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woohoo, my subjects are back on the left, lol. it's the little things that make me happy, really, lol.
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i just really can't believe that it is december. i keep writing november on stuff. not only is it december but it is a week into december.

i'm not really ready for anything....christmas, new years, baby, etc...but i'm a last minute person anyway. i'm a lot more ready than i normally would be. i have almost all of the christmas presents ready. i just ordered photo calendars for everyone with pictures of our family. and then i made some photo books for my mom and nephew and stuff. i'm also making a few scarfs...and a pair of shoes for my nephew (i stole the pattern for the shoes off of impromptukiss's blog. haha) they are really cute. i also love the idea that someone had for the ice candles.

ds has sort of been driving me crazy lately. it is like he never listens to me..well never is an exageration, but a lot of times he doesn't listen and he wants to constantly have his way. the other day, he threw a fit because he didn't want to go inside the house. when we got inside with him throwing a fit, he ripped the curtains off the door. that is like the third time in the past three months he has broken something when he was mad at me. i'm not really sure what i should do about this. i send him to time out and make him apologize, but i am starting to think that he thinks he can do whatever he wants and then just say i'm sorry and it will be fine. i want him to understand that he also needs to improve his behavior. he is only 2 1/2. but it is really wearing me out. i don't like being run over by a 2 year old, but i'm also sort of lazy right now and don't want to take him on. haha. i also took a toy away from him the other day because he was playing inappropriately with it and then he bit me. he has only done that once but i don't want him to make a habit of it. i'm imagining him biting the baby. i'm hoping some of his anger and frustration will subside when he is completely verbal. right now he is very hard to understand...he is going to speach therapy and we are doing a lot at home too. well i know that isn't really related to anything that anyone has been talking about but i just wanted to tell someone about that concern...maybe you guys with toddlers have some suggestions.
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I can't believe there are only 15 days left till Christmas and I will be 37 weeks !!!:::

I am not ready for anything Christmas ,New years ,baby, seems like I can barely make it through the day let alone think of all the troubles we are having right now...Dh is now working 2 jobs 7 days a week and still it doesn't even amount to what we need to pay our bills,get food, etc..Our car is dead so dh is walking to work in sometimes 10 degree weather,I can not make it to my therapy appointments, and I am home with the kids all the time...Sorry I will stop being woe is me I just have no one else to talk to......
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Originally Posted by leafwood View Post
Pilgrim, we're due date twins, and I can't imagine doing half of what you've described here! I stopped working 2 weeks ago and dd has continued to go to daycare (she's 3 1/2y and really really enjoys it, plus distrubing her routine now would be a nightmare). I don't know how I would handle all the running around. I had a hard time getting to the grocery store, toy store and to and from daycare yesterday!!!!!
Hey duedate twin!! Well, apparantly I can't imagine doing all of that myself! Later that day, I decided that I simply couldn't do all of that (I was lacking sleep on top of all of that.) I decided to skip 2 of DD's classes that weren't so important to her. I called a friend to come over with her DD for a playdate for the girls, and I got a nap! friends - Then I called DH to come home from work an hour early and take DD to her very last class. again!

Thankfully I can finally start slowing down, though I still have to drive across town twice a week for chiro visits & iron shots. I still have a few fieldtrips that I've signed up to take DD to, and I'm still scheduling playdates like mad. But at least the playdates will be here at the house. I enjoy chatting with friends while DD can have a good time with hers.

DH is running himself ragged taking care of all of us. He's doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and caring for DD when he's home. We also had to hire a housekeeper early in the pregnancy because it's been such a rough pregnancy, and DH couldn't do *everything.* So I'm glad to have that in place, but the whole situation drives me crazy. No housekeeper will do as good of a job as I'd like, and yet we can't afford her. I really can't wait to be back to my old self. But I remember having DD, and it took a long time to get back to "normal"
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zahirakids- just wanted to send you a hug. pass it on to dp as well. i don't have the exact same situation as you, but i worry about money constantly. we are really in debt all of a sudden. we owe my mother so much money for this birth and other things...as well as the other bills that we have. dh is working overtime as much as they will let him. we really don't ever see him. i can't sleep most nights because i'm up going through numbers in my head. good luck with your situation. and sorry you are going through that extra stress.
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kehliouise hugs to you too!! and thanks so much I guess it is just hard when everyone is so happy and cheerful this time of year....:
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are you able to take your son to a chiropractor? I don't know if you see one already, or if you have access to one, but when my family started seeing a chiropractor regularly, one of the unexpected benefits was that my brother's speech problems inexplicably improved. It was over a bit of time, but once we realized it - the difference was pretty amazing.
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So putting oatmeal into chocolate chip cookie dough and drinking two giant glasses of milk with them makes six cookies a perfectly acceptable meal replacement, right? :
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Wow - 14 days left until Christmas. I can't believe it. I'm pretty much ready for the arrival of my family for the holidays. I just need to start grocery shopping and put a meal plan together. All Christmas cards and packages where sent in the mail today.

