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I (& my babe) LOVE my gypsy mama bali breeze, so snuggli and secure!
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My favorites are woven wraps like Didymos and Storches

Originally Posted by janerose View Post
I'll probably get flamed for this, but we've had them all & our favorite is the Bjorn Active. :
No flames at all!
I used to be a BabyBjorn user with my first 2 babies before I knew about other carriers.

I am wondering though what age your baby is and what you have tried so far.
Oh, also how long do you wear your baby per time?
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For back carries with a heavy baby I am really loving my mei tais-- The two known brands I have tried are Babyhawk and Ellaroo. Both are insanely comfortable and make my son feel like he weighs so much less (he's around 22 pounds?) I think the babyhawk works a little better for younger babies because of the head rest. There are a lot of different styles out there-- tbw has a great review section!
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Originally Posted by pixiepunk
since you asked specifically about back carries, i would say a mei tai or a SSC would be the way to go, definitely. i'm pretty much an exclusive back carry mama except for when they're wee tiny (and really, i do it even then, just not exclusively), and use mostly mei tai's with the under 25 pound set and SSC's with babies once they get heavier than that.

ITA. I'll go one step further and say that I love a tall-bodied MT for the smaller babies, because of the great back/head support it provides. Short-bodied MTs, IMO, are better for bigger kids who won't be napping in the carrier and don't need so much upper body/head support. You can always roll the bottom of a tall-bodied MT to make it shorter, but you can't make a short-bodied MT taller!
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I have a nearly 10wk old, and given that your babe is 8 weeks, I don't really think an SSC (Ergo, Beco, etc) would work that well for a back carry. I could be wrong, not having tried it, : but I've done a lot of back carrying in my Ergo and it's harder when they're smaller.

I asked for advice on TBW on getting a woven wrap or mei tai for back carries for an infant, and the overwhelming response was a wrap. I currently have one woven wrap that I'm using for it and it works very well! A little learning curve, but not too bad - I tried it maybe 3 times before I got it. What I've got is a Vatanai striped wrap, the first woven I've really used. Very light and airy yet supportive. Though I haven't got much to compare to! There are several carries you can do on your back with a wrap - TBW is really a great resource for info on those!

I just got a BH and haven't tried a back carry with it yet. At first when trying the wrap I thought for sure a Mei Tai would make more sense, but now that I've figured out the wrap, I can't see how I'd do it with a Mei Tai!

Other than back carries I love... well, all of my carriers! I have a pouch (Mamma's Milk) that I use for quick in and out types of carries, but can wear for quite a while, too. I use the Hug-a-Bub stretchy wrap for longer carries when I want more weight distribution and ease of moving both arms. And now I have the BH which I wore for 2 hours today with no problems, and the woven which I'm still getting used to for back carries. I think they all have their own special use and love them each for different reasons!
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For that age it's an unpadded ring sling (I use a Zolowear, but there are many good ones out there) and when he gets older and you have to wear him for longer periods of time I love the Ergo. I just wore my 15 month old son for 3 hours in the Ergo and wasn't sore or tired at all (and I'm pregnant and due in Jan!)
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A chunei! it us seriously easy, comfy, secure and cuddly for both front and back carries

my second choice is a mei tai
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definitely my ERGO!!
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I have two DIY wraps that cost me $15 at the fabric store. I'm large bosomed and have found I have less back pain when I where DD (14 lbs) on the front bc the wrap helps hold up the girls too I went to the local Ren Faire and walked around for 8 hours wearing DD with no problems.
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Think there's a time and place for everything. Overall, my hotsling is my fav. I used it when my youngest was a brand newborn, then we moved to an ellaroo MT for a while, but now we are back to the hotsling. I honestly think my main reason for preferring it is that it is quick to get on. I have a 2 year old and and 8 month old and I don't have time to be wrapping myself up in a moby or getting everything adjusted right on a ring sling. I sometimes drive with my hotsling on and just drop him in when we get where we're going...LOL :
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
No flames at all!
I used to be a BabyBjorn user with my first 2 babies before I knew about other carriers.

I am wondering though what age your baby is and what you have tried so far.
Oh, also how long do you wear your baby per time?
I'm actually the opposite. I didn't know about the Bjorn Active (I've never used a regular Bjorn) with DD1 who is now 3. Found out about it right after DD2 was born & have been using it with her since about 4 wks old. She's now 10 mo and just starting to outgrow it a bit. I think we'll be able to stretch it until one year though.

I usually have her in it for an hour or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We mostly use it for errands & when we're out and about. I did put her in the MT on my back the other day at home for an hour or so. It was OK, but the second I sit she starts to cry, which she doesn't do in the frame backpack for some reason. So if I'm at home we usually put her in that.

As for other carriers, I've had an adjustable Maya pouch, Taylormade RS, padded RS, Ergo, Sutemi, MT, MOBY, Hotsling, & a frame backpack. Out of all of those we've used the Bjorn, MT & the frame backpack the most. Most of the other ones just didn't seem that comfortable to me. The soft packs both seemed to bulky & I could never seem to get the pouches or RS adjusted correctly, even using all the great resources here at MDC & TBW.
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