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My first SNS....Waldorf dolls, fleece knotty blanket & slings

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Okay ladies....this is what I've been working on this summer to keep me sane. For those of you who make Waldorf dolls.....do you see anything I can improve on?? They are naked, as of yet. My sewing machine and are at odds right now.


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WOW! What talent. Maid Marion is soo cute! And your sling is gorgeous. Very good, I see no room for improvement.
Ive just finished the head for my first Waldorf doll, and I think hes going to be one homley fellow
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I'm gonna take you seriously here...

I think, the next time you do a doll, try to make the head more round - like totally spherical - before you do the tying. That'll make the lead less elongated.....unless you are trying for a more "adult" look, in which case, the heads are just right! Also, I would make the eyes bigger - about 5 stitches both ways. That'll make 'em less squinty

Other than that.....GORGEOUS work! I gotta make myself a new sling one of these days.......
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I too would prefer a rounder head on the dolls.

those slingfs (especially the butterfly one) is absolutely beautiful!

And I must say Esme is quite a work of art also.
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Thanks, Becky & Sandra.........these two were my first dolls. I'll see if I can get a rounder head on the next ones. LOL...Esme is naked pretty much all the time here. We live in eastern Washington, which is high desert (weird, huh). I never thought of Washington as having deserts, but, boy, it sure has been hot here (over 100 for the past couple weeks, save the last few days). My sling (the denim one) has bells at the bottom too...I like the jingly sound!

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WOW what works of art! I love the fleece blanket!

Am I missing something - how come I don't know anything about the dolls? I love your slings where did you get the jungle fabric? I just made myself one and it's just plain maroon because I couldn't find fabric that would be the same on both sides also where did you get the rings?
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Well done!
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Thanks noodle! I'm sure your guy won't be homely! I wanna see a pic of him when he's done. Kerrie.....thanks so much for the compliment. That fabric is from Joann's.....but I just saw it at WalMart today at half the Joann's price. I bought some more, to make another sling like it. The fabric does have a "wrong" side...but I don't think it detracts from the sling at all. Most cool prints have wrong side, unless they are woven prints and not dyed. The rings...I got at Lowe's when I lived in Seattle. Now, I just checked our local Lowe's and they don't have them. I went to a store here called "Ranch & Home" and they've got em. What you want to ask for is harness rings...the size I like is 2 1/2" unless you've got a heavier fabric (then I might use 3").

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They have sling rings here.


(I can't believe all the stuff I have in my favorites..)

I love your dolls. They are beautiful.
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I love how the dolls bellies are pudgier then their chests...just like a toddler!

HOw cute!
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Thanks abimommy....I know where to get them online....I just like being able to go grab a pair whenever I need some. I could count on my local Lowe's before....but they don't have them here

Lala....have you made any new dolls lately?? I'm trying to find the best place to get cotton interlock and I'm having a hard time finding it...any tips?? Ohhh, I am having a hard time getting ready to let go of the red-headed one

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Oh, you said you can get them locally but Kerri asked and sometimes things are hard to find everywhere.
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