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Sending you luck and strength.
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Ditto Fek&fuz
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hoping things went well for you today :
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Thinking of you.
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more good thoughts :
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Well, the attorney who was able to come with me actually got her sh!t together really quickly and was very concise on our issues. We focused in on him being unfit and doing drugs, with slightly less accentuation on the lack of bonding and attachment. It was in front of a Marital Magistrate, so there was no final decision today, other than no solo-visits until a GAL can evaluate the situation. I got the name of a GAL from LLL and so I am pretty sure that she's quite attachment-centered.

HIS attorney, on the other hand, was horrible! She kept saying, "Um, hold on, where did I put those documents?" We had massive evidence about his being unfit, including letters from two pediatricians, and she didn't have even one piece of evidence. She told the court that ex believed me to be a wonderful mother and they are not questioning my parenting, which is odd since one of their petitions said I was unfit because of my lifestyle over three years ago. She didn't know ds' name and had no defense for his drug use. She said that drugs don't always make you a bad parent!!!!!! So they pretty much admitted to the ongoing drug use!

I invited him over after court to visit with ds. As he was leaving, I asked him if he wanted to schedule a next visit or wait for the court to decide our visits for us. He apologized and said that he now realizes that he was wrong about the overnights!He told me that until today he thought that it wasn't a big deal, that he didn't realize that it could hurt the baby. He said he no longer wants to take ds away for Christmas, and instead asked if he could come to my home on Christmas Eve. I told him that if he would stop asking for overnights and just focus on getting ds to know him, then I would stop accusing him of being unfit. I said if we could get this in writing, he can stay at my home on Christmas Eve and thus see ds first thing in the morning.

I am trying not to be too excited because his girlfriend could change his mind because I know she won't like this (as she is not welcome in my home). But it would be so, so wonderful if he follows through with this. I'm still scared because I know that this isn't finalized, but I really hope that he was swayed today.

SO YAY!!!!!!!

And thank you for all your positive vibes!
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Holy Moly...what an awesome update. Congratulations

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I am so thrilled for you, i was worried but kept positive thoughts for you
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I was so nervous for you! I'm happy that he seems to have snapped out of it somewhat!
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Oh, I'm so glad. Hopefully he'll be able to explain to his GF why a weeklong visit is not a good idea. She'll have to find someone else to play mommy with.

I'm glad your lawyer was so prepared, and that his was not.
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Now I'm just nervous how to bring it up again. He had to go catch his plane, so we didn't get into it. We usually email, but I think that the phone would be more personal and he may be more willing to talk about it if he can hear ds in the background (manipulative, I know). I'm afraid to push him, but I should call soon, so that we can make plans before the judge makes them for us.
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Wow!!! What a fantastic update!!!
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What an awesome update - I thought of you all day. You have walked through fire and come out the other side! And to think, for all her bluster his attorney was worthless. Or possibly deliberately muffed it once she realized how the situation actually is. Either way, I'm so happy for you and DS!

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YOu've been on my mind all day. I'm soooo glad things turned out well! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they stay this way!
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Hugs and prayers that all will turn out for the best for your baby and for you.
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:yay :yay :yay
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