I am ready for my baby boy. I made it a point to get ready last month. Everything is washed and ready to go. We are re-using all items and clothing from my daughter (who is now 3). After going through the bags of clothes it turns out that I had her dressed in a lot of whites and neutral colors. The only item we purchased this time around was a glider and some boy clothes bought at consignment sales. My friends graciously gave us a bunch of hand-me-downs.

I'm ready and waiting....
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othersomethings-that is really interesting about the chiropractor. i have never been to one...i'm guessing insurance pays for that right? i don't know if he would hold still for one. i will definately look into that...maybe if we don't try it now we will when he gets older if he still has a problem.

well i am having a shower/quilt party thingy this weekend. i'm really excited about it. i have sent out quilt squares to all of my friends and family across the country and invited them to this decorating party. i have gotten some back in the mail already. they are really nice. i can't wait to see what everyone is going to do. since i am throwing the party myself i told everyone not to bring presents...but ofcourse i have had people say that they were. so i am also sort of excited to see what they get me...because ofcourse who doesn't like presents. i'm hoping they all got cloth diapers but i'm doubting it. i haven't really bought any, and all of ds's are size large. we didn't start cding him until he was a year old. most people i know aren't supportive of the cloth diapering thing. my mother thinks that i just wont have the energy to do it when the baby gets here, since i will have to wash for for ds and new baby. she spent a bunch of money on 7th generation disposables. i realize that she knows me and that i am indeed very lazy, but i wish she wasn't so pessimistic because it makes me pessimistic as well. i know that atleast two people have purchased a few cloth diapers for me and i excited about those. they are one-size AOIs. which is perfect for us. dh refuses to use anything but AOIs.
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Wow, over 4 days without any action on the December chat thread! I'll bump it with some mindless chatter.

We had one of the crappiest days on earth today. We were actually asked to leave the library, which resulted in the biggest tantrum DS has ever thrown. He was SO upset.....it wasn't just being asked to leave, but because we were asked to leave because of his volume (which wasn't really all that loud, but I don't begrudge the librarian for asking) and we've been having "volume issues" again lately. I think it really touched a nerve for him when he realized that it's not just mama and daddy being unreasonable weirdos, it really DOES bother other people when he's too loud. I think that realization was a bit much for him to handle, on top of not getting to stay. Ugh. Horrid day.

But it did get better. After he decompressed for a few hours at home, I managed to get a big batch of soup made and then canned (I love this pressure canner I've inherited recently!), 12 quarts of it! Tomorrow I'm going to tackle a pot of chili for the canner, and maybe some meatballs for the freezer. We're not really meatball people, but they're easy to make and freeze, and they'll go well with the marinara I canned last month.

I just installed the infant seat tonight. Yes, at 8-8.5 months pregnant, I could still get a secure installation! I thought I might not get both seats next to each other for a few minutes there (and still manage to get the infant seat out, anyway), but I managed to re-secure DS's seat over a few inches to the side, and now they sit beautifully. I really wanted the baby in the center, and want to preserve a seat next to the baby for an adult passenger. This could all change, of course, if DS insists on bugging the baby too much in the car, but I'm going to assume the best, and start them out with the safest set-up-----both of them rear-facing, with the baby in the middle. I truly think he's going to freak out when he sees that seat in there tomorrow, though. The one time we talked about it, he got really upset because then Grandma wouldn't be able to sit next to him anymore....poor kiddo.

Off to bed---hopefully I'll actually get some sleep tonight! After DS's puking yesterday, he woke up hungry so many times last night that I was a zombie by morning. That, plus the general discomfort of being in the last few weeks here....ugh.
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simplehome-sorry to hear about your horrible day. everytime we go to the library it ends in a fit. ds never wants to leave, but he doesn't want to be quiet when we are in there and he doesn't want to look at books. he wants to play with the computer in the children's section. which i really wish they didn't have in there, but i know it is for some kids who don't have computers to come and learn on or something, but it is always a problem when we are there.

