that strong smells and tastes bother me even more than usual. Sweet food especially is no longer appealing--I want eggs and cheese and meat. And my boobs ache like crazy.
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My boobs were sore and hurt like crazy from the day after O until a couple of days ago. It's less painful now. My boobs felt worse than they ever had especially first thing in th morning.
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