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takes a long time to poop

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i am very new to ec and have mostly just been focusing in paying attention to body language and haven't done much else but the past few days i have finally been able to tell that my lo is about to pee or poop (i usually can't tell but i have known sometimes) my question is. when he is going to poo i know within 30 minutes and he always seems to poo about 3 times in a 30 minutes period. i can see him squirm and can tell he needs to poo but i have so much trouble holding him over a container long enough and he doesn't want to be held long enough for me to actually catch a poo.seems like ones i put the diaper back on he goes. he is 5 weeks old and we always change him right away after a pee or poo and if we hold him naked just to play he has no problem pooping on me or my partner. so um i guess i'm wondering if there is any advice?

i did catch my first pee this morning which was awesome. i was not so great at aiming so some went on the towel he sleeps on but i got most in the plastic tupperware container we are using for now.
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Hi Moonfroggy,

I have a 3 year old EC Grad and it's been a while since I posted here. I think 5 week olds can have lots of poop...at least both of my kiddos did. You should find that as time goes on, the poops are not as often or seem to go on forever. Although, my 3 yo DS is a major camper. He just takes his sweet time pooping. Quite funny....and annoying at times. EC was great for us...so enjoyable and very much a bonding experience. I have had zero "issues" with pottying....very different from my non-ECd DD. Best of luck to you guys.
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Congrats Moonfroggy. My daughter has always taken a long time to poop. She still takes about 10 minutes to poop. I squatted down with DD when she wanted to poop and held her in the classic EC position with a bowl underneath. DD would be between my legs and most of her weight would be kind of leaning on me. I was able to hold her for five minutes at a time that way. You could be near the potty and when he was about to go sit with him like that.

Good luck!
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i managed to catch to poops yesterday when i was expecting to catch pee! the first i caught more on my leg than in the tupper ware container i was using. luckily my partner was home and able to watch dmitri while i jumped int he shower to rinse off the poo that was all over me. all in all i think i just need to keep at it and build confidence i managed to catch more than 5 pees and around 4 or 5 poops yesterday and have caught everything but 1 pee and 1 poo tis morning (and those happens while my partner was watching him and i was eating breakfast)
i am going to buy that potty the ec store sells thats for holding between ones legs and holding the baby over. i think it will work a lot better than what i have been using
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At 5 weeks old, I wouldn't think of it as "taking 3 tries over 30 minutes to finish pooping". I'd think of it as 3 different poops! They really do poop a lot those first few months.

When DD was that small I mostly held her over the sink, in the supported 'classic' position. This made it easier to hold her for longer periods of time. You could also try shifting positions -- like to holding him sideways, or over the bathtub; many ec parents find that very comfortable.

That being said, I didn't usually hold her over the sink for a long period of time. If she didn't poop within a minute or two, then there was no real point. If you know from your experience that he'll poop 5 minutes after taking him down -- well, just try again 4 minutes after! Maybe it's just as simple as you're picking up on his need to poop SOON, but it's not yet his need to poop NOW.
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