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For the love!!!

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I am so stressed right now. DS1 fell off his climbing chair on Wednesday and busted his mouth open. You could see a small cut on the outside of his cheek and it bled quite a bit. Then he had some blood in his mouth too but he kept telling me, "Mama, kiss it! I neeg a bandaid!" So I got him a bandaid and he went on about his day. Around midnight I nursed him to sleep and could see that his cheek was starting to swell a little. About 1am he woke up with that "I'm sick" cry and I checked his fever. 101.9. I just had a bad feeling so we all go ready and took him to Children's. Hubby stayed in the car with the newborn while I took DS1 inside. It takes 45 minutes to get to the hossy and by then his temp was 103.7. I didn't think his fever had anything to do with his mouth injury but once they opened up his cheek with the tounge depressor you could see puss just pouring out of two wounds next to his molars. DS1 is allergic to all kinds of antibiotics so the Dr said the only thing to do would be to put him on IV and monitor him. She was concerned because the infection came on so quickly. Also it now looked like he had a golf ball in his mouth from the swelling. I told her I had a newborn in the car and she said, "DO NOT! DO NOT bring that newborn in here!" She brought in a pump to see if DS2 would take a bottle. DS1 never did so I had my doubts. DH gave him the bottle and he did great so I stayed with DS2 and DH took the newborn home.

They thought he might have MRSA infection but lucky he didn't. They said he could go home on Saturday and then Friday night DS caught a nasty stomach bug. I was stressing! I stayed with DS2 and then when I went to visit DS1 he said, "You love me Mama." I said, "I do." He said, "Don't leave me Mama." Break my heart! DS2 had been taking the bottle no problem. I spent the first night ever away from DS2 and several nights away from the newborn. We got home last night and now *I* have the stomach bug. My parents, who live right next to us, are taking care of the newborn and I'm pumping. My milk is drying up from not being able to keep anything down. I'm going to put a mask on and nurse him once the pumped milk runs out. I'm so worried about him getting sick. I am not letting DS1 nurse so I can have the milk for the baby. STRESS STRESS STRESS! We are broke from having to eat out and drive 45 minutes to the hossy several times a day. DH has been doing great but I fear he is about to have a breakdown. He was shaking when DS1 was crying earlier. Thanks for letting me vent!
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I'm so sorry that this has happend to your family.

Sending healing vibes to your whole family.
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Oh you poor thing. I said a prayer for you and your son.
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sending happy vibes of stregnth and health!
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How awful! Hoping things get better soon!!!
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how painful to see your DS hurting so much and having to be away from the newborn, too. hoping for a positive update soon!! Praying for strength and healing....
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Oh my... I can't imagine I am praying that your beautiful family is healthy again. sending your way!!
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Oh, how awful!

Praying for strength, peace, and speedy healing for you all.
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i'm so sorry! that all stinks.
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What a horrible situation. I hope everyone is well and home soon. Sending healing thoughts your way.
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