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Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
Actually, I live where the OP lives. I am very familiar with landlord tenant laws here and they cannot legally ask those things of their tenants.

I would be sweltering at that temperature. I also open the windows occasionally for fresh air. People have a legal right to be comfortable in their home, at least where we live.
Plus, if the OP has a lease, the heat "mandate" would not be enforceable unless it's in the lease that she signed. Just like the OP can't change her rent amount just because she feels like it, the LL can't change the lease terms in the middle of the lease term. In the absence of a clause discussing this issue in her lease, her provincial and/or city laws would come into play. And I doubt there are any laws restricting window opening!
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Originally Posted by pumpkin View Post
But to some of us, 68 is VERY warm.

I break out in hives at 70, 68 is dripping in sweat and a bright red face.
I am chuckling at this conversation---you break out at 70 because you are to hot. I break out at 68 because I am too cold. Being heat sensitive sucks!! Either direction you go.
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Originally Posted by ***Heather*** View Post
Just because the heater is off in the bedroom, doesn't mean the temp is -20 in there. When I turn the heater on, it clicks on around 16-18. And I'm sure your grandmother is a very nice woman, but the people who own this building (and a couple hundred others between here and Montreal) are a bunch of money grubbing *insert ugly swears here*. It is bad enough having to live in a building where nobody cares about you or listens to you, I'm not going to make myself EVEN MORE uncomfortable just to make them happy. There's a reason we've had 4-5 LL's in the past YEAR. The owners are horrible people.

I can not wait for the day I leave this building.

PS, thanks for all the helpful comments, but I am so over this topic.

ETA: your granny should look into insulating her building better.
We have looked into insulating better but the people who built the building made that pretty well impossible
I know that it is not -20 in the bedroom but between the floor boards ( ie your celling and the person above your apartments floor) it can get really cold. Base board heaters don't spread the heat well. I wasn't saying it just out of concern for you land lord ( I know some of then can be really aweful and deserve whatever tey get) but your possesions and apartment as well as your neighbours. It is a really aweful thing to go through in the winter when a pipe bursts and you have steam and scalding hot water shooting through your celling.
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Originally Posted by ***Heather*** View Post
Now who's being snippy?

Yes I was snippy and on Christmas Day too!

To Mommy2twobabes: I'm sorry I was snippy. But I was being serious, if your Grandmothers' building is STILL having problems with pipes bursting EVEN WITH the temperature at 20C, she should really see about insulating her floors or pipes. I'm no specialist, but it seems like the problem runs deeper. Normal buildings don't have problems with pipes bursting when the home is at a comfortable temperature.

I don't know, this thread exhausts me and I'm tired of being told to think about the poor owners of the building.

You know, those people who:
Took 5 weeks and repeated calls to fix the tub faucet when the hot water handle literally FELL OFF and I had to have cold showers or pour hot water from the sink into the tub.

Who took the lazy way out of fixing a leak in our roof so that it leaked THREE times dripping through my smoke alarm (hooked up electrically) causing it to beep forever till we found the breaker. And stained our bathroom ceiling (still not painted) It happened 3 years ago and they still haven't properly patched the hole they cut in the ceiling.

We have other misc holes in the wall that they never bothered to fix but they promised to get right on it when we signed the lease.

They still haven't changed our lock on our front door even though our keys keep getting stuck in it. When we mentioned it to the last LL, she said yeah! I'll get right on it! That happened to someone else and their key broke right off in there! (It's our only door to access our apartment.)

The list goes on and on... do you need more examples of why I don't care about them? If you want your tenants to treat you and your building with respect, try treating them with respect.
I should have explained that the pipe burst happened because it runs near an outside wall and the radiant heat from the other rooms of the apartment ( it is in a hall with no heater) surrounding it was not enough to keep it from freezing. We have insulated the pipe as this has happened twice now.
I was just trying to say not to turn off the heaters altogether and to even keep them on lowso you are not liable.
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