today was my baby shower. it wasn't really a shower it was more of a hybrid shower. everyone came and decorated a square for a quilt that i am putting together. then we all set around and ate and everyone talked about a special memory that they have of me or when they first met me or from when i was born. then we passed around decorative note cards where everyone wrote a prayer or blessing for me and the baby. it was nice. i really enjoyed it. but my aunt was there and kept pointing out how most of the stories my family told made me sound unwanted. this really pissed my mother off. it didn't bother me at first, but after my mother ranted about it for a while i began feeling like she did. but overall everything was great, and i think most people had a really good time.
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Howdy! We had a mixed bag today. My most awful thing is that DD got very sick yesterday and it's totally my fault because I totally know better. She is very scent sensitive, among other things. Well, my mom sent us 4 very nice sets of king sized sheets that she has used, but only just a little. They still look brand new. Well, mom used fabric softener on the sheets. I washed them 5 times with various stuff (oxyclean, baking soda, vinegar, bac-out, plain 7th generation) and the smell never came out. I posted here at MDC and got a recommendation for Charlie's soap. So I emailed that company and they said it was all natural and would take out the softener scent. I ordered some online, but got impatient and drove across town last week and bought a bag. I washed the sheets 5 more times in Charlie's. I do think that the Charlie's got out the softener scent. Problem is - Charlie's has a scent of its own. So I washed the sheets a few more times in just plain 7th Generation. (Are you exhausted yet???)

So they still had a light scent on them, but in my greediness for the sheets (that we need very badly) I decided to try them out. Besides, DD has been just *so* healthy lately and I figured that this was a "natural" soap and she'd be okay. noooooo - that very night she began a deep chest cough. She only coughed once, but I knew what was going on. If she had coughed more, I would have probably changed the sheets in the middle of the night. But I didn't. She woke up sick yesterday, and got even sicker today. (sneezing, sniffing, wheezing )She's just miserable, and I've been just kicking myself for 2 days now. :

I kept washing and washing those sheets. But now, even if I washed them 10 more times and finally got out all of the scent, I still wouldn't be able to bring myself to put them on the beds. I'd be too scared - no amount of money is worth putting my poor DD thru this. And now I must go out and find sheets to buy, and that will be a big expense. We only have 1 set of sheets per bed, and I need at least 2 sets (one for the bed, one for the wash) because a newborn will be sleeping on the beds.

On the flip side, we spent a lot of time getting ready for the baby today. Our birthing suite is finally all set up. All of the birth supplies are gathered and boxed up - ready to go. I showed DH the diaper stash & how to use them. He's all excited about it! He went to Target and bought a few things we still needed. I spent a lot of time sitting, and got most of my Christmas envelopes addressed, and I got the newsletter printed out. So the cards can go out in Monday's mail. I had originally thought I'd send out Christmas along with birth announcement, but I'm glad we're going to just send out the Christmas letters - it will reduce pressure to get photos done & birth announcements done in a rush.

We've still got a pretty good "to do" list, but none of it is really critical to the birth. But our lives will be less stressed if we get this stuff done before the baby arrives.

Simplehome - So sorry about the awful day at the library. And kudos for being able to install the carseat. There's no WAY I could do that now!

Kehliouise - Congratulations on your shower/blessing. That sounds actually so nice! (except for the aunt part...)
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I haven't been on here much because of all my nesting and christmas preparations. I am a freak.
but....I'm enjoying all the comfort of the holidays now.

Yesterday, I had to take a break though as I was getting crampy...way too early for that. I'm only 35 wks...so I know it's just that I need to slow down and take it much easier than I am.

I fortunately don't have much more to do for the holidays or baby.
My parents get into town on Tuesday morning, so before that I need to wrap a few presents that I already have and clean up the guest room a little for Christmas. For the baby, I need to do about 3 loads of hand-me-down laundry and separate out the clothes into sizes. I also need to put all the birth supplies together, gather the towels, sheets etc into one place. I think I might need to get a few more towels, some oil etc. I think my mom will actually help me out with most of that while she is here for Christmas. YAY!

I'm grateful I have so little to do since I know it's time to slow it down.
Why is it so hard to take it easy when you have a 3 yr old and 4 yr old? They are non stop lately....don't they understand? I want a nap even if they don't....oh well

I may not be back here until after the holidays, so happy holidays everyone!

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I know what you mean about the naps! Especially since I didn't get any sleep last night until after 2am! And of course my kid that slept well last night got up at 6ish this morning. The other one that was up late with an ear ache slept in, but I still have to get up with the one that is up early! Ugh! I can't wait until DH gets home! Then I'll be able to sleep in again.
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i have just unilaterally declared that the baby cannot come before christmas, because there is just so much to do. i am plugging away madly at my holiday to-do list (it sounds like everyone else is, too), but i have NO TIME for nesting or any of the mental preparation for bringing another member into our family- nevermind the actual labor and delivery. this baby cannot come before christmas, because i am not ready for him. but i *think* i can have all of the christmas stuff done in time. as soon as christmas is over, i'll have time to focus on the baby. i really need to read up on emergency UC stuff, as it's looking like a big possibility at this point. but right now, i just have no time. in fact, i shouldn't even be here posting! i have work to do! and exercising to do. man, what i wouldn't do with my exercise each night... 430 sounds like a perfectly acceptable bedtime for my kids, right?

