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Misaligned Pelvis

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Hello friends!

I've been having hip problems for a few months now, walking being a chore--but I knew that was normal since I have quite a few preggo friends who said they had the *exact* same problem.

What's been going on with me for about a week is the opposite type of pain....walking has been torture, and I thought I could literally feel my hip bones as they moved when I walk, grating....felt like I had been riding the worlds largest horse non-stop (sorry for the mental pic, but I have no other way to describe) & I have been in nonstop PAIN PAIN PAIN:! I asked my SIL who is a birth doula what in the heck?!?!?--and she told me I had a misaligned pelvis and going to a chiropractor has affirmed this diagnosis.

Anyone else out there have the same problem...? Just wondering...

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I did! It was horrible and affecting everything--working, walking, sleeping, sitting, my mood... But I also thought it was "normal" preggo pain until my MW finally convinced me it was not. She sugested a rolfer who is apparently more gentle than most? Anyway, she was great, it felt like a deep tissue massage but no more painful than that, and it was like a miracle. The right side of my pelvis was tilted too far forward and once she corrected it, the pain in my right pubic/hip area went completely away. Unfortunately it came back 2-3 weeks later because this little stinker sits on my right side and pulled it back out of whack. : I cannot wait for him to come out so I can go see her again! (Can't afford the $90 for an adjustment that isn't going to last...)

Good luck, hope you get relief from yours. I know how miserable that feels!
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I've heard that rolfers are really good for this kind of thing too. The only recommendation I've got, the guy charges nearly $200, and I so do not have that, so I'm hoping the chiropractor can help me out.
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That's what I have. The chiro is really helping. I only can afford it because my health insurance covers it.
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What's a rolfer and where can I find one?
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I have (had) it too. I've been seeing a chiroractor and he's really helped me out. On my first visit, my pelvis was so out of alignment that there was an 1.5" difference between my left and right legs. I was in so much pain that walking was unbearable.

Now, after 4 adjustments, I feel pretty good. I still have some pain, but it's nothing compared to where I was. I wish I had gone earlier.
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Yeah me too. The chiro does help.
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Rolfing is a specialized type of massage. :s to get massage textbook::

"Rolfing is a systematic program developed out of the technique of structural integration...aligns major body segments through manipulation of the fascia or the connective tissue."

You'd have to call different massage therapists to see if they're trained in the technique.
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Thank you ALL--I also thought this was 'normal' until I was in so much pain that I finally spoke up to ask WTF!!--THIS HURTS!! My boss is SO wonderful---she got me a special pass so I can park right next to the building in visitors spaces, and I can take an elevator reserved for the 'executive bunch' so I don't have to suffer just coming in.

I've learned a lot ladies....now I know some options and will be pursuing them ASAP!!

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