(sigh) guess i'll have to wait a few hours to work out. oh well. on to other things.

sorry this has been rambly. i think a lot of us are feeling this way these days.

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Okay, we're in full-on nesting mode here! Kinda starting to scare myself, really. After finishing the garage clean-up on Friday night and installing the infant car seat, DH took DS out pretty much ALL DAY yesterday. I cleaned out the closet in the room that will house the baby's clothes and diapers, ran about 7 loads of laundry with clothes, diapers, more diapers, linens, etc., then put them all away in her closet. I then continued to clean up that room (it is our dumping ground, really, and that is slowly going to change) and it actually looks great now! We even managed to all go to a Christmas party last night, and had a great time. Today we worked on the floor in the dining room some more (tore the carpet out 2 weeks ago, and we're now finishing up the transitions), continued to clean up the office, did some filing from the past 2 years (YIKES!), and I have all of the ingredients ready for my batch of chili to put in the pressure canner tonight. We're going to an AP potluck in a little while, though, so I'm holding off on the actual canning until we're home.

I still have to really assemble the birth kit, but most everything is together. I guess the only things that I really have to work on there are getting them to an appropriate upstairs location, putting everything together in the same box(es), airing out the plastic sheet that we're going to use for bed protection (no clue where I'll do that, though), and assembling garbage bags that will later line some laundry baskets and cover our pillows under the pillowcases.

My mw is doing a homevisit this week on Thursday, so I'll have the birth kit together by then. I think tomorrow's project will be making meatballs to freeze. I'm starting to feel more ready, yet alarmed that my brain says this baby will come before the new year...
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I totally have boobs on the brain tonight! I went through the torture of trying on bras today and finally found a good size and fit. Of course, the store only had one in my size, but I was able to order some more offf of Amazon tonight. So, I will have 4 decent nursing bras to wear. That should be enough to hold me for a while.

I would like some nice breast pads and will order those tonight.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a sleep bra? I would like a longer camisol-ish type of thing. I am large breasted and reeeeeeeeeally uncomfortable sleeping without a soft bra. I had some smaller ones from Motherhood, but they are too small for me now and these boobs are only getting bigger.

I was also checking out the umm......foundation garments.... at the store today. This is my third baby and I am a little concerned about my belly being uncomfortably soft and (shall we say?) flabby after delivery. A pair of those high-waisted unders might feel good.

Hope everyone is feeling good, well as good as can be expected in our present condition.
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AS much as I want this baby to wait at least until its due date, at this point I'm hoping I make it by the end of the week. If I do, I'll hope for next week, and then the next week. Ah hell, I'm pretty much going on day at a time now As long as I don't have this baby at Christmas, I'm a happy camper. If I'm still pregnant in Jan. I'll be all over the place.
I could do without the swelling though. I know I'm probably being paranoid, but I'm swelling alot. I've also gained a bunch of weight since my last appt. Maybe its all the liquid I've been drinking to get rid of the swelling? No headaches/vision changes/bp seems ok for now, but yes, I'm still worried.
I have so many cloth diapers now, its insane. I still need some clothes, but oh well, everyone is waiting to see what the baby is first before buying. OHHH and guess what I bought today?! A bamboo throw! I'm cutting it up to be used as inserts. Good thing it was pretty cheap.
I should be nesting, I look around my house and I want to scream! Its so messy. I better get my butt in gear and get more done. I should really do it before my dh goes to work tomorrow. Which should be interesting. Hopefully he does ok. We did get some money from the insurance company, so we were able to pay off bills and buy some stuff. Whew, what a load off our minds. Still, it would be nice to know what is causing his rashes and have his back heal up. He finally agreed to use calendula, hopefully that will help.
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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post
Anyone have a good recommendation for a sleep bra? I would like a longer camisol-ish type of thing. I am large breasted and reeeeeeeeeally uncomfortable sleeping without a soft bra. I had some smaller ones from Motherhood, but they are too small for me now and these boobs are only getting bigger.

i recently bought a nursing tank top from target that i'm thinking about using as sleepware post partum. it's not too structured, but gives some support.

everyday i have spells of bh cxts with lots of "sensation" in my cervix. sort of painful, but not awful. i'm really happy that this is my last week of work, so i can start to use some energy for nesting. we're also in the middle of shopping for a car and prepping for christmas (not too much prep, really).

the main things i have left to do are:
- get the car and install the carseat
- attach the cosleeper (dp is going to do that)
- pack the hospital bag

i'd also like to cook up some of my postpartum herbs, so i have sitz baths handy. i wonder if freezing some concentrated herbal ice cubes would be a good idea? i have a few other "like to's" but not too much that's necessary at this point